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The Responsibilities of Wealth

Author : Dwight F. Burlingame
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"In sum, this volume is a thoughtful exploration of both the past and the future of philanthropic theory. Recommended highly... " -- Library Journal " Together, these thoughtful essays convey both the scope and complexity of the moral, philosophical, and practical issues surrounding the sources, methods, and consequences of philanthropy." -- The Journal of American History Andrew Carnegie enjoined his fellow millionaires "to help those who will help themselves." Do the rich of today have responsibilities toward society in the use of their wealth for the public good? Commentators from Carnegie to some of our leading scholars of philanthropy explore that question. Topics include the "ethics of responsibility," liberal and corporate philanthropy, the contrast between Jane Addams's and Carnegie's views of the responsibilities of wealth, and the religious roots of philanthropy.

Studies in Modern Socialism and Labor Problems

Author : Thomas Edwin Brown
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Bird discusses his feelings on all things, basketball and the work ethic or drive that makes him who he is. Also looks at his past, present, and future.

Evolving Roles of Sovereign Wealth Managers After the Financial Crisis

Author : Bernard Lee
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Consider these phenomena: Savers at surplus countries are often penalized by astronomical consumer prices, while spenders at debtor countries enjoy bargain basement prices; Silicon Valley continues to be the global leader in R&D and innovation despite chaos in public finance; and; Surplus countries worry about holding potentially worthless IOUs issued by elected debtor governments. In this book, Professor Lee has tried to better understand sovereign wealth management in the context of saver and debtor countries, by presenting a unified model that can explain these observed phenomena. His attempt is a clear departure from traditional theories, in which these observations would be considered aberrations from standard assumptions. Although no model is perfect, this new framework can be useful to explain why, for example, it will be bad economic news for all if saver countries use their public surpluses to hoard food and fuel. This accessible book is built from a scholarly paper presented by Professor Lee at the venerable Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association.

Mr Montmorency s Money

Author : Emma Jane Worboise
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The Pleasures and Duties of Wealth

Author : Constantine Samuel Rafinesque
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Socialism and Christianity

Author : Adolphus Julius Frederick Behrends
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Managerial Strategies for Business Sustainability During Turbulent Times

Author : Leon, Ramona-Diana
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As the economy fluctuates, so does the need for resilient business practices. If organizations can remain strong and steady during difficult times, they will be more fruitful during successful periods as well. Managerial Strategies for Business Sustainability During Turbulent Times is a crucial resource that discusses successful methods and techniques for building sturdy company practices. Featuring pertinent topics such as sustainable supply chains, knowledge management, information sharing, and performance evaluations, this is an ideal scholarly reference source for CEOs, managers, business students, and researchers that would like to discover more unique and engaging ways to build a strong business foundation.

The Christian Socialist

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Sovereign Wealth Funds

Author : Christopher Balding
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Sovereign wealth funds are a growing and dynamic force in international finance. The shifting international economic relations from capital rich states gives them new power in influencing the global agenda. Despite controlling trillions of dollars in the biggest companies in the world, little is known about the opaque funds of oil rich and non-democratic governments. This is the first book to compile a history of sovereign wealth funds recounting the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority's involvement with the scandal-plagued BCCI bank and Chinese arms exports to Iran. By constructing a history within the proper context of oil driven surpluses and large inflationary pressures with no international investment framework, this book explains the development and growth of sovereign wealth funds. The economics of capital surplus countries and investment strategies are examined in order to better understand sovereign wealth fund creation and growth. In a straightforward and accessible style, the author examines the complex and amazing growth of an unknown group of investors controlling trillions of dollars worldwide.

Annual Baptist Autumnal Conference for the Discussion of Current Questions Held

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