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The Resurrection of Fulgencio Ramirez

Author : Rudy Ruiz
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In the 1950s, tensions remain high in the border town of La Frontera. Penny loafers and sneakers clash with boots and huaraches. Bowling shirts and leather jackets compete with guayaberas. Convertibles fend with motorcycles. Yet amidst the discord, young love blooms at first sight between Fulgencio Ramirez, the son of impoverished immigrants, and Carolina Mendelssohn, the local pharmacist’s daughter. But as they’ll soon find out, their bonds will be undone by a force more powerful than they could have known. Thirty years after their first fateful encounter, Fulgencio Ramirez, RPh, is conducting his daily ritual of reading the local obituaries in his cramped pharmacy office. After nearly a quarter of a century of waiting, Fulgencio sees the news he’s been hoping for: his nemesis, the husband of Carolina Mendelssohn, has died. A work of magical realism, The Resurrection of Fulgencio Ramirez weaves together the past and present as Fulgencio strives to succeed in America, break a mystical family curse, and win back Carolina’s love after their doomed youthful romance. Through enchanting language and meditations about the porous nature of borders—cultural, geographic, and otherworldly—The Resurrection of Fulgencio Ramirez offers a vision of how the past has divided us, and how the future could unite us.

Vida s Christiad and Vergilian Epic

Author : Mario A. Di Cesare
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Discuses Marco Girolamo Vida's epic poem Christiad.

365 Days of Praise 365 D as de Alabanza

Author : International Bilingual Hymns Project
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“I am with you every day, even till the end of the world.” – Jesus Christ “Yo estoy con ustedes todos los días, hasta el fin del mundo.” – Jesucristo Jesus is here with us every day. This is His promise. Jesús está aquí con nosotros todos los días. Ésta es Su promesa. Our mission is your invitation to participate in this project. Nuestra misión es tu invitación a participar en este proyecto. Use these songs daily to improve your knowledge of the Bible. Usa estas canciones diariamente para mejorar tu conocimiento de la Biblia. Use them to improve your bilingual skills—speaking and reading and writing. Úsalas para mejorar tus habilidades bilingües—hablar y leer y escribir. We are inviting everyone to join in with your own music and melodies. Estamos invitando a todo el mundo a unirse con tu propia música y melodías. Translate these songs into your own language to spread the message. Traduce estas canciones a tu propio idioma para difundir el mensaje. All these lyrics rhyme in English, and you can publish your own book. Todas estas letras riman en inglés, y tú puedes publicar tu propio libro. You can translate the songs on our CD into your own language. Puedes traducir las canciones de nuestro CD a tu propio idioma. Please listen to the songs at Por favor escucha las canciones en You can release your CD with your group or record the songs in the studio. Puedes sacar tu CD con tu grupo o grabar las canciones en el estudio. The love of God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit is infinite. And it saves us! El amor de Dios y Jesús y el Espíritu Santo es infinito. ¡Y nos salva! Have faith! To ask is to receive, to seek is to find, and to knock is to open. ¡Ten fe! Pedir es recibir, buscar es encontrar, y llamar es abrir.

Mysticism A Study in Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness

Author : Evelyn Underhill
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Conquering the Spirit of Death

Author : Becky Dvorak
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Take Hold of Resurrection Life! The devil prowls around like a lion, seeking to steal, kill, and destroy. The enemy can keep us from experiencing the abundant life that Jesus promised. But the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives within us, His children. To truly walk in fullness of life, we must apply this resurrection power to our daily lives! Becky Dvorak is a dynamic preacher of the Gospel, healing evangelist, and prophetess to the nations. Furthermore, she is a mom, wife, and grandmother who has served on the foreign mission field for 25 years. Through her relatable ministry experience, Becky learned how to enforce God’s supernatural power in her life. In her boldest work yet, she calls all believers to step into new realms of Jesus’ resurrection power. Through compelling testimonies, her own dynamic story, and next-level Bible teaching, Becky shows you how to: Come into agreement with the Spirit of life. Recognize and renounce the spirit of death. Be prepared for sudden and unexpected battles. Reject the fear of death. Use five revelatory keys to overcome the spirit of death. Use biblical keys to overcoming depression. Throw off the spirit of death, and take hold of the joy and abundance of Jesus’ resurrection power!

The Resurrection

Author : John Stewart
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Author : Evelyn Underhill
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"Mysticism" is one of most celebrated books on the subject. The spirit of the book is romantic, engaged, and theoretical rather than historical or scientific. Underhill has little use for theoretical explanations and the traditional religious experience, formal classifications or analysis. She dismisses William James' pioneering study, The Varieties of Religious Experience (1902), and his "four marks of the mystic state" (ineffability, noetic quality, transcience, and passivity). Excerpt: "All men, at one time or another, have fallen in love with the veiled Isis whom they call Truth. With most, this has been a passing passion: they have early seen its hopelessness and turned to more practical things. But others remain all their lives the devout lovers of reality: though the manner of their love, the vision which they make to themselves of the beloved object varies enormously. Some see Truth as Dante saw Beatrice: an adorable yet intangible figure, found in this world yet revealing the next."

The Joy of Exile

Author : Andrew Spore
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The Joy of Exile presents a well-researched commentary on the last book of the Bible. It demonstrates Revelation's dependence on Old Testament imagery while exploring its transforming message for disciples in all times and places. The Joy of Exile encourages readers to see this often misunderstood and misrepresented book as an encouraging guide to faithful discipleship in a rebellious world.

The Republic of Ecuador

Author :
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Sandino s Nation

Author : Stephen Henighan
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Ernesto Cardenal and Sergio Ramírez are two of the most influential Latin American intellectuals of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Addressing Nicaragua's struggle for self-definition from divergent ethnic, religious, generational, political, and class backgrounds, they constructed distinct yet compatible visions of national history, anchored in a reappraisal of the early twentieth-century insurgent leader Augusto César Sandino. During the Sandinista Revolution of 1979-90, Cardenal, appointed Nicaragua's minister of culture, became one of the most provocative and internationally recognized figures of liberation theology, while Ramírez, a member of the revolutionary junta, and later elected vice-president of Nicaragua, emerged as an authoritative figure for third world nationalism. But before all else, the two were groundbreaking creative writers. Through a close reading of the works by Nicaragua's best-known and most prolific modern authors, Sandino's Nation studies the construction of Nicaraguan national identity during three distinct periods of the country’s recent history - before, during, and after the 1979-90 revolution. Stephen Henighan offers rigorous textual analyses of poems, memoirs, essays, and novels, interwoven with a sharply narrated history of Nicaragua. The only comprehensive study of the careers of Cardenal and Ramírez, Sandino's Nation is essential to understanding transformations to both Nicaragua and the role of the writer in Latin America.

Portuguese English Bilingual Bible The Gospels

Author : King James Version Almeida Recebida
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The Complete Christian Mystic A Practical Step By Step Guide for Awakening to the Presence of God

Author : Evelyn Underhill
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Regarded by many as the 20th Century's finest practitioner and ablest teacher of Traditional Christian Mysticism, Evelyn Underwood draws from the lives and writings of such beloved Catholic Saints as St. Teresa, St. Augustine, St. Catherine of Siena, St. John of the Cross, St. Hildegarde of Bingen, St. Mechtild, St. Bernard, and dozens more, as well as from the works of Protestant giants like Jacob Boehme, and George Fox, founder of the Quakers, to demonstrate that "The spiritual life is not a special career involving abstraction from the world of things. It is a part of every man's life, and until he has realized it he is not a complete human being, has not entered into possession of all his powers. It is therefore the function of a practical mysticism to increase, not diminish, the total efficiency, the wisdom and steadfastness, of those who try to practice it..." At more than 600 pages, THE COMPLETE CHRISTIAN MYSTIC is the ultimate single-volume "Masters Class" on the mystical life.

Virgil s Fourth Eclogue in the Italian Renaissance

Author : L. B. T. Houghton
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This pioneering study reveals the central place held by Virgil's 'messianic' Eclogue in the art and literature of Renaissance Italy.

The Last Trojan Hero

Author : Philip Hardie
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The resonant opening lines of Virgil's Aeneid rank among the most famous and consistently recited verses to have been passed down to later ages by antiquity. And after The Odyssey and the Iliad, Virgil's masterpiece is arguably the greatest classical text in the whole of Western literature. This sinuous and richly characterised epic vitally influenced th poetry of Dante, Petrarch and Milton. The doomed love of Dido and Aeneas inspired Purcell, while for T.S. Eliot Virgil's poem was 'the classic of all Europe'. The poet's stirring tale of a refugee Trojan prince, 'torn from Libyan waves' to found a new homeland in Italy, has provided much fertile material for writings on colonialism and for discourses of ethic and national identity. The Aeneid has even been viewed as a template and source of justification for British and European imperialisms and for American nation-building. In his major and much anticipated new book Philip Hardie explores the many remarkable afterlives- ancient, medieval and modern- of the Aeneid in literature, music, politics, the visual arts and film. The Last Trojan Hero, by one of Virgil's leading interpreters, put continually fresh and surprising perspectives on one of the outstanding works of civilization. Placing the Aeneid on a broad artistic and historical canvas, it shows with elegance, originality and creative insight how and in what ways this remarkably durable text continues so powerfully to capture the cultural imagination and why it still speaks to us over a gulf of centuries.

Jews and Muslims Made Visible in Christian Iberia and Beyond 14th to 18th Centuries

Author :
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This volume aims to show through various case studies how the interrelations between Jews, Muslims and Christians in Iberia were negotiated in the field of images, objects and architecture during the Later Middle Ages and Early Modernity.

The Augustinian Epic Petrarch to Milton

Author : J. Christopher Warner
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New interpretations of Petrarch and Milton in an ambitious and revisionist history of epic tradition

The Pontificate of Clement VII

Author : Sheryl E. Reiss
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The pontificate of Clement VII (Giulio de' Medici) is usually regarded as amongst the most disastrous in history, and the pontiff characterized as timid, vacillating, and avaricious. It was during his years as pope (1523-34) that England broke away from the Catholic Church, and relations with the Holy Roman Emperor deteriorated to such a degree that in 1527 an Imperial army sacked Rome and imprisoned the pontiff. Given these spectacular political and military failures, it is perhaps unsurprising that Clement has often elicited the scorn of historians, rather than balanced and dispassionate analysis. This interdisciplinary volume, the first on the subject, constitutes a major step forward in our understanding of Clement VII's pontificate. Looking beyond Clement's well-known failures, and anachronistic comparisons with more 'successful' popes, it provides a fascinating insight into one of the most pivotal periods of papal and European history. Drawing on long-neglected sources, as rich as they are abundant, the contributors address a wide variety of important aspects of Clement's pontificate, re-assessing his character, familial and personal relations, political strategies, and cultural patronage, as well as exploring broader issues including the impact of the Sack of Rome, and religious renewal and reform in the pre-Tridentine period. Taken together, the essays collected here provide the most expansive and nuanced portrayal yet offered of Clement as pope, patron, and politician. In reconsidering the politics and emphasizing the cultural vitality of the period, the collection provides fresh and much-needed revision to our understanding of Clement VII's pontificate and its critical impact on the history of the papacy and Renaissance Europe.

The Works of Isaac Barrow Published by the Reverend Dr Tillotson The Second Edition

Author : Isaac Barrow
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Whole Faith

Author : Denise DuPont
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Emilia Pardo Bazán (1851-1921), the most important female author of Spain’s nineteenth century, was a prolific writer of novels, short stories, critical articles, chronicles of modern life, and plays. Active in the age of Catholic social teaching inaugura

Essential 22000 Phrases In English Portuguese

Author : Nam H Nguyen
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The Essential 22000 English Phrases are a great resource anywhere you go; it is an easy tool that has just the phrases you want and need! The entire eBook is an alphabetical list of English phrases. It will be very useful for all walks of life (home, parent, school, students, travel, interpreting and learning English). The phrases you will learn will help you in any situation! Just remember one thing that learning never stops! Read, Read, Read! And Write, Write, Write! A thank you to my wonderful wife Beth (Griffo) Nguyen and my amazing sons Taylor Nguyen and Ashton Nguyen for all their love and support, without their emotional support and help, none of these educational language eBooks and audios would be possible. Os essenciais 22,000 Frases Inglês-Português são um grande recurso em qualquer lugar que você vá; é uma ferramenta fácil que tem apenas as frases que você quer e precisa! Todo o eBook é uma lista alfabética de frases em inglês. Será muito útil para todas as esferas da vida (casa, pai, escola, estudantes, viagens, interpretar e aprender Inglês). As frases que você vai aprender irá ajudá-lo em qualquer situação! Basta lembrar uma coisa que a aprendizagem nunca pára! Ler, ler, ler! E Escrever, Escrever, Escrever! Um muito obrigado à minha maravilhosa esposa Beth (Griffo) Nguyen e meus filhos incríveis Taylor Nguyen e Ashton Nguyen para todo o seu amor e apoio, sem o seu apoio emocional e ajuda, nenhuma destas eBooks língua de ensino e áudios seria possível.