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The Right Number of Elephants

Author : Jeff Sheppard
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"[In] a joyous twist on the counting-book concept, a girl decides how many elephants are needed to pull a train out of a tunnel, paint the ceiling, go to the beach. . . .Bond's well-executed illustrations [project] a contagious sense of movement. A puckish sense of humor prevails among elephants who skateboard, don sunglasses, act tough, and even wink at the audience." —SLJ. 1993 "Pick of the Lists" (ABA)

The Right Number of Elephants Elephant Ears Recipe

Author : Sharon Draznin
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Cooking projects provide a highly motivating, real-life application for learning. This child-friendly recipe is based on a piece of children's literature. Read the book, and then collaborate to make this delicious food to enjoy together.

Teaching Children to be Literate

Author : Anthony V. Manzo
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Prepares teachers for careers in literacy education, emphasizing the role of literacy education in promoting the spirit of democratic life. Chapters on the reading process, teacher empowerment, teaching approaches, higher order literacy, content area reading, and literacy provisions for children wit

Life Sciences

Author : Amy Jo Bain
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Everything you need to create exciting thematic science units can be found in these handy guides. Developed for educators who want to take an integrated approach, these guides contain resource lists, reading selections, and activities that can be easily pulled together for units on virtually any science topic. Chapters identify and describe comprehensive teaching resources (nonfiction) and related fiction reading selections, then detail hands-on science and extension activities that help students learn the scientific method and build learning across the curriculum.

Right Number Of Elephants Lb

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A counting book in which a little girl relies on the help of some eager elephants.

Economic Foundations of Law Second Edition

Author : Stephen J. Spurr
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Economic Foundations of Law (2nd ed.) provides an economic analysis of the major areas of the law: property law, torts, contracts, criminal law, civil procedure, corporation law and financial markets, taxation and labor law. In line with current trends in legal scholarship, discussion is focused on economic principles such as risk aversion, efficiency, opportunity cost, moral hazard, rent-seeking behaviour and economies of scale. Accessible, comprehensive and well written, this book uses extensive practical examples and explanations to illustrate key points. There are numerous applications to lawyers and the legal profession, with detailed discussions of subjects as diverse as the proposed market for transplantable human organs, the market for adoptions, the market for bail bonds, the unanticipated effects of Megan’s law, and issues of racial profiling. Fully updated and revised, a new chapter on labor law has also been included.

Daily Poetry

Author : Carol Simpson
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Select a "poem of the week" and then follow this book's Monday-to-Friday schedule of activities for deepening students' appreciation of that poem. Choose your own poem or use one of the 39 supplied in this book as reproducible handouts; each of the book's poems comes with half a dozen or more activities related to the poem's language and its themes, a list of related poems and children's books, and a writing assignment based on a reproducible handout. The book also describes 12 activity ideas that will work with any poem. Grades K-3. Illustrated. Good Year Books. 288 pages.

The Wonderful World of Mathematics

Author : Diane Thiessen
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Some 500 trade books are reviewed and rated with a star system, and include indication of grade level (1-6) as well as indication whether they are single- or multiconcept. Some out-of-print titles are included because of their exceptional content. Entries are arranged by subject, e.g. early number concepts, number extension and connections, measurement, and geometry and spatial sense. Indexing is by author and title; a grade level index would have been useful. Published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1906 Association Dr., Reston, VA 22091-1593. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Biology Medicine and Surgery of Elephants

Author : Murray Fowler
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Elephants are possibly the most well-known members of the animal kingdom. The enormous size, unusual anatomy, and longevity of elephants have fascinated humans for millenia. Biology, Medicine, and Surgery of Elephants serves as a comprehensive text on elephant medicine and surgery. Based on the expertise of 36 scientists and clinical veterinarians, this volume covers biology, husbandry, veterinary medicine and surgery of the elephant as known today. * Written by the foremost experts in the field * Comprehensively covers both Asian and African elephants * Complete with taxonomy, behavioral, geographical and systemic information * Well-illustrated and organized for easy reference


Author : Sheppard J
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A counting book in which a little girl relies on the help of some eager elephants.