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The Rise of Intelligence and Culture

Author : SETI Institute
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Invite students to become members of the "SETI Academy" and explore Earth's history for clues to the possible existence of life beyond our solar system. The three books in the Planet Project (of the Life in the Universe series) can be used individually or together to create a comprehensive, thematic, scientific exploration for students. After exploring the evolution of our solar system, students apply that information to simulate the possible evolution of a planetary system beyond our own. Classroom kit includes a book, a videotape, and a full-color poster. Through a variety of science activities, students explore the evolution of life on Earth and search for clues to the possible evolution of life on an unknown planet beyond our solar system. Synthesizing what they learn, students "create" life-forms that could exist on that distant planet. Classroom kit includes a book, a videotape, and a full-color poster. Students examine concepts of intelligence, culture, technology, and communication. Using their new knowledge, they simulate a complex culture for an intelligent organism that could exist on an unknown planet. Classroom kit includes a book, transparencies, and a full-color poster.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence SETI in the Optical Spectrum

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Studies in Intelligence

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Informal Empire and the Rise of One World Culture

Author : G. Barton
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Informal empire is a key mechanism of control that explains much of the configuration of the modern world. This book traces the broad outline of westernization through elite formations around the world in the modern era. It explains why the world is western and how formal empire describes only the tip of the iceberg of British and American power.

The Rise of Indian Military Power Evolution of an Indian Strategic Culture

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This is a monumental & epic work on India’s Military History. It seeks to answer the seminal question – ‘Is there an Indian Way of War-fighting and an Indian Strategic Culture?’ The author has traced the history of war-fighting in India from the Vedic & Mahabharatan period to the Mauryan & Mughal Eras and thereafter the British Period. It is a comprehensive audit of India’s combat performance in the ancient, medieval, modern and post-modern periods of Indian history. The focus of this work however, is on India’s Post-independence Military History. The author has analysed each of India’s wars with China & Pakistan as also its CI and CT campaigns in meticulous detail, to draw lessons for the future. The path-breaking contribution is the author’s thesis that there have been three local Revolutions in Military Affairs (RMAs) in India, which shaped the course & flow of her history. Each of these RMAs helped to unify India under a great Empire and transformed it from a civilisational entity to a strong empire state. The first was the Mauryan RMA of using War Elephants in mass to generate shock & awe. This politically unified the whole of India and Afghanistan for the first time. The next RMA came with the Mughals who introduced Field Artillery, Muskets and Horsed Cavalry Archers with stirrups and cross bows. The Mughal horsed cavalry and artillery helped spawn the mighty Mughal Empire. The Third RMA came with the British who raised local Infantry Battalions on the European Pattern and drilled them to shoot in disciplined rhythms, to defeat all cavalry charges. This Infantry-based RMA helped establish the British Empire in India. The present Republic is a successor entity of the British Empire. The author has traced the evolution of India’s Strategic Culture to the Arthashastra of Kautilya. The surprise finding is that in the 1971 War – India unconsciously returned to this Kautilyan paradigm of using information dominance, covert war and Shock- Action military campaigns to defeat its adversaries. In the post-independence phase he traces the evolution of India’s war-fighting from the tactical phase of 1947-1962 when India’s capacity was confined to use of 2-3 Divisions alone. The 1965 War saw the graduation to the level of Operational Art, wherein 12 Divisions and a bulk of the Indian Air Force (IAF) saw active combat. The apogee came in 1971 – when India fought a brilliant, Quasi-Total, Tri-Service Campaign that broke Pakistan into two, put 93,000 prisoners of war in the bag and for the first time after the Second World War, created a new nation state with the Force of Arms. He traces the impact of nuclearisation on South Asia and prognosticates about the Future. The time has come, he asserts, for India to create a Fourth RMA in South Asia; and decisively shape outcomes. For this, economic power must be rapidly converted into usable military power. India must field dominant war fighting capabilities in South Asia.

The Rise of the Informal Media

Author : Oliver Marchart
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Literature and the Rise of the Interview

Author : Rebecca Roach
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Today interviews proliferate everywhere: in newspapers, on television, and in anthologies; as a method they are a major tool of medicine, the law, the social sciences, oral history projects, and journalism; and in the book trade interviews with authors are a major promotional device. We live in an 'interview society'. How did this happen? What is it about the interview form that we find so appealing and horrifying? Are we all just gossips or is there something more to it? What are the implications of our reliance on this bizarre dynamic for publicity, subjectivity, and democracy? Literature and the Rise of the Interview addresses these questions from the perspective of literary culture. The book traces the ways in which the interview form has been conceived and deployed by writers, and interviewing has been understood as a literary-critical practice. It excavates what we might call a 'poetics' of the interview form and practice. In so doing it covers 150 years and four continents. It includes a diverse rostrum of well-known writers, such as Henry James, T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Djuna Barnes, William Burroughs, Philip Roth, J. M. Coetzee and Toni Morrison, while reintroducing some individuals that history has forgotten, such as Betty Ross, 'Queen of Interviewers', and Julian Hawthorne, Nathaniel's profligate son. Together these stories expose the interview's position in the literary imagination and consider what this might tell us about conceptions of literature, authorship, and reading communities in modernity.

Secret History

Author : Simon Ball
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As John le Carré's fictional intelligence men admit, it was the case histories - constructed narratives serving shifting agendas - that shaped the British intelligence machine, rather than their personal experience of secret operations. Secret History demonstrates that a critical scrutiny of internal "after action" assessments of intelligence prepared by British officials provides an invaluable and original perspective on the emergence of British intelligence culture over a period stretching from the First World War to the early Cold War. The historical record reflects personal value judgments about what qualified as effective techniques and organization, and even who could rightfully be called an intelligence officer. The history of intelligence thus became a powerful form of self-reinforcing cultural capital. Shining an intense light on the history of Britain's intelligence organizations, Secret History excavates how contemporary myths, misperceptions, and misunderstandings were captured and how they affected the development of British intelligence and the state.

Intelligence and Strategic Culture

Author : Isabelle Duyvesteyn
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Reliable information on potential security threats is not just the result of diligent intelligence work but also a product of context and culture. The volume explores the nexus between the intelligence process and strategic culture. How can and does the strategic outlook of the United States and the United Kingdom in particular, influence the intelligence gathering, assessment and dissemination process? This book contains an assessment of how political agendas and ideological outlook have significant influence on both the content and process of intelligence. It looks in particular at the premise of hearts and minds policies, culture and intelligence gathering in counterinsurgency operations; at case studies from imperial Malaya and Iran in the 1950s and at instances of intelligence failure, e.g. the case of Iraq in 2003. How was intelligence, or the lack thereof, a product of political culture and how did it play a role in the political praxis? The book shows that political agendas and the ideological outlook have a significant influence upon both the content and process of intelligence. This book was originally published as a special issue of Intelligence and National Security.

Planning Challenges of the 70 s in Space

Author : George W. Morgenthaler
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44th Congress of the International Astronautical Federation

Author :
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Exploring the Rise of Fandom in Contemporary Consumer Culture

Author : Lu Wang, Cheng
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Every company wants their business to have a strong, loyal following, but achieving this feat can be a challenge. Examining the growth of fandom popularity in modern culture can provide insights into consumer trends and patterns. Exploring the Rise of Fandom in Contemporary Consumer Culture is an innovative scholarly resource that offers an in-depth discussion on the soaring popularity of fan communities and how these followers serve a larger purpose in a consumer-driven society. Highlighting applicable topics that include brand loyalty, fan perceptions, social media, and virtual realities, this publication is ideal for business managers, academicians, students, professionals, and researchers that are interested in learning more about how fan behavior can impact the economic environment.

Culture and the Human Body

Author : John W. Burton
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To appreciate the human body is to acknowledge the various ways in which it has become a cultural artifact rather than a purely natural phenomenon."--BOOK JACKET.

Weapons Warfare Warfare culture and concepts

Author : John Powell
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Presents information about weaponry, tactics, and modes of warfare worldwide, from ancient times to the present, and discusses the cultural, sociopolitical, and ethical aspects of weaponry and warfare.

The Rise and Fall of Gay Culture

Author : Daniel Harris
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Many complain that the memoir has overtaken the novel and has become too influential in our current literary scene. But no one has actually done anything about it. There have been no satires or parodies of the genre-until now.In A Memoir of No One in Particular, our author approaches his life as if he were a specimen in a biologist's petrie dish. Rather than giving the usual narrative account, No One in Particular tells his own personal history as a gay white male by probing the banalities of daily living and the unexplored territory of the commonplace. Dispens-ing with clichéd and romanticized reminiscences, he revels in the minutiae and mundane habits and rituals of modern daily living, and finds his own unique contraption of selfhood amongst this quotidian detritus.Why is he No One in Particular? Although he can hardly claim to be Everyman, this very anonymity sardonically thumbs its literary nose at all those who must tell their unique stories. Equal parts spoof, satire, memoir, essay, literary criticism, and autobiography, this is a radical new book that will dare you to love it.

Mass Culture Criticism and Dissent an American Socialist Magazine

Author : Lou Anne Bulik
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Mass Culture Criticism and 'Dissent' by Lou Anne Bulik offers a provocative new look at the debate over mass culture in American magazines during the post World War II years. Bulik traces the influence of the Frankfurt School's analysis of mass culture on American intellectuals; explores the course of the mass culture discussion in Politics, Partisan Review, Daedalus, Diogenes, and Dissent; and suggests that Dissent's approach to the issue differed substantially from that of other magazines. Because Dissent focused on the impact of mass culture on the mind, Bulik suggests that the debate in Dissent was actually an attempt to articulate the presentiment that mass culture, particularly through the paradigm of television, would change patterns of thought and understanding. The study concludes with a look at recent criticism which lends newfound weight to Dissent's discussion of mass culture in the 1950s and early 1960s.

Cultural Anthropology

Author : Serena Nanda
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Among Orangutans

Author : Professor Director Anthropological Institute & Museum Carel Van Schaik, Ph.D.
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One of the world's leading experts on Sumatran orangutans, working in collaboration with a noted nature photographer, takes readers deep into the disappearing world of these captivating primates. Their colorful and complex lives may also help to reconstruct human evolution. Full color.

The Rise of the New York Intellectuals

Author : Terry A. Cooney
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The Rise of Anthropological Theory

Author : Marvin Harris
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