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The Rising Behemoth

Author : Douglas G Smith, LLM
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The Rising Behemoth

Author : Douglas G. Smith
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The rise of multidistrict litigation -- The rise of meritless claims -- Framework for resolution -- Discovery and exchange of information -- Resolving common issues -- Resolving individual cases and case specific issues -- The bellwether process -- Settlement -- What can go wrong -- Proposals for reform -- Alternatives to multidistrict litigation.

Antisemitism on the Rise

Author : Ari Kohen
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A collection of historical and contemporary research and essays, Antisemitism on the Rise looks at antisemitism in the interwar period and today and provides examples for how to effectively teach about antisemitism.

The Rise of Atlantis Light and Darkness

Author : Demetrios Anagnostopoulos
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Source of Magic

Author : Piers Anthony
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A quest for the source of power threatened to doom the land of Xanth As a ruler of a country steeped in enchantment, King Trent was naturally curious about the source of its magic. It made sense to order Bink, the only one of his subjects immune to supernatural harm, to undertake a quest to discover the wellspring of Xanth’s uniqueness. From the beginning, Bink and his companions, Chester the centaur and Crombie, the soldier transformed into a griffin, were harried by an unseen enemy determined to thwart them. Even the power of Good Magician Humfrey, together with Bink’s protective talent, scarcely saved their lives. Then when Humfrey and Crombie turned against him, all seemed lost. But Bink's ingenuity and luck prevailed, and he reached his goal. The King’s orders had been carried out . . . But the King had not expected Bink’s next act—to destroy utterly the magic of Xanth!

The Rise and Fall of Corporate Social Responsibility

Author : Douglas M. Eichar
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Corporate social responsibility was one of the most consequential business trends of the twentieth century. Having spent decades burnishing reputations as both great places to work and generous philanthropists, large corporations suddenly abandoned their commitment to their communities and employees during the 1980s and 1990s, indicated by declining job security, health insurance, and corporate giving. Douglas M. Eichar argues that for most of the twentieth century, the benevolence of large corporations functioned to stave off government regulations and unions, as corporations voluntarily adopted more progressive workplace practices or made philanthropic contributions. Eichar contends that as governmental and union threats to managerial prerogatives withered toward the century’s end, so did corporate social responsibility. Today, with shareholder value as their beacon, large corporations have shred their social contract with their employees, decimated unions, avoided taxes, and engaged in all manner of risky practices and corrupt politics. This book is the first to cover the entire history of twentieth-century corporate social responsibility. It provides a valuable perspective from which to revisit the debate concerning the public purpose of large corporations. It also offers new ideas that may transform the public debate about regulating larger corporations.

The US Policy Making Process for Post Cold War China

Author : Wenzhao Tao
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Combining a study of American Think Tanks and a study of American diplomatic policy on China following the Cold War, this book explores in detail the policy-making process, procedures and mechanisms, as well as the roles of various interest groups in the policy-making process for China-related policies. Further, it dissects the policy-making process with regard to selected sensitive policies, such as the US diplomatic policy on Taiwan, China; US trade policy on China; US human rights policy on China; and US environmental and energy policy on China; and analyzes the function and influence of the American Think Tanks in the policy debates. Characterized by its high theoretical value, wealth of historical materials and painstaking analysis, the book is not only of important academic value but also offers a valuable reference guide to support the practical work of related departments in the Chinese government.

Proto Algorithmic War

Author : Stefka Hristova
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The Weaver Boy who Became a Missionary

Author : Henry Gardiner Adams
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The Wife Campaign

Author : Regina Scott
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Three Candidates. One Perfect Bride. Whitfield Calder, Earl of Danning, would much rather spend a fortnight tending to his estate than entertaining three eligible young ladies. But when his valet insists that marriage is an earl's duty, Whit agrees to the house party. He has no intention of actually proposing to anyone…until flame-haired Ruby Hollingsford declares she'd never accept him anyway. Ruby has been tricked into attending this charade, but she certainly won't compete for the earl's attentions. Yet, Whit isn't the selfish aristocrat she envisioned. And with a little trust, two weeks may prove ample time for an unlikely couple to fall headlong into love. The Master Matchmakers: Wedding bells will ring when downstairs servants play Cupid for upstairs aristocracy