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The Road to Love and Laughter

Author : Kristin Adams
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What's the secret to keeping love alive and full of laughter? Kristin and Danny Adams, the couple behind numerous hilarious viral lip sync videos, draw from their own experience in marriage and entertainment to encourage you to live loudly, love radically, and laugh uncontrollably. Every relationship needs plenty of love and laughter. But how do you keep the fun going when the road gets hard? Viral video creators Kristin and Danny Adams's journey has involved more "heated fellowship" than their hilarious lip sync videos might lead you to think. Kristin and Danny invite you to: Turn roadblocks into opportunities for growth, wisdom, and even laughter Have faith in God to sustain you in difficult times and bring back your joy Let go of the fear of change and find courage to face all of life together Face the "laugh blockers" that get in the way of the joy of connection Rediscover the joy of your unique connection for a deeper and more fulfilling marriage journey. "You will come away changed. . . . This is a must-read!" -- Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke "With humor and so much wisdom, this story will leave you inspired and feeling like you're not alone." -- Jeremy and Audrey Roloff

The Road to Love and Laughter

Author : Kristin Adams
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From their signature shows touring the country, Kristin and Danny Adams share their story and the answer to a question they're always asked: How do you keep the laughter alive? What they've learned is to take the roadblocks, or 'laugh blockers' as they call them, and turn them into opportunities for growth, wisdom, and eventually, lots of laughter.

Walking the Path of Love

Author :
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No Regrets Love Laughter and Life with Colon Cancer

Author : Patsy Petzold
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Patsy was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer February 25th, 2013. She was 34 years old, a happy, healthy mother of 3 with no symptoms or family medical history of colorectal cancer. Her next 3 years would be filled with chemo, surgeries, CT/PET scans and disappointments as treatment failed to clear the cancer. But they were also filled with happiness, faith, love, laughter, advocacy and dancing. We put her writings together in order that others can benefit from her amazing spirit and so we can share her with the world. This is the book she always wanted to write.

Live Laugh Love Always Lydia

Author : Lydia Bright
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From girl-next-door to overnight TOWIE stardom this is Lydia Bright's fabulous story so far. She grew up on one of the UK's biggest, BAFTA award-winning TV shows but there's still a lot you won't know about Lydia Bright as the confident beauty shares all for the first time! From fond family memories, first kisses and travelling around the world, to her dreams of an even more dazzling future, this is Lydia's full story - her greatest adventures yet - and your bubbly guide to living life to the full! TOWIE Find out what it was really like to be an Essex It Girl RELATIONSHIPS Lydia opens her heart and shares 5 rules for a flawless first date FITNESS The workout routine she follows to get bikini-ready, plus recipes! BEAUTY Get the look; with makeup tutorials, product tips and style secrets INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES What drives her positivity, motivation and success? BUSINESS From budding fashionista to launching her own boutique and 3 clothing collections ADVENTURE Help from a fearless globetrotter to take your trip of a lifetime Packed with lots of extra surprises, crazy stories and even more reasons to fall in love with Lydia's unstoppable attitude, LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, ALWAYS, LYDIA is the fairy-tale-turned-reality that's only just getting started!

Laughter Salad

Author : Kimberly Ann Borin, Edd
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Stories define our experiences and connect us to our global community. In Laughter Salad, author Dr. Kimberly Ann Borin narrates the moments that have defined her life as an athlete, teacher, counselor, and traveler--a mixture of laughter and nourishment. In this collection of inspirational true stories and playful art, Borin shares vignettes and times of synchronicity, serendipity, and miracles that bring us closer to our heart's desires--reminders that we are exactly where we need to be. Including tales of her travels around the world, Laughter Salad tells of Borin riding her bicycle across the United States, running a fifty-mile race, healing from a concussion, and learning how to be a performance artist. Funny, sincere, humbling, and comforting, Borin's experiences remind us that we are precious and that we each have a gift to bring to the world. Through the stories told, Laughter Salad communicates that our journeys matter, and that along the way we offer gifts to make the world a better, brighter place.

The Road to Optimism

Author : J. Mitchell Perry
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Offers techniques for using language to improve one's state of mind, explaining how an optimistic outlook enhances productivity, health, and longevity

The Road Love Traveled

Author : Clifton Bullock
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The Road Love Traveled is a story of deception, lust, greed and gentrification told through the life of Lawrence Blake, a single father living in the Anacostia neighborhood of Washington, DC. Tired of the same ol’ same ol’, Lawrence wants something different. His love life is stale, and with his son out of state on summer vacation, he takes the opportunity to try to make some changes. He begins with a night on the town. Lawrence recruits his best friend, Howard, to join him in the rat race chase to find some new skins. Lawrence ends up finding what he’s looking for, but the greed of lust causes everything to change. The Road Love Traveled gives the world a first-hand look of what a man goes through to make decisions for a better life. Full of laughter, bad choices, suspense, jealous ex-girlfriends, good friends, broken hearts, rogue law enforcement and the apocalyptic virus known as gentrification, you will learn the reality of how lies will smear and destroy love’s results.

Poems to Ponder on The Road TO Life

Author : Bruce K. Avenell
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Do your horizons limit your dreams—or do your dreams expand your horizons? The poems included in Poems to Ponder on The Road to Life reveal personal experiences in expanding horizons as one learns how to travel on The Road TO Life. Poetic allusions spark the spirit’s curiosity to seek out the technique buried within the prose. Some of the poems are original while others were dictated from beings who have traversed The Road TO Life; a journey of the soul. Through all the dreams and apparent realities there is a way; a path when you find it; a road when you start to explore it; and a highway when you learn to travel upon it. It is a labyrinth of progressions that teach you how to manage the energy of divine life. You must learn how to hold the velocity, energy, and magic of that level of life in your own being. The poetry in the collection is about some of the author’s experiences, observations, and conclusions as he journeyed back along The Road TO Life.

The Road to Immunity

Author : Kenneth Bock
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Shares the author's approach to boosting the body's immune system, explaining how readers can evaluate individual needs to create tailored diets, exercise regimes, supplement plans, and relaxation therapies. Original.