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The Romance of Failure

Author : Jonathan Auerbach
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This book explores the fictions of three 19th-century writers--Poe, Hawthorne, and James--in which the first-person narator is both the central actor and the retrospective teller of tale. Auerbach argues that the first person is an attractive but dangerous form of self-revelation that foregrounds fundamental problems of literary representation.

The Romance of Failure

Author : Jonathan Auerbach
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This book focuses on the intense intimacy between author and first-person narrator in the fictions of Poe, Hawthorne, and James in order to defend the beleaguered "I" in these works against the depersonalizing tendencies of postructuralism. In reaffirming the importance of the human subject for the study of narrative, Auerbach shows how the first person form, in particular, underscores fundamental problems of literary representation: how fictions come to be made, and the relation between these plots and the people who make them.

The Multitude

Author : William Garrett (Advocate.)
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The Failure of Romance in F Scott Fitzgerald in The Beautiful and Damned The Great Gatsby and Tender is the Night

Author : Emmanuelle Darmsteter
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The Romance of Reason

Author : Montague Brown
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A study of reason, as an invitation to explore and discover a new life of meaning, The Romance of Reason is an attempt to put the philosophical basis of Aquinas' thinking into nontechnical language and make it accessible to the general reader.

Henry Adams and a Romance of Failure

Author : Arnold L. Schuchter
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Astrology and Love Life

Author : Mahan Vir Tulli
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This book deciphers the intricacies of the compatibility of zodiac signs, the attraction between people of diverse temperaments and what leads to romantic alliances and conjugal ties.

Love and Women in Early Chinese Fiction

Author : Daniel Hsieh
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In traditional China, upper-class literati were inevitably strongly influenced by Confucian doctrine and rarely touched upon such topics as love and women in their writings. It was not until the mid-Tang, a generation or two after the An Lushan rebellion, that literary circles began to engage in overt discussion of the issues of love and women, through the use of the newly emerging genres of zhiguai and chuanqi fiction. The debate was carried out with an unprecedented enthusiasm, since the topics were considered to be the key to understanding the crisis in Chinese civilization. This book examines the repertoire of chuanqi and zhiguai written during the Six Dynasties and Tang periods and analyzes the key themes, topics, and approaches found in these tales, which range from expressions of male fantasy, sympathy, fear, and anxiety, to philosophical debate on the place of the feminine in patriarchal Chinese society. Many of these stories reflect tensions between masculine and feminine aspects of civilization as seen, for example, in the conflict of male aspiration and female desire, as well as the ultimate longing for reconciliation of these divisions. These stories form a crucial chapter in the history of love in China and would provide much of the foundation for further explorations during the late imperial period, as seen in seminal works such as The Peony Pavilion and Dream of the Red Chamber.

An Utter Failure

Author : Miriam Coles Harris
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The Romance of Life Preservation

Author : James Burnley
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Keats and Negative Capability

Author : Li Ou
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"Negative capability", the term John Keats used only once in a letter to his brothers, is a well-known but surprisingly unexplored concept in literary criticism and aesthetics. This book is the first book-length study of this central concept in seventy years. As well as clarifying the meaning of the term and giving an anatomy of its key components, the book gives a full account of the history of this idea. It traces the narrative of how the phrase first became known and gradually gained currency, and explores its primary sources in earlier writers, principally Shakespeare and William Hazlitt, and its chief Modernist successors, W. B. Yeats and T. S. Eliot. Meanwhile, the term is also applied to Keats's own poetry, which manifests the evolution of the idea in Keats's poetic practice. Many of the comparative readings of the relevant texts, including King Lear, illuminate the interconnections between these major writers. The book is an original and significant piece of scholarship on this celebrated concept.

The Art of Failure

Author : Suresh Raval
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Originally published in 1986, this is a powerful and original book. It offers textual interpretation of Conrad’s major work and articulates the subtlety and richness of his treatment of social-political institutions and of the forces that complicate and distort private and public life. Suresh Raval argues that the social-personal relations in Conrad’s fiction cannot be conceived apart from their existence in the political life of a community; but at the same time they cannot be accommodated institutionally. The author’s concern is with the problematic status of the self under various perspectives: experience and understanding (Heart of Darkness), an ethical ideal (Lord Jim), history (Nostromo), ideology (The Secret Agent and Under Western Eyes), scepticism (Victory). What the self is remains ambiguous and elusive. Conrad’s fiction is concerned with exhibiting the failure of language, but always as a result of an immense effort of language itself. As language undoes itself in the act of seeking utterance, so Conrad’s fictional mode – romance – turns into the opposite of itself as it unfolds. Raval demonstrates that incompatible alternatives – intention and action, thought and experience, the individual and the social, the logical and the contingent – are entangled with each other, and how this entanglement works in the fiction. Raval’s exploration of Conrad’s scepticism shows why Conrad cannot be characterized as a political conservative or radical without distorting the complexity and seriousness of his reflection on society. For his scepticism is the product not just of intelligence but of intelligence conscious of its limitations, and is thus able to make a devastating critique of the nihilism sometimes attributed to Conrad by critics. Only those who think that morality has to have a secure single foundation if it is to be real are pushed into regarding Conrad’s scepticism as a form of nihilism. Professor Raval’s important study brings philosophical and literary interests to bear on Conrad’s major fiction and illuminates those aspects of his art which have puzzled and fascinated his readers. It will be deservedly valued by those studying and teaching modern literature.

The Passionate Love

Author : Alice Ashton
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This is a romance occurring in the 1930s in Hollywood. A man's love saves the romance from failure.

The Romance of Modern Industry

Author : James Burnley
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The Aesthetics of Failure

Author : Zander Brietzke
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Critic Clive Barnes once called Eugene O'Neill the "world's worst great playwright" and Brooks Atkinson called him "a tragic dramatist with a great knack for old-fashioned melodrama." These descriptions of the man can also be used to describe his work. Despite the fact that O'Neill is the only American playwright to win the Nobel Prize for Literature and his last works are some of America's finest, most of his published works are not good. This work closely examines how O'Neill's failures as a playwright are inspiring and how his disappointments are reflections of his own theory that tragedy requires failure, a theory that is evident in his work. Conflicts in O'Neill's plays are studied at the structural level, with attention paid to genre, language or dialogue, characters, space and time elements, and action. Included is information about O'Neill's life and a chronological listing of all of his 50 plays with basic details such as production history, principal characters, dramatic action, and a brief commentary.

A Romance of Wall Street the Grant and Ward Failure

Author : Hamlin Garland
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The Romance of Origins

Author : Gayle Margherita
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The Romance of Duelling in All Times and Countries

Author : Andrew Steinmetz
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The Romance of Western History

Author : James Hall
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The Romance of the Forum

Author : Peter Burke
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