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The Science of College

Author : Patricia S. Herzog
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The transition to adulthood is a complex process, and college is pivotal to this experience. The Science of College aids entering college students--and the people who support them--in navigating college successfully, with up-to-date recommendations based upon real student situations, sound social science research, and the collective experiences of faculty, lecturers, advisors, and student support staff. The stories captured in this book highlight how the challenges that college students encounter vary in important ways based on demographics and social backgrounds. Despite these varied backgrounds, all students are more likely to have successful college experiences if they invest in their communities. Universities have many resources available, but as this book will show, students need to learn when to access which resources and how best to engage with people serving students. This includes having a better awareness of the different roles held by university faculty and staff, and navigating who to go to for what, based upon understanding their distinct sets of expertise and approaches to support. There is no single template for student success. Yet, this book highlights common issues that many students face and provides science-based advice for how to navigate college. Each topic covered is geared towards the life stage that most college students are in: emerging adulthood. In addition to the student-focused chapters, the book includes appendixes with activities for students, tips for parents, and methods information for faculty. Supplemental website materials suggest classroom activities for instructors who adopt this book within first-year seminars and general education courses.

Handbook of College Science Teaching

Author : Joel J. Mintzes
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The Handbook offers models of teaching and learning that go beyond the typical lecture-laboratory format and provides rationales for new practices in the college classroom. It is ideal for graduate teaching assistants, senior faculty and graduate coordinators, and mid-career professors in search of reinvigoration.

College Science Teachers Guide to Assessment

Author : Thomas R. Lord
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This guide is divided into four sections comprising 28 peer-reviewed chapters. It covers general assessment topics and traditional and alternative assessment techniques. A series of how-to assessment practices utilized in the field and practical tips to enhance assessment in the college science classroom are included.

Physical Science for College Students

Author : David Cababaro Bueno
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College Reading The Science and Strategies of Expert Readers

Author : Janet Nay Zadina
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COLLEGE READING: THE SCIENCE AND STRATEGIES OF EXPERT READERS approaches reading from a thinking skills perspective by explaining how we think, learn, and read. This expert group of authors credibly incorporates widely proven brain research and learning theory into a user-friendly dynamic reading textbook aimed at diverse learners. The bridge from the scientific research to the classroom is carefully crafted so that not only will students learn to read more efficiently, but they will also learn how to learn more efficiently. By explaining the brain science of reading, COLLEGE READING empowers students with the knowledge that they can change their brain into a more effective reading brain. COLLEGE READING teaches students how to read by providing interactive learning and reading opportunities--Making Connections, Brain Connections, Activities, Practice with a Reading Passage, Post Test, and Brain Strength Options--so that students are discovering, understanding, and remembering essential reading skills they can apply to their future coursework. All students can be naturally motivated, expert readers and learners with COLLEGE READING. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Yorkshire College of Science Report of the proceedings at the meeting of the Science College Committee Bradford January 24th 1870 etc

Author : Yorkshire College
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College Pathways to the Science Education Standards

Author : Eleanor D. Siebert
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This book targets students who are going to be K-12 teachers and points out the responsibilities that both science and education faculty members face. These responsibilities not only include providing fundamental information and skills related to teaching, but also mentoring teachers to reflect their understanding. The National Science Education Standards specifically address grades K-12; however, these standards have a great significance for higher education in that they also address systematic issues of teacher preparation and professional development. This document discusses ways in which the Standards are meaningful to higher education. Chapters 1 and 3 focus on the teaching and assessment standards. Chapter 2 concerns professional development standards. Chapter 4 addresses content standards. Chapter 5 discusses science education program standards. Chapter 6 describes the science education system standards. (YDS)

On the Dismissal of Robert Galloway M R I A F C S

Author :
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100 Science Words Every College Graduate Should Know

Author : Editors of the American Heritage Dictionaries
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The latest title in the best-selling 100 Words series offers a fascinating look at the vocabulary of science and technology. Thoughtfully chosen by the editors of the American Heritage® Dictionaries, these words will stimulate inquisitive minds to explore new terrain, and challenge long-standing science buffs to measure up. Covering a wide variety of scientific fields—from evolution and ecology to physics and computer science—the words are representative of the vocabulary required to understand the most important concepts of science today. Each term is defined and explained in clear, nonscientific language, with examples showing the reader the importance of the word both in its field and in daily life. Many entries have extra features explaining word origins or providing fun facts and enlightening details. Key illustrations make the abstract comprehensible. Subjects discussed include absolute zero, dendrochronology, game theory, histone, Kuiper belt, Munchausen syndrome, piezoelectric effect, rain shadow, time dilation, and xerophyte. A great stocking-stuffer, graduation gift, or reward for the expert in the house, 100 Science Words Every College Graduate Should Know is sure to delight, surprise, and inspire everyone interested in the language of science and technology.

The Chicago Guide to College Science Teaching

Author : Terry McGlynn
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Higher education is a strange beast. Teaching is a critical skill for scientists in academia, yet one that is barely touched upon in their professional training—despite being a substantial part of their career. This book is a practical guide for anyone teaching STEM-related academic disciplines at the college level, from graduate students teaching lab sections and newly appointed faculty to well-seasoned professors in want of fresh ideas. Terry McGlynn’s straightforward, no-nonsense approach avoids off-putting pedagogical jargon and enables instructors to become true ambassadors for science. For years, McGlynn has been addressing the need for practical and accessible advice for college science teachers through his popular blog Small Pond Science. Now he has gathered this advice as an easy read—one that can be ingested and put to use on short deadline. Readers will learn about topics ranging from creating a syllabus and developing grading rubrics to mastering learning management systems and ensuring safety during lab and fieldwork. The book also offers advice on cultivating productive relationships with students, teaching assistants, and colleagues.

Partners in Innovation

Author : Elaine Seymour
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Seymour argues from evidence that effective deployment, adequate professional education, and collegial collaboration between faculty and their TAs; are critical in ensuring the future quality of science education."--BOOK JACKET.

The Science Education of American Girls

Author : Kim Tolley
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The Science Education of American Girls provides a comparative analysis of the science education of adolescent boys and girls, and analyzes the evolution of girls' scientific interests from the antebellum era through the twentieth century. Kim Tolley expands the understanding of the structural and cultural obstacles that emerged to transform what, in the early nineteenth century, was regarded as a "girl's subject." As the form and content of pre-college science education developed, Tolley argues, direct competition between the sexes increased. Subsequently, the cultural construction of science as a male subject limited access and opportunity for girls.

Feminist Science Education

Author : Angela Calabrese Barton
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This volume presents a case for liberatory science education from a feminist perspective. Based on a two-year teacher-research study, Feminist Science Education questions and challenges how power and knowledge relationships position teachers, students, and science with and against one another in the classroom. Using stories about life in and out of the classroom, this book describes the impact that exploring this situated nature of science and teaching has for transforming science education.

College Reading Aplia 1 term Access

Author :
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The Science and Engineering of Materials

Author : Donald R. Askeland
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This text provides an understanding of the relationship between structure, processing, and properties of materials. By selecting the appropriate topics from this wealth of material, instructors can emphasize materials, provide a general overview, concentrate on mechanical behavior, or focus on physical properties. Since the book has more material than is needed for a one-semester course, students will also have a useful reference for subsequent courses in manufacturing, materials, design, or materials selection. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Identifying the English Language Needs of Science Students in the College of Science and College of Education and Islamic Sciences at Sultan Qaboos University

Author : Fawzia Aziz Al-Seyaby
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Interest of Indian Home Science College Students and Faculty in Careers Related to Community Development

Author : Yasmin Morenas
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Teaching Science in the Two year College

Author : Timothy M. Cooney
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Two-year colleges are critical to science educationOCOs futureOCoin fact, some data indicate that half of future science teachers will take their first years of science at a two-year school. To address the unique challenges of this special setting, presents 24 articles featuring the most useful and relevant insights and advice from NSTAOCOs Journal of College Science Teaching."

Memoirs of the College of Science and Engineering Waseda University

Author :
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Science Safety in the Community College

Author : John Summers
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The book also offers a wealth of related websites and a detailed index for quick reference. Not all community college facilities and students are the same, but this book will teach you and your students to “see” your particular physical environment and procedures through a safety-conscious lens.