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The Oxford Handbook of the Science of Science Communication

Author : Kathleen Hall Jamieson
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The proposal to vaccinate adolescent girls against the human papilloma virus ignited political controversy, as did the advent of fracking and a host of other emerging technologies. These disputes attest to the persistent gap between expert and public perceptions. Complicating the communication of sound science and the debates that surround the societal applications of that science is a changing media environment in which misinformation can elicit belief without corrective context and likeminded individuals are prone to seek ideologically comforting information within their own self-constructed media enclaves. Drawing on the expertise of leading science communication scholars from six countries, The Oxford Handbook of the Science of Science Communication not only charts the media landscape - from news and entertainment to blogs and films - but also examines the powers and perils of human biases - from the disposition to seek confirming evidence to the inclination to overweight endpoints in a trend line. In the process, it draws together the best available social science on ways to communicate science while also minimizing the pernicious effects of human bias. The Handbook adds case studies exploring instances in which communication undercut or facilitated the access to scientific evidence. The range of topics addressed is wide, from genetically engineered organisms and nanotechnology to vaccination controversies and climate change. Also unique to this book is a focus on the complexities of involving the public in decision making about the uses of science, the regulations that should govern its application, and the ethical boundaries within which science should operate. The Handbook is an invaluable resource for researchers in the communication fields, particularly in science and health communication, as well as to scholars involved in research on scientific topics susceptible to distortion in partisan debate.

Science of Science and Reflexivity

Author : Pierre Bourdieu
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This book is based on the last course of lectures that Pierre Bourdieu delivered at the College de France. In it he presents a highly illuminating 'Sketch for a self-analysis', applying his theories to himself to show how his social origins and educational capital influenced his academic trajectory and the course of his thinking. It is a book that will be of great interest to students and scholars throughout the social sciences, natural sciences and humanities.

The Science of Science Policy

Author : Julia I. Lane
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Basic scientific research and technological development have had an enormous impact on innovation, economic growth, and social well-being. Yet science policy debates have long been dominated by advocates for particular scientific fields or missions. In the absence of a deeper understanding of the changing framework in which innovation occurs, policymakers cannot predict how best to make and manage investments to exploit our most promising and important opportunities. Since 2005, a science of science policy has developed rapidly in response to policymakers' increased demands for better tools and the social sciences' capacity to provide them. The Science of Science Policy: A Handbook brings together some of the best and brightest minds working in science policy to explore the foundations of an evidence-based platform for the field. The contributions in this book provide an overview of the current state of the science of science policy from three angles: theoretical, empirical, and policy in practice. They offer perspectives from the broader social science, behavioral science, and policy communities on the fascinating challenges and prospects in this evolving arena. Drawing on domestic and international experiences, the text delivers insights about the critical questions that create a demand for a science of science policy.

The Science of Communicating Science

Author : Craig Cormick
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Are you wishing you knew how to better communicate science, without having to read several hundred academic papers and books on the topic? Luckily Dr Craig Cormick has done this for you! This highly readable and entertaining book distils best practice research on science communication into accessible chapters, supported by case studies and examples. With practical advice on everything from messages and metaphors to metrics and ethics, you will learn what the public think about science and why, and how to shape scientific research into a story that will influence beliefs, behaviours and policies.

The Origin of Science and the Science of Its Origin

Author : Stanley L. Jaki
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The Philosophy of Science and Technology Studies

Author : Steve Fuller
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This book provides a general account of the underlying philosophical character, assumptions, and implications of science and technology studies and its relationship to traditional and contemporary philosophy.

The Science of Fly fishing

Author : Stan L. Ulanski
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The foundations of fly-fishing history, literature, and mechanics are firmly anchored in the disciplines of science, yet until now there has been no comprehensive work that integrates scientific components into the sport of angling for trout and other game fish. The Science of Fly-Fishing fills that void. Stan L. Ulanksi presents the basic elements of the physical and biological sciences in a way that helps the reader see their practical application to fishing. The Science of Fly-Fishing is designed for anglers—whether they have any formal background in science or not—who are curious about the relevance of science to their sport. The angling-related scientific concepts revealed in the book require no more of the reader than a good dose of common sense and a willingness to expand his or her fly-fishing knowledge. Ulanski’s thoughtful explorations of topics such as the physics of fly casting, the angler’s environment, the diet of trout, and the role of lake geology and biology will help anglers reach a greater understanding of and appreciation for the natural aquatic home of their quarry. Stan L. Ulanski is Professor of Geology and Environmental Science at James Madison University.

Science and Islam

Author : Muẓaffar Iqbāl
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Provides a clear, authentic, and scholarly account of the various aspects of the relationship between Islam and science

The Science of Science

Author : Dashun Wang
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This is the first comprehensive overview of the exciting field of the 'science of science'. Those concerned with maximizing their career impact and productivity, with their scientific creativity, with effective collaboration and with the metrics of assessment will better understand the fundamental workings of science. Big data analysis and quantitative tools help identify success and failure within the discipline. Areas in the 'science of science' that are ripe for further research are explored, and the implications this could have for future technological and innovative work are examined. With anecdotes and detailed, easy-to-follow explanations of the research, this book is accessible to all scientists, policy makers, and administrators with an interest in the wider scientific enterprise.

The Science of God

Author : Gerald L. Schroeder
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For the readers of The Language of God, another instant classic from "a sophisticated and original scholar" (Kirkus Reviews) that disputes the idea that science is contrary to religion. In The Science of God, distinguished physicist and Biblical scholar Gerald L. Schroeder demonstrates the surprising parallels between a variety of Biblical teachings and the findings of biochemists, paleontologists, astrophysicists, and quantum physicists. In a brilliant and wide-ranging discussion of key topics that have divided science and religion—free will, the development of the universe, the origin of life, and the origin of man—Schroeder argues that the latest science and a close reading of the Bible are not just compatible but interdependent. This timely reissue of The Science of God features a brand-new preface by Schroeder and a compelling appendix that addresses the highly publicized experiment in 2008 in which scientists attempted to re-create the chemical composition of the cosmos immediately after the Big Bang. It also details Schroeder’s lucid explanations of complex scientific and religious concepts, such as the theory of relativity, the passage of time, and the definitions of crucial Hebrew words in the Bible. Religious skeptics, Biblical literalists, scientists, students, and physicists alike will be riveted by Schroeder’s remarkable contribution to the raging debate between science and religion.

Learning Science and the Science of Learning

Author : Rodger W. Bybee
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Sure, you teach science. But do your students really learn it? Students of all ages will absorb more if you adapt the way you teach to the way they learn. That's the message of this thoughtful collection of 12 essays by noted science teachers. Based on the latest research, this is definitely a scholarly book. But to bring theories to life, it includes realistic scenarios featuring classrooms where students are encouraged to construct their own science learning. These scenarios will give you specific ideas on how to help your students become more reflective about their learning process, including what they know, what their stumbling blocks are, and how to overcome them. You'll also examine how to use formative assessment to gauge student learning during the course of a lesson, not just at the end.

After the Science Wars

Author : Keith Ashman
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The "War" in science is largely the discussion between those who believe that science is above criticism and those who do not. After the Science Wars is a collection of essays by leading philosophers and scientists, all attempting to bridge interdisciplinary gulfs in this discussion.

The Science of Climbing and Mountaineering

Author : Ludovic Seifert
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This is the first book to explore in depth the science of climbing and mountaineering. Written by a team of leading international sport scientists, clinicians and climbing practitioners, it covers the full span of technical disciplines, including rock climbing, ice climbing, indoor climbing and mountaineering, across all scientific fields from physiology and biomechanics to history, psychology, medicine, motor control, skill acquisition, and engineering. Striking a balance between theory and practice, this uniquely interdisciplinary study provides practical examples and illustrative data to demonstrate the strategies that can be adopted to promote safety, best practice, injury prevention, recovery and mental preparation. Divided into six parts, the book covers all essential aspects of the culture and science of climbing and mountaineering, including: physiology and medicine biomechanics motor control and learning psychology equipment and technology. Showcasing the latest cutting-edge research and demonstrating how science translates into practice, The Science of Climbing and Mountaineering is essential reading for all advanced students and researchers of sport science, biomechanics and skill acquisition, as well as all active climbers and adventure sport coaches.

Science Teaching

Author : Michael R. Matthews
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The author argues that science teaching can be improved if the science curriculum includes the historical and philosophical dimensions of topics. He outlines the history of contextual approaches and explores curriculum developments that address questions about the nature of science.

Encyclopedia of Science and Religion A I

Author : Wentzel Van Huyssteen
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A multidisciplinary approach that addresses all aspects of the dialogue between the sciences and the world's religions, reaching into the humanities as well as into the physical sciences and technology. Examines controversial issues such as human cloning and stem cell research long with more traditional questions such as the origins of life, the nature of sin, and the philosophy of science and religion. 4 volumes.

Science of Being

Author : Eugene Fersen
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1923 Let those who read this book understand that its main object is to bring Enlightenment to Humanity through Pure Knowledge aflame with Love, and Power. Though a book of Science, it is a friend of true Religions and philosophies. You will find your.

Problems of the Science of Science

Author :
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The Science of Energy

Author : Crosbie Smith
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Traditional accounts of the energy concept have tended to emphasize its discovery, an inevitable product of the progress of science in the 19th century. This new history places the construction of the concept firmly in its social context.

The Science of Science

Author : Michael John Buckner
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THE SCIENCE OF SCIENCE is a grand synthesis of religion, philosophy and science. Peel back the layers of reality to solve ancient and modern riddles. Enjoy thrilling investigations. Uncover the origins of life on Earth. Dive deep into the mysteries of the multiverse and beyond. THE SCIENCE OF SCIENCE has been called, "A New American Dream", "Brilliant, Clear and Distinct!", "For and by the Smart-Tech Generation".


Author : Paul Ewart
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Optics has been part of scientific enquiry from its beginning and remains a key element of modern science. This book provides a concise treatment of physical optics starting with a brief summary of geometrical optics. Scalar diffraction theory is introduced to describe wave propagation and diffraction effects and provides the basis for Fourier methods for treating more complex diffraction problems. The rest of the book treats the physics underlying some important instruments for spectral analysis and optical metrology, reflection and transmission at dielectric surfaces and the polarization of light. This undergraduate-level text aims to aid understanding of optical applications in physical, engineering and life sciences or more advanced topics in modern optics.