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The Secret Lake

Author : Karen Inglis
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A time travel mystery adventure for ages 8-11. A lost dog, a hidden time tunnel and a secret lake take Stella and Tom to their home and the children living there 100 years in the past. Here they make both friends and enemies and uncover startling connections with the present.

The Secret Lake

Author : simon eddik
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The Secret Lake has been described by readers as a modern Tom's Midnight Garden and compared in atmosphere with The Secret Garden and the Enid Blyton and Nancy Drew mysteryKaren Inglis describes it as, a time travel mystery adventure with modern twists adventure for children aged 8-11includes 110 pages

Doctor Dolittle and the Secret Lake

Author : Hugh Lofting
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Doctor Dolittle is determined to continue the work he started on the Moon to find the secret of everlasting life. But to carry on, he must consult Mudface, the ancient turtle who lives in the Secret Lake in Africa. And when the doctor hears that Mudface has been burried during an Earthquake, the Doctor's journey becomes an emergancy rescue mission

Study Guide Student Workbook for The Secret Lake A Children s Mystery Adventure

Author : David Lee
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The Student Workbooks are designed to get students thinking critically about the text they read and provide a guided study format to facilitate in improved learning and retention. Teachers and Homeschool Instructors may use the activities included to improve student learning and organization. Students will construct and identify the following areas of knowledge. Character IdentificationEventsLocationVocabularyMain IdeaConflictAnd more as appropriate to the text.

The Secret by the Lake

Author : Jane Bowring
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Secret Lake District

Author : Billy F. K. Howorth
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Explore the secret history of the Lake District through a fascinating selection of stories, facts and photographs.

The Secret Life of a Lake

Author : Peter Tobiessen
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"A presentation and discussion of the ecological aspects of life within and around temperate freshwater lakes of the northern United States and Canada"--

The Secret by the Lake

Author : Louise Douglas
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'Crackles with repressed longing . . . the explosive ending took my breath away.' C.L. Taylor ‘Beautifully written, chillingly atmospheric and utterly compelling.’ Tammy Cohen ‘It builds in tension all the way through to the startling final pages.’ The Sunday Express ___ A FAMILY TRAGEDY When a tragedy forces the family Amy works for as a nanny to retreat to a small lakeside cottage, she realises she cannot leave them now. A SISTER’S SECRET But Amy finds something unsettling about the cottage by the lake. This is where the children’s mother spent her childhood – and the place where her sister disappeared mysteriously at just seventeen. A WEB OF LIES Soon Amy becomes tangled in the missing sister’s story as dark truths begin rising to the surface. But can Amy unlock the secrets of the past before they repeat themselves? The captivating and thrilling novel from bestselling author of The House by the Sea and The Secrets by the Lake. ___ Readers love The Secret by the Lake: ***** ‘A compelling, captivating story ... I was left totally mesmerized.’ ***** ‘Full of atmosphere, intrigue and romance, with lots of twists and turns and an ending I did not see coming.’ ***** ‘A beautifully crafted tale reminiscent of Kate Morton, yet darker and more compelling.’

The Secret of the Purple Lake

Author : Yaba Badoe
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Ajuba, the Fisherman's daughter, has to retrieve her dead father's bones from the bottom of the sea in order to bring harmony back to her seaside village. In fulfilling her task, she must evade the clutches of The Fish-man of the Purple Lake, a monstrous creature who guards the lake with a sword made of a thousand shark's teeth. But the Fish-man, once a beautiful boy called Musa, has his own story about how he came to dwell alone, underwater, cast into the sea by a golden eagle as punishment for a treacherous deed.

The Secret of the Lake

Author : JB Faw
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LOCAL GIRL FOUND AFTER TWENTY YEARS The head lines shocked Lora Watson as she sat on the patio drinking her morning coffee. She calls her friends to meet her at the Tavern's Inn. Lora writes a gossip column for the local newspaper and Lisa Young had been gossip since high school. Lisa Young was a spoiled rich girl with long blond hair and a coke bottle figure and all the boys were crazy about her. They lavishly covered her with expensive gifts. While in college Lisa was having an affair with Mr. Gibson, a prominent attorney in Brownsville. They both got mixed up in drugs and greed put them on the wrong road with Drug Dealers. Lisa was looking for a rich life and lots of money. Mr. Gibson knew how to deal with Drug Dealers and Lisa Young was the perfect entertainer for the men from the Drug Cartel. They were not beyond murder. They thought they would never get caught. Two of the townsmen turned up dead, no one suspected sweet Lisa Young, and certainly not the town's greatest attorney. Soon everything began to change and Lisa found out she had a conscience and wanted out, a remarkable series of events begins to unfold. . . . she finds two friends that she can trust but Lisa wonders if it's too late.

The Secret of Sagawa Lake

Author : Mary Labatt
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When Sam the sheepdog sleuth and her friends, Jennie and Beth, discover an old diary while spending a weekend at a cabin in the woods, the age-worn pages reveal some surprising secrets about the monster in the lake. Simultaneous.

The Secret Under Mystery Lake

Author : John and Lisa Fox
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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SOMETHING'S LURKING UNDER MYSTERY LAKE! Splash! Down he went into the cool dim depths of the lake. Down.down.he just kept going down. As soon as he could, he brought himself to a stop. Out! All he wanted was out. But then, not more than a foot away, he saw something looking directly at him. The new kid at Darwin Middle School is raising some big questions in the minds of the students. Why are there different races, and how are they related? David Avila looks to the Creation Science Club to help his friends understand the issue of race from a biblical point of view. Join the CSC as they host a camp out where Billy James tells an incredible story that turns the tables of prejudice around in an illuminating way.

Dr Dolittle Collection

Author : Hugh Lofting
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This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. John Dolittle is a doctor who shuns human patients in favor of animals, with whom he can speak in their own languages. He later becomes a naturalist, using his abilities to speak with animals to better understand nature and the history of the world. The stories are set in Victorian England, where Doctor Dolittle lives in the village of Puddleby-on-the-Marsh in the West Country. Table of Contents: The Story of Doctor Dolittle Doctor Dolittle's Post Office Doctor Dolittle's Circus Doctor Dolittle's Caravan The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle Doctor Dolittle's Zoo Doctor Dolittle's Garden Doctor Dolittle in the Moon Doctor Dolittle's Return Doctor Dolittle and the Secret Lake

The Secret of Moon Lake

Author : Sofia Nova
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When fourteen-year-old Sam Lawrence stumbles across a magical medallion, eerie things begin to happen in the city of Moon Lake...Sam realizes that the legends might actually be true when he discovers Aurelia, a mysterious mermaid who has been trapped in the lake for 300 years. As Sam's friendship with the mermaid increases, so does the power of the medallion. Sam slowly begins to understand that the medallion is even more powerful... and he loves it. But could the medallion's revealing power become more dangerous than he thinks?

Gypsies at Secret Lake

Author : Dorothy Leon
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Author, Minister, Researcher, Dorothy Leon emphasizes the painful plight of the gypsies in this deeply-mystical, romantic fiction tale. Her research allows her an in-depth insight into their historical and political background, as well as their ceremonies and spiritual practices. She says:¿This book is dedicated to the gypsy carriers of culture throughout the world who have enhanced creativity, music, art and spirituality. My hat is off to anyone who can uplift the planet and spread peace and joy.¿Dorothy Leon

Quest for the Ridge

Author : Errol L. Sweetser
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Hiking Northern California

Author : Bubba Suess
File Size : 63.43 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Hiking Northern California, the revised edition, will be fully revised and updated. Northern California has 80-plus diverse hikes throughout the northern two-thirds of the Golden State, from the Oregon border to the Southern Sierras. This guidebook features more than 600 miles of trails, accurate and up-to-date trail maps, and all the information you need for planning enjoyable outings year-round. Hikes include short, leisurely strolls and demanding days-long excursions, from well-graded trails to rugged, cross-country scrambles.

The Secret of Groom Lake

Author : S. Arthur Hart
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Secret at Mystic Lake

Author : Carolyn Keene
File Size : 28.54 MB
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A few nights in nature take a nasty turn for Nancy and her friends in this sixth book of the Nancy Drew Diaries, a fresh approach to a classic series. To celebrate her birthday, George is taking Nancy and Bess on a three-day bike tour around the scenic Mystic Lake. They can’t wait to spend time exploring the gorgeous landscape by day and camping under the stars at night. What they didn’t count on was sabotage! First someone steals food and supplies from their packs. Then tour guide Caitlin vanishes overnight, and the entire group finds their tires slashed to bits. Now Nancy is cycling for clues instead of soaking up the scenery. Can Nancy track down the culprit before she and her friends are lost in the woods forever?

Secret in the Lake

Author : Lorraine Avery
File Size : 63.62 MB
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The bicycle-riding members of the Apple Park Club investigate the strange appearance of a prehistoric monster in the lake.