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The Sense of Adharma

Author : Ariel Glucklich
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Addressing one of the most difficult conceptual topics in the study of classical Hinduism, Ariel Glucklich presents a rigorous phenomenology of dharma, or order. The work moves away from the usual emphasis on symbols and theoretical formulations of dharma as a religious and moral norm. Instead, it focuses on images that emerge from the basic experiential interaction of the body in its spatial and temporal contexts, such as the sensation of water on the skin during the morning purification, or the physical manipulation of the bride during the marriage ritual. Images of dharma are examined in myths, rituals, art, and even the physical landscape of the Hindu world. The varied and contingent experiences of dharma infuse it with a meaning that transcends a false analytical distinction from adharma, or chaos. Glucklich shows that when dharma is experienced by means of living images, it becomes inescapably temporal, and therefore inseparable from adharma.

Popular Hindi Cinema

Author : Ronie Parciack
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The popular Hindi film industry is the largest in India and the most conspicuous film industry in the non-Western world. This book analyses the pivotal visual and narrative conventions employed in popular Hindi films through the combined prism of film studies and classical Indian philosophy and ritualism. The book shows the films outside Western paradigms, as visual manifestations and outcomes of the evolution of classical Hindu notions and esthetic forms. These include notions associated with the Advaita-Vedānta philosophical school and early Buddhist thought, concepts and dynamism stemming from Hindu ritualism, rasa esthetic theories, as well as Brahmanic notions such as dharma (religion, law, order), and mokṣa (liberation). These are all highly abstract notions which the author defines as "the unseen": a cluster of diversified concepts denoting what subsists beyond the phenomenal, what prevails beyond the empirical world of saṁsāra and stands out of this world (alaukika), while simultaneously being embodied and transformed within visual filmic imagery, codes and semiotics that are teased out and analyzed. A culturally sensitive reading of popular Hindi films, the interpretations put forward are also applicable to the Western context. They enable a fuller understanding of religious phenomena outside the primary religious field, within the vernacular arenas of popular culture and mass communication. The book is of interest to scholars in the fields of Indology, modern Indian studies, film, media and cultural studies.


Author : Siniša Đokić
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The Mahabharata Volume 3

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The Mahabharata, an ancient and vast Sanskrit poem, is a remarkable collection of epics, legends, romances, theology, and ethical and metaphysical doctrine. The core of this great work is the epic struggle between five heroic brothers, the Pandavas, and their one hundred contentious cousins for rule of the land. This is the third volume of van Buitenen's acclaimed translation of the definitive Poona edition of the text. Book 4, The Book of Virata, begins as a burlesque, but the mood soon darkens amid molestation, raids, and Arjuna's battle with the principal heroes of the enemy. Book 5, The Book of the Effort, relates the attempts of the Pandavas to negotiate the return of their patrimony. They are refused so much as a "pinprick of land," and both parties finally march to battle.

Reals in the Jaina Metaphysics

Author : Harisatya Bhattacharya
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Book Review Digest

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Author : Anand Neelakantan
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"THE MAHABHARATA ENDURES AS THE GREAT EPIC OF INDIA. While Jaya is the story of the Pandavas, told from the perspective of the victors of Kurukshetra, Ajaya is the tale of the Kauravas, who were decimated to the last man. From the pen of the author who gave voice to Ravana in the national bestseller, ASURA, comes the riveting narrative which compels us to question the truth behind the Mahabharata. THE DARK AGE OF KALI IS RISING and every man and woman must choose between duty and conscience, honour and shame, life and death… o The Pandavas, banished to the forest following the disastrous games of dice, return to Hastinapura. o Draupadi has vowed not to bind her hair till she washes it in the blood of the Kauravas. o Karna must choose between loyalty and gratitude, friend and Guru. o Aswathama undertakes a perilous mission to the mountains of Gandhara, in search of the Evil One. o Kunti must decide between her firstborn and her other sons. o Guru Drona has to stand with either his favourite disciple or his beloved son. o Balarama, having failed to convince his brother about the adharma of violence, walks the streets of Bharatavarsha, spreading the message of peace. o Ekalavya is called to make the ultimate sacrifice to uphold a woman’s honour. o Jara, the beggar, sings of Krishna’s love while his blind dog, Dharma, follows. o Shakuni can almost see the realization of his dream to destroy India. As the Pandavas stake their claim to the Hastinapura throne, the Kaurava Crown Prince, Suyodhana, rises to challenge Krishna. As great minds debate dharma and adharma, power hungry men prepare for an apocalyptic war. The women, highborn and humble, helplessly watch the unfolding disaster with deep foreboding. And greedy merchants and unscrupulous priests lie in wait like vultures. Both sides know that beyond the agony and carnage the winner will take all. But even as gods conspire and men’s destinies unfold, a far greater truth awaits. ***** One of the six most remarkable writers of India. DNA An Amazing read. The WEEK Unique voice of a rebellious author telling the story from the other side, a feat a few have dared or managed so well. Bihar Times"


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The Ethics of the Hindus

Author : Susil Kumar Maitra
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Indian Philosophy

Author : Jadunath Sinha
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Indo Iranian Journal

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Wisdom of Hindus

Author : Ram Nath Sharma
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The Poona Orientalist

Author : Har Dutt Sharma
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Includes Sanskrit texts.

Nyaya Dharma Ethics of Justice

Author : Subhash Chandra Gahlawat
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“Yadrishi Bhavana Yasya, Siddhir Bhavati Tadrishi” (Sage Yajnavalkya (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad)), meaning “Nothing is higher than dharma. The weak overcomes the stronger by dharma, as over a king. Truly that dharma is the truth (Satya). Therefore, when a man speaks the truth, they say, “He speaks the Dharma, and if he speaks dharma they say, “he speaks the truth.” For both are one. Falsehood, ill will, covetousness and defamation are the tools of Hype (Adharma). This book, Nyaya Dharma (Ethics of Justice) is part 1 of the two-part book Yato-Dharmasto-Jaya, to present the conflicts between Truth (Dharma) and Hype (Adharma) by displaying the vicious propaganda (hype) carried out by forces of Adharma like media, institutions and ideological (conditioned) minds in support of a decision which should not have been taken at the first instance and even if taken should have been opposed by right-minded or people with considerations for Dharma. The battle between Dharma (truth) and Adharma (hype) is always the battle between the objectivity (with a basis in knowledge) and subjectivity (with a basis in ignorance). The increasing crimes of the society with their changing nature or the diminishing values among individuals, all are symptoms of the increase in Adharma. This increase in Adharma or the decreasing Dharma is not because of a lack of people or institutions to protect Dharma. But it is lack of awareness on Dharma with an active propagation and support to Adharma by people and institutions, either through intentional ignorance or unintentional ignorance. Therefore, it becomes a necessity for an Arya (Aryan) to make Dharma clear to them and helps the world in its development as a noble place to live. This book (Part 1 of Yato-Dharmasto-Jaya) focuses on Adharma and displays how vicious the Adharma is in its approach. The intentional and unintentional ignorance are the tools of this defective approach adopted by Adharma. We will capture the same through the most obnoxious judgment of our time i.e. cancellation of Jat Reservation. It was one such exercise of subjective interpretation of the facts or the ignorance of common universal principles and facts by responsible institutions and a collusion of interest groups like National Commission of Backward Classes (NCBC), media etc., a display of the presence of Adharma at some of the highest positions.

A Concise Encyclopaedia of Hinduism

Author : Swami Harshananda
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Dharma adharma and Morality in Mah bh rata

Author : Abheda Nanda Bhattacharya
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An Analysical Study Of The Problem Of Dharma-Adharma, God And Human Action, Humanism, Morals, Womanhood Set. A Scholarly Work And The Moral Philosophy Of Mahabharata. 9 Chapters And An Index.

Bharuci s Commentary on the Manusmrti The text

Author : Bhāruci
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Author : Nathmal Tatia
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Buddhism Jainism and Women

Author : Raj Pruthi
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The Present Volume Budhism, Jainism And Women Is An Attempt To Collate Information From Various Sources On Different Themes So That It Could Serve As A Repository Not Only To The Masses But Also To Students, Researchers, Administrators And Planners.The Role And Status Of Women In Society Can Best Be Understood Within The Cultural Content By The Operation Of Various Historical, Political, Economic And Educational Factors Moulding The Society Within The Framework Of Time And Space.The Present Volume Comprising Of Eleven Chapters Deals With The Principles Of Buddha And Jaina Thought And The Women S Role In Their Society.

bara bh ya

Author : Śabarasvāmi
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