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Sensitivity Of The Spirit

Author : R.T. Kendall
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DIVWe must learn the difference between being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and being aware of the sensitivity of the Holy Spirit! Drawing on the story of Mary and Joseph moving ahead of Jesus, Dr. Kendall explains how easy it is for us to make assumptions in the natural and run on ahead of the Holy Spirit. When you find yourself ahead of God's timing and moving forward with your own personal plans, you must stop and go back! You can find the road back from anywhere, and that road is called repentance! It points you in the direction of peace! /div

40 Days with the Holy Spirit

Author : R. T. Kendall
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Provides inspirational daily truths and insights that shed light on the Holy Spirit, as well as additional scriptures for further study, relevant prayers, and topics for reflection.

By Love Transformed

Author : R. T. Kendall
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This devotional contains golden nuggets of truth handpicked from all of the books that Kendall has written to challenge, motivate, and inspire Christians to fervently pursue Him daily.

Sensitivity of Heart

Author : Kenneth Copeland
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Learn how to sharpen your spiritual perception so that you will become more conscious of the Father, more aware of His Spirit, more receptive to His Word, and more sensitive to the needs of others.

Special Publication Coast and Geodetic Survey

Author : U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
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Special Publications

Author :
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Word and Spirit

Author : R. T. Kendall
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From best-selling author and theologian R. T. Kendall... Will you continue to sit back and take sides? This book will help you unite the power of the Holy Spirit with the knowledge of God's Word, and anticipate a last-days revival because of this union. In October 1992 while pastoring Westminster Chapel in London, England, R. T. Kendall organized a conference around a series of sermons prophetically describing what God may have in store for His people in these last days. The series proclaimed an outpouring much deeper than anything we have ever experienced--an awakening not based on feelings or emotions but inspired through the irrevocable truth of God's Word, fulfilled through the conviction and direction of the Holy Spirit. In Word and Spirit best-selling author and theologian R. T. Kendall challenges your traditions, emotions, convictions, and maybe even your faith. Kendall shares his vision of the future--of a holy unity of the Word and the Spirit that leads to a last-days revival. There are those who live their spiritual lives by biblical explanation only. Meanwhile, others base their theological dispositions on "signs and wonders" characterized by the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement. In this exciting and controversial book R. T. revives his original messages, adding new insights into what they mean for us today and revealing everything we need to know about the coming move of God. Also Available in Spanish ISBN-13: 978-1-62999-279-2 E-Book ISBN: 978-1-62999-280-8 Other Books by R.T. Kendall Total Forgiveness (2010) ISBN-13: 978-1599791760 Whatever Happened to the Gospel? (2018) ISBN-13: 978-1629994710 Popular in Heaven Famous in Hell (2018) ISBN-13: 978-1629995519 The Presence of God (2017) ISBN-13: 978-1629991573 Holy Fire (2014) ISBN-13: 978-1621366041

10 Ways to Cultivate Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

Author : Ezekiel Benson
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One of the distinguishing features of a believer is the grace to be led and guided by the Spirit of God. But this is not the case with a vast majority of believers. Too many of God's people are predominantly led and guided by corrupt carnal senses. Many are led and guided by presumptions, men pleasing motivations, assumptions, greed, wickedness, evil desire to outdo and destroy others in order to be at the top, fear, doubt, pride, selfishness, covetousness (everything they do is motivated by a longing to have what rightfully belongs to others), false prophets, fleeces and idols in their heart.To walk and live in the Spirit of God demands that we be led and guided by the Spirit of God.The key to walking and living victoriously in the Spirit is to be able to develop sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and grace to obey His leading, instructions and guidance.Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is very important if a believer must prosper, succeed and live victoriously as a Christian.Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit doesn't just happen. As a believer you are expected and required to cultivate and develop a strong sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.This book was therefore written to show you how to cultivate sensitivity to the Holy Spirit the way God intended so as to live a victorious and a prosperous Christian life.

Prepare Your Heart for the Midnight Cry

Author : R. T. Kendall
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Be a watchman for the Lord s coming."

Fruit of the Spirit

Author : Bill Hybels
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It takes the power of God to produce the character of God.Putting others’ needs ahead of our own: it’s the ultimate expression of love—and the hardest. Fortunately, we don’t have to go it alone. In Fruit of the Spirit, you’ll learn about the life-transforming qualities God wants to cultivate inside you. And you’ll discover the supernatural Agent who empowers you to attain them: the Holy Spirit, working within you to produce each kind of spiritual “fruit.”In the Holy Spirit’s power, you can live a supernatural life that transforms every relationship you have. And in the process, you’ll discover the one route to a truly satisfying life: serving others.Interactions—a powerful and challenging tool for building deep relationships between you and your group members, and you and God. Interactions is far more than another group Bible study. It's a cutting-edge series designed to help small group participants develop into fully devoted followers of Christ.