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The Shaping of the Sussex Landscape

Author : Peter Brandon
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How did Sussex get to look like what it looks like today? What does its distinctive landscape tell us about how people lived and worked in the past? What impact have invasion, technology, war and, most importantly, sheep made on it? This book explores how today's landscape is the joint and ongoing creation of nature's long shift.

Revolutionary Women Writers

Author : Angela Keane
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This book brings together two of the most significant British women writers of the Romantic period, Charlotte Smith and Helen Maria Williams, and explores the poetics and politics of their work. In the 1790s, when Charlotte Smith and Helen Maria Williams were at the peak of their critical reputations, they were known to each other and often cited together approvingly. It was Smith who provided the young William Wordsworth with a letter of introduction to Williams when he visited France in 1791 (though she had left by the time he got there). By the end of the decade, Smith and Williams were being cited together more pejoratively, as two of a number of women who came to stand for the amoral, sexually suspect and politically naïve English 'Jacobins,' who were vilified in the conservative press. Neither were in fact 'Jacobins,' but they were revolutionary. This book looks at how Smith and Williams earned such reputations and at the politics and poetics of the works that reveal Smith to be a self-constructed Romantic and Williams as a mistress of intimate disguise.

The Landscape of the Sussex Downs

Author : Great Britain. Countryside Commission
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Small Talk in Sussex

Author : Esther Meynell
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Re Shaping Learning A Critical Reader

Author : Anne Boddington
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Learning Spaces is an emerging field, fuelled by a growing interest in the relationships between learning and spaces in which it takes place, whether conceptual, personal, social, physical and/or virtual. It is concerned with making learning spaces that can better meet the needs of 21st century learners, academics and other related publics. In post-compulsory education this has opened up many interesting and important issues. There remains a lack of any theoretical understanding as to how such spaces should be conceived or designed; and hardly any critical discussion about effective frameworks for either the development of contemporary learning spaces or for assessing their impact on learning, teaching and research. At the same time, there is much debate about what the purposes of post-compulsory education should be, as well as concerns about where and by whom it should be provided. We therefore need to urgently improve our understanding of the interactions between learning and space. It is essential that we not only share perspectives, theories and methodologies but also critically reflect on our own different assumptions, and work together to build better models for post-compulsory education in the future. To help in this process this book is designed as a ‘critical reader’ that can enable researchers, academics, students and managers involved in Learning Spaces to share and engage with some key ideas, issues and texts. A central aim is to bring together some of the best research from across the many different disciplines concerned with learning spaces, including education, architecture, anthropology, human-computer interaction, estate planning and museum studies. Reshaping Learning is thus intended for anyone interested in, and wanting to think more about, learning spaces whether as users, clients or managers; or who are want to better understand interactions between the social and the spatial.

Shaping a New Educational Landscape

Author : Max Coates
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Against the backdrop of a rapidly changing world, formal schooling is frequently following rather than leading. The impression is given by central government that the education system serves as a 'thermostat' restoring society's settings in areas such as productivity, citizenship, health, sexual mores and behaviour. Educational reform over the last twenty years has clarified an existing educational process, reformatted the financial management of schools and resuscitated the inspection system. It has not, however, laid the foundations of a world-class future responsive educational system. Shaping a New Educational Landscape brings together writers considering a wide range of possibilities for future development in education and society from different perspectives. Exploring alternative scenarios and strategies, they are not engaged in making accurate predictions but in unsettling present thinking and stimulating discussion. Together they form a fascinating contribution to the growing debate about how we might generate an educational process that will sponsor new economic paradigms and create a bold participative society on the new global stage.

Landscapes and Landforms of England and Wales

Author : Andrew Goudie
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This book presents the geomorphological diversity of England and Wales. These regions are characterised by an extraordinary range of landforms and landscapes, reflecting both the occurrence of many different rock types and drastic climatic changes over the last few million years, including ice sheet expansion and decay. The book begins by providing the geological and geomorphological context needed in order to understand this diversity in a relatively small area. In turn, it presents nearly thirty case studies on specific landscapes and landforms, all of which are landmarks in the territory discussed. These include the famous coastal cliffs and landslides, granite tors of Dartmoor, formerly glaciated mountains of Snowdonia and the Lake District, karst of Yorkshire, and many others. The geomorphology of London and the Thames is also included. Providing a unique reference guide to the geomorphology of England and Wales, the book is lavishly illustrated with diagrams, colour maps and photos, and written in an easy-to-read style. The contributing authors are distinguished geomorphologists with extensive experience in research, writing and communicating science to the public. The book will not only be of interest to geoscientists, but will also benefit specialists in landscape research, geoconservation, tourism and environmental protection.

Shaping an American Landscape

Author : Keith N. Morgan
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A rich portrait of a major figure in American art & architecture & his role in shaping American cultural identity.

A History of Sussex with Maps and Pictures

Author : Jack Roy Armstrong
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Country Life

Author :
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The Archaeology of Bullock Down Eastbourne East Sussex

Author : Peter Drewett
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History Beyond the Text

Author : Sarah Barber
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Historians are increasingly looking beyond the traditional, and turning to visual, oral, aural, and virtual sources to inform their work. The challenges these sources pose require new skills of interpretation and require historians to consider alternative theoretical and practical approaches. In order to help historians successfully move beyond traditional text, Sarah Barber and Corinna Peniston-Bird bring together chapters from historical specialists in the fields of fine art, photography, film, oral history, architecture, virtual sources, music, cartoons, landscape and material culture to explain why, when and how these less traditional sources can be used. Each chapter introduces the reader to the source, suggests the methodological and theoretical questions historians should keep in mind when using it, and provides case studies to illustrate best practice in analysis and interpretation. Pulling these disparate sources together, the introduction discusses the nature of historical sources and those factors which are unique to, and shared by, the sources covered throughout the book. Taking examples from around the globe, this collection of essays aims to inspire practitioners of history to expand their horizons, and incorporate a wide variety of primary sources in their work.

Topographies of Caribbean Writing Race and the British Countryside

Author : Joanna Johnson
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How do Caribbean writers see the British countryside? Do they feel included, ignored, marginalised? In Topographies of Caribbean Writing, Race, and the British Countryside, Joanna Johnson shows how writers like Derek Walcott, V.S. Naipaul, Jean Rhys, Grace Nichols, Andrea Levy, and Caryl Phillips have very different and unexpected responses to this rural space. Johnson demonstrates how Caribbean writing shows greater complexity and wider significance than accounts and understandings of the British countryside have traditionally admitted; at the same time, close examination of these works illustrates that complexity and ambiguity remain an essential part of these authors’ relationships with the British countrysides of their colonial or postcolonial imaginations. This study examines accepted norms and raises questions about urgent issues of belonging, Britishness, and Commonwealth identity.

Creative Techniques in Landscape Photography

Author : Gerald Woods
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Scene in Sussex

Author : Ralph Henry Lewis
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Land Use and Landscape Planning

Author : Derek Lovejoy
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Sussex Archaeological Collections Relating to the History and Antiquities of the County

Author : Sussex Archaeological Society
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Sussex Archaeological Collections Relating to the History Antiquities of the County

Author : Sussex Archaeological Society
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Reconstruction and Measurement of Landscape Change

Author : Jonathan Hunn
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The initial aim of the research from which this book arose was to place the Romano-British villa at Gorhambury near St Albans, Hertfordshire, within the context of the resources which it might have exploited and the economic organisation for which it was a focus. What resulted was a much wider history and reconstruction of the Gorhambury landscape itself. This `Study of six parishes in the St Albans area' presents an analysis and measurement of the changing landscape from the pre-medieval and medieval periods to the early modern, examining such themes as settlement, field systems, land use, and administration.

Landscape History

Author :
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