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The Soul Catcher

Author : Alex Kava
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Dead Jack and the Soul Catcher

Author : James Aquilone
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A SOUL IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE!In the second book in the Dead Jack series, the zombie detective hits rock bottom, bingeing on fairy dust and formaldehyde 24/7. Reluctantly, he sets out with a fellow zombie, the narcissistic Garry, to find his long-lost soul. But a new threat emerges: a neo-Nazi group that hunts down the depressed corpse, believing his sidekick Oswald has the power to capture all the souls in Pandemonium. Again, the wicked world needs saving, but this time can Jack also save himself?Features two brand-new interior illustrations.

Kimberley Gold The Soul Catcher

Author : Marlow Meier
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Soul Catcher

Author : Katia Lief
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"WE WERE DELINQUENTS, ADDICTS, MENTAL CASES, ORPHANS AND KIDS FROM BROKEN HOMES." Fifteen-year-old Kate Steiner is not sure why she is suddenly boarding at an East Coast school for troubled kids, though there is evidence that her lawyer parents are having marital problems. It is the mid-1970s, and at the progressive school where she has landed, Kate is initiated into a stratified society inhabited by kids who fell through the cracks. Kate must grapple with moral ambiguities when she discovers that Patrick, her first boyfriend, is also a slip-sliding drug addict. In the loosening of family ties, and faced with an inscrutable headmaster, uncommunicative parents and a doomed first love, Kate makes shadowy passage through her questioning adolescence...finding solace in a soul catcher dangling inside a geodesic dome built by a quirky boy who surprises her with an unexpected friendship. Praise for international bestseller Katia Liefs novels: "Taut, clean storytelling." --Publishers Weekly "Readers will want to read more of this talented writers work." --New York Journal of Books".

The Soul Catcher

Author : Rowanne S. Carberry
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Spirit-speaker. Death Seer. To preserve her sanity, Jemma lives her lie-that she is normal. As a child, her psychic gifts cost her everything. So when she foresees a woman's murder, she does nothing to prevent it and unwittingly helps a serial killer get away with another murder. Guilt-ridden, she reports the crime only to find herself thrown into a world she didn't know existed. Coerced into working with the police, battling to keep herself alive and dealing with newfound emotions, Jemma is forced to use the gifts she sees as a curse, to save the lives of others.

Dan Red Eagle and the Soul Catcher

Author :
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Soul Catcher

Author : Leigh Bridger
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From the gothic eccentricity of Asheville, North Carolina, to the terrifying recesses of the Appalachian wilderness, from modern demonology to ancient Cherokee mythology, Soul Catcher follows the tormented journey of folk artist Livia Belane, who has been stalked through many lives by a sadistic and vengeful demon. Livia and her loved ones, including her frontier-era soulmate and husband, Ian, a Soul Hunter, have never beaten the demon before. Now, in this life, it's found them again.

Soul Catcher Trail of Fears

Author : Christopher Booth
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Explore the Native American spirit world in this supernatural adventure that leads to the real Trail of Fears. From the Mojave desert to Oklahoma, hunt the haunted ghost hills for shape-shifters, skin-walkers and the stolen souls of the Soul Catcher. Back in them old days they didn't know what death was. When they buried them they didn't embalm them, they put them in the ground fast. They died one day and then buried them that evening. That's why they didn't know death. Now, they're still wandering out here today - Mock Tallbear

Soul Catcher Soul Saga 1

Author : E. L. Todd
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Thrilling, enthralling, and tragic, Soul Catcher is a love story of epic proportions. A mysterious man, whose identity is a secret and his face unknown, is an outcast and exiled on The Continent, where he sticks to the shadows and appears to be dead in the eyes of the world. His devastating past has made him bitter and sarcastic, mean and insulting, and he chooses to live a criminal life rather than one of virtue. But when he is stabbed fatally in the chest, he is forced to seek help from a nature priest, but his aid comes at a price—to rescue a woman. Against his reservations and protests, he travels to a guarded city and rescues her from the Prisoner’s Circle, and as soon as she sees his frame, cloaked and covered in weapons, along with his hostile attitude and malicious words, she is wary of him. Soon, the man becomes fond of his annoying traveling companion until she betrays him in the biggest way—by looking into his Soul Catcher. She discovers his true identity—a man she has met before.

Profile The Soul Catcher At The Stroke Of Madness

Author : Alex Kava
File Size : 43.58 MB
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Two Maggie O’Dell stories from bestselling author Alex Kava The Soul Catcher In a secluded cabin six young men stage a deadly standoff with FBI agents. In a wooded area near the FDR Memorial in Washington, the body of a senator’s daughter is discovered. FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell is called to the crime scene of a murdered young girl who was assaulted, strangled and left to die near the FDR Memorial in Washington, D.C. Her investigation leads Maggie to Reverend Everett, the charismatic leader of a religious group who had held a prayer meeting the night before the murder — a meeting that had attracted many young people, including the victim. Searching for leads with her partner, Tully, Maggie begins to realize that this case may strike close to home — her own mother is involved with Everett, and she may be the key to solving the case At The Stroke Of Madness In the tomblike silence of an abandoned rock quarry someone is trying to hide their dirty little secret. A secret that is about to be discovered. Special Agent Maggie O'Dell is on the trail of a serial murderer who has an affinity for lopping off his victims' diseased body parts and embalming the rest of their bodies in 55-gallon oil drums. Now Maggie suspects that her friend Gwen may be the murderer's next victim, and her only chance of finding the killer depends on the memory of an Alzheimer-stricken man.