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The South Stoa and Its Roman Successors

Author : Oscar Broneer
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After a discussion of the fragmentary evidence for several buildings of the Greek period which were swept to construct it, the South Stoa at Corinth is treated in detail. Careful description of all the remains, both those in situ and reused blocks, forms the basis of the reconstruction of this extensive two-story building of the third quarter of the 4th century B.C. which stretched the full length of the south side of the Corinthian Agora and, more than any other single building, established the size and shape of the center of the Hellenistic and Roman city. One of the largest secular buildings in Greece, the South Stoa appears to have been planned as a kind of hotel to accommodate visitors at a time when Corinth served as the capital of a briefly united Greek world. After the destruction of the city, it remained comparatively undamaged and was taken over by the Roman Colony as the seat of its administrative offices. In its final phase various buildings, including a bouleuterion, a fountain house, a bathing establishment, and a public latrine were built into the ground floor.

The Educated Elite in 1 Corinthians

Author : Robert Dutch
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This book examines the educated elite in 1 Corinthians through the development, and application, of an ancient education model. The research reads Paul's text within the social world of early Christianity and uses social-scientific criticism in reconstructing a model that is appropriate for first-century Corinth. Pauline scholars have used models to reconstruct elite education but this study highlights their oversight in recognising the relevancy of the Greek Gymnasium for education. Topics are examined in 1 Corinthians to demonstrate where the model advances an understanding of Paul's interaction with the elite Corinthian Christians in the context of community conflict. This study demonstrates the important contribution that this ancient education model makes in interpreting 1 Corinthians in a Graeco-Roman context. This is Volume 271 of JSNTS.

Urban Religion in Roman Corinth

Author : Daniel N. Schowalter
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"Seventeen essays on the history, archaeology, urban development, and religious practices of ancient Corinth, with special attention to the early history of Christianity. Topics include burial customs, water supply, city planning, and sociology. Resultsof an interdisciplinary conference held at Harvard University, January 2002--Provided by publisher.

The Red figure Pottery

Author : Sharon Herbert
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Inferior clays and glazes, unsuited to the red-figure style, means that the indigenous production of red-figure vases in Corinth was very limited. However for about 75 years, in the middle of the 5th century B.C., Corinthian potters tried to imitate the Athenian fashion and this book catalogues 186 pieces of their work. The author discusses the reasons for the production of Corinthian red figure even in limited quantities. Six painters are identified as responsible for at least half the known pieces. Thirteen deposits provide chronological evidence to supplement that of the painting style. The volume serves to bring forward a small but significant segment of the non-Attic pottery industries, and should stimulate interest in other unpublished, unreported examples. All items in the catalogue are illustrated in photographs; line drawings are used to demonstrate details of technique.

The First Urban Churches 2

Author : James R. Harrison
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Investigate the challenges, threats, and opportunities experienced by the early church Volume two of The First Urban Churches focuses on the urban context of Christian churches in first-century Roman Corinth. An investigation of the material evidence of Corinth helps readers today understand properly the challenges, threats, and opportunities that the early Corinthian believers faced in the city. The essays demonstrate decisively the difference that such an approach makes in grappling with the meaning and context of the Corinthian epistles in the New Testament. Features: Analysis of urban evidence of the inscriptions, papyri, archaeological remains, coins, and iconography Proposed reeconstructions of the past and its social, religious, and political significance A nuanced, informed portrait of ancient urban life in Corinth

Mitteilungen Des Deutschen Arch ologischen Instituts Athenische Abteilung

Author : Deutsches Archäologisches Institut. Athenische Abteilung
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Author : Vilhelm Lundström
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Author :
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Small Objects from the Pnyx

Author : Gladys Davidson Weinberg
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A Corinthian Scrapbook

Author : Elizabeth Langridge-Noti
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The Origin of I Corinthians

Author : John Coolidge Hurd
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ANTIQUITY A Quarterly Review of Archaelogy No 113 MARCH 1955

Author :
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Author : Osbert Guy Stanhope Crawford
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Includes section "Reviews."

Samothrace pt 1 3 Hieron by P W Lehmann v 4 1 The hall of votive gifts by K Lehmann

Author : Karl Lehmann
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Author : Ludwig Curtius
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Catalog of the Avery Memorial Architectural Library of Columbia University

Author : Avery Library
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Roman Peloponnese

Author : A. D. Rizakēs
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Akten des XII Internationalen Kongresses fur Christliche Archa logie Bonn 1991

Author : Ernst Dassmann
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Annual Report American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Author : American School of Classical Studies at Athens
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The Grove Encyclopedia of Classical Art and Architecture Abacus to Lyson and Kallikles tomb

Author : Gordon Campbell
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Presents more than one thousand entries covering all aspects of classical art and architecture.