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The Soviet Decipherment of the Indus Valley Script

Author : Arlene R. Zide
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The Soviet Decipherment of the Indus Valley Script

Author :
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The Indus Script A Positional Statistical Approach

Author : Michael Korvink
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Since the discovery of the Indus Civilization, the meaning of the enigmatic Indus script remains hidden in its four hundred characters. While many would-be-decipherers have attempted to unravel its meaning with the aid of a presumed underlying language, none of these attempts has proven successful. In response, the approach taken in this work does not preclude an underlying language, but offers an alternate approach where the positional patterns of the Indus signs are investigated in an attempt to segment the character strings. Michael Korvink is a former instructor of International Studies at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and now works in the private sector.

The Harappan Civilization and Its Writing

Author : Walter Ashlin Fairservis
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The Book Demonstrates That The Harappan Script Is Well On Its Way To Decipherment.

Ancient Pakistan An Archaeological History

Author : Mukhtar Ahmed
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This is the fourth volume of the Ancient Pakistan - An Archaeological History. It deals with a number of issues of the Indus Civilization, which are primarily of theoretical importance. The main topics that have been discussed are the social and political organization of the Harappan society, the Harappan religion, the Indus script and language, the beginning and the end of this vast civilization, and the recent attempts in creating some myths around the Indus Civilization. Since this volume is primarily dedicated to the theoretical and the abstract, descriptive material is kept to a minimum.

The Language of the Harappans

Author : Malati J. Shendge
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Since The Formulation Of Indo-European Theory In The 19Th C., Sanskrit Has Been Considered The Language Brought Over By The Aryas. This Raised The Question After The Discovery Of The Harappan Culture: What Was The Language Of The Harappans? This Book Tries To Answer This Question. Since The 19Th C. Sanskrit Has Been Considered The Language Of The Aryas. This Book Questions This Formulation And After Critically Reviewing The Evidence Of The Indo-Europeanists Offers An Alternative, Viz. That Akkadian, As The Language Of The Asuras, The Original Inhabitants Of The Land, Is The Parent Of Vedic And Classical Sanskrit.

The Ancient Indus Valley

Author : Jane McIntosh
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This work is a revealing study of the enigmatic Indus civilization and how a rich repertoire of archaeological tools is being used to probe its puzzles. * A chronological overview that establishes the important phases of the Indus civilization and places Indus society in the historical context of the development of South Asia * Illustrations showing speculative reconstructions of the Indus civilization's magnificent cities and photographs of artifacts from exquisite jewelry to beautiful carved seals

An Encyclopaedia of Indian Archaeology

Author : Amalananda Ghosh
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"An Encyclopaedia of Indian Archaeology" is a significant reference work on archaeology in India. It is an authoritative work of permanent value in which the knowledge and expertise of Indian archaeologists from the Archaeological Survey of India, universities and other institutes have been pooled together under the editorship of the late A. Ghosh, former Director-General of the Archaeological Survey of India. The "Encyclopaedia" has been planned in an ambitious manner; it is not merely an alphabetical listing of entries with sketchy information on topics. Volume 1, which deals with certain broad subjects relating to Indian Archaeology, is divided into twenty chapters, alphabetically arranged. Each chapter is further divided into sections and subsections containing independent and self-contained essays. For example, in the chapter on "Cultures," detailed information can be found on various cultures in India; the chapter on "Basis of dating" contains articles on archaeological dating, archaeomagnetic dating, 14C radio-carbon dating, numismatic dating, palaeographic and epigraphic dating, thermoluminescent dating, etc. For those interested in getting further information on the subjects and in looking into the original sources and references, each entry also carries an exhaustive bibliography. Volume II is the Gazetteer. It contains basic data and information on all the explored and excavated sites in India along with reference to published reports and/or notices on each.

The Rise of Civilization in India and Pakistan

Author : Bridget Gordon Allchin
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Many spectacular discoveries of archeaological significance have been made in the Indian subcontinent since the first appearance of Raymond and Bridget Allchin's book The Birth of Indian Civilization, for long the most authoritative and widely read text on its subject. Advances in related fields, particularly in geomorphology, palaeobotany and palaeoclimatology, have also radically altered our picture of the emergence of Indian civilisation. In The Rise of Civilization in India and Pakistan the authors have completely revised and rewritten their earlier work to present an integrated and dynamic account of human culture in South Asia. Drawing primarily upon the archaeological record, and supported by ethnographic, linguistic and historical evidence, the authors trace the origins and development of culture in India and Pakistan from its earliest roots in Palaeolithic times, through the rise and disintegration of the great Indus Civilization to the emergence of regional cultures, and the arrival and spread of Indo-Aryan speaking peoples. They conclude with the early Buddhist period and the appearance of city states right across Pakistan and North India, establishing the pattern of subcontinental unity and regional diversity that was to characterize the country henceforward. The authors have made every attempt to incorporate the results of the most recent research and their book is illustrated throughout with photographs, maps and line diagrams. Offering an original and stimulating perspective on the archaeology of the subcontinent, The Rise of Civilization in India and Pakistan will be invaluable to students of South Asian culture and early history. It will also appeal to anyone interested in historical geography, world prehistory and archaeology in general.

Indus Script on Its Way to Decipherment

Author : Deo Prakash Sharma
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Author Concluded Harappan Script Was Proto Brahmi And Their Languages Were Proto Dravidian Brahui And Laukik Sanskrit. The More Positive Chapter Is On Catalogue Of Indus Seals And Identification Of Harappan Script Sign. Author Contradicted Pre Conceived Idea Of Only Dravidian Language Theory. Author Prefers Name Of South Asian Civilization For This Earliest Civilization Of South Asian Region. Unique Contribution Of Author Is Identification Of Inscribed Double Headed Siva Kalibangan.