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The Spectacle of Flight

Author : Robert Wohl
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From historian Wohl comes an extraordinary account of the development of aviation and the heroism, romance, adventure, and shattered dreams that followed. Archival photos.

Technological Internationalism and World Order

Author : Waqar H. Zaidi
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Explores the place of science and technology in international relations through early attempts at international governance of aviation and atomic energy.

Taking to the Air

Author : Lily Ford
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The possibilities of flight have long fascinated us. Each innovation captivated a broad public, from those who gathered to witness winged medieval visionaries jumping from towers, to those who tuned in to watch the moon landings. Throughout history, the visibility of airborne objects from the ground has made for a spectacle of flight, with sizeable crowds gathering for eighteenth-century balloon launches and early twentieth-century air shows. Taking to the Air tells the history of flight through the eye of the spectator and, later, the passenger. Focusing on moments of great cultural impact, this book is a visual celebration of the wonder of flight, based on the large and diverse collection of print imagery held by the British Library. It is a study of how flight has been pictured through time.

Reinventing the Propeller

Author : Jeremy R. Kinney
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An international community of specialists reinvented the propeller during the Aeronautical Revolution, a vibrant period of innovation in North America and Europe from World War I to the end of World War II. They experienced both success and failure as they created competing designs that enabled increasingly sophisticated and 'modern' commercial and military aircraft to climb quicker and cruise faster using less power. Reinventing the Propeller nimbly moves from the minds of these inventors to their drawing boards, workshops, research and development facilities, and factories, and then shows us how their work performed in the air, both commercially and militarily. Reinventing the Propeller documents this story of a forgotten technology to reveal new perspectives on engineering, research and development, design, and the multi-layered social, cultural, financial, commercial, industrial, and military infrastructure of aviation.

Transport in British Fiction

Author : A. Gavin
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Transport in British Fiction is the first essay collection devoted to transport and its various types horse, train, tram, cab, omnibus, bicycle, ship, car, air and space as represented in British fiction across a century of unprecedented technological change that was as destabilizing as it was progressive.

Technology and Culture

Author : Allen W. Batteau
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Technology and Culture provides a comprehensive overview of anthropological and other theories examining the place of technology in culture, and the consequences of technology for cultural evolution. The book develops and contrasts anthropological discourse of technology and culture with humanistic and managerial views. It uses core anthropological concepts, including adaptation, evolution, totemic identity, and collective representations, to locate a broad variety of technologies, ancient and modern, in a context of shared understandings and misunderstandings. The author draws on his own experience as an auto mechanic, computer programmer, ethnographer, and aircraft pilot to demonstrate that technologies are cultural creations, encoding and accelerating the dreams and delusions of the societies that produce them.

Spectacle and Trumpism

Author : Miller, Jacob C.
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This radical and experimental book advances a new approach to understanding spectacle, one that helps us better understand how consumer culture paved the way for the post-truth politics of Donald Trump. Miller innovatively blends social and political theory, newspaper articles and contemporary commentary on Trump and Trumpism to provide a unique perspective on how capitalism intersects with and enables fascistic forms of power. His analysis contributes fresh insights to the rise of Trump and the politics of everyday consumer culture today.

Empire in the Air

Author : Chandra D. Bhimull
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Examines the role that race played in the inception of the airline industry Empire in the Air is at once a history of aviation, and an examination of how air travel changed lives along the transatlantic corridor of the African diaspora. Focusing on Britain and its Caribbean colonies, Chandra Bhimull reveals how the black West Indies shaped the development of British Airways. Bhimull offers a unique analysis of early airline travel, illuminating the links among empire, aviation and diaspora, and in do so provides insights into how racially oppressed people experienced air travel. The emergence of artificial flight revolutionized the movement of people and power, and Bhimull makes the connection between airplanes and the other vessels that have helped make and maintain the African diaspora: the slave ships of the Middle Passage, the tracks of the Underground Railroad, and Marcus Garvey’s black-owned ocean liner. As a new technology, airline travel retained the racialist ideas and practices that were embedded in British imperialism, and these ideas shaped every aspect of how commercial aviation developed, from how airline routes were set, to who could travel easily and who could not. The author concludes with a look at airline travel today, suggesting that racism is still enmeshed in the banalities of contemporary flight.

Soviet Women on the Frontline in the Second World War

Author : R. Markwick
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This is the first comprehensive study in English of Soviet women who fought against the genocidal, misogynist, Nazi enemy on the Eastern Front during the Second World War. Drawing on a vast array of original archival, memoir, and published sources, this book captures the everyday experiences of Soviet women fighting, living and dying on the front.

Plane Truth

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The Textual Life of Airports

Author : Christopher Schaberg
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This is a book about airport stories. It is about common narratives of airports that circulate in everyday life, and about the secret stories of airports-the strange or hidden narratives that do not always fit into standard ideas of these in-between places. Tales of near disaster, endless delays, dramatic weather shifts, a lost bag that suddenly appears-such stories are familiar accounts of a place that seems to thrive on and recycle its own mythologies. The Textual Life of Airports shows how airports demand to be read. Working at the intersection of literary studies and cultural theory, Schaberg tracks airport stories in American literature, as well as in a range of visual texts (film, airport art, magazine illustrations). It accounts for how airports appear in literature throughout the twentieth-century, while also examining the influx of airport figures in markedly post-9/11 literature and culture. These literary and cultural representations work together to form "the textual life of airports."

Night Flight

Author : Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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Fasten your seatbelt to experience the spectacle and solitude of flying high in the Andes in this novel from the author of The Little Prince. No writer has equaled Saint-Exupéry in describing the perilous and poetic experience of flying, in submission to what he calls “those damn elemental divinities—night, day, mountain, sea and storm.” In this gripping, beautifully written novel inspired by his experience as a pilot in South America, he tells of the brave men who pilot night mail planes from Patagonia, Chile, and Paraguay to Argentina in the early days of commercial aviation. They are impelled to perform their routine acts of heroism by a steely chief named Rivière, whose extraordinary character is revealed through the dramatic events of a single night. Preface by André Gide. Translated by Stuart Gilbert. “The book stands out by reason of the quality of its style, the beauty of the passages in which flight is described better than it ever has been before, but more especially because of the emotions of the men of heroic mold.”—André Maurois, Saturday Review

Flying Magazine

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The Age of Airpower

Author : Martin Van Creveld
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Airpower, more than any other factor, has shaped war in the twentieth century. In this fascinating narrative history, Martin van Creveld vividly portrays the rise of the plane as a tool of war and the evolution of both technology and strategy. He documents seminal battles and turning points, and relates stories of individual daring and collective mastery of the skies. However, the end of airpower's glorious age is drawing near. The conventional wisdom to the contrary, modern precision guided munitions have not made fighter bombers more effective against many kinds of targets than their predecessors in World War II. U.S. ground troops calling for air support in Iraq in 2003 did not receive it any faster than Allied forces did in France in 1944. And from its origins on, airpower has never been very effective against terrorists, guerrillas, and insurgents. As the warfare waged by these kinds of people grow in importance, and as ballistic missiles, satellites, cruise missiles and drones increasingly take the place of quarter-billion-dollar manned combat aircraft and their multi-million-dollar pilots, airpower is losing utility almost day by day.

One Summer

Author : Bill Bryson
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In summer 1927, America had a booming stock market, a president who worked just four hours a day (and slept much of the rest), a devastating flood of the Mississippi, a sensational murder trial, and an unknown aviator named Charles Lindbergh who became the most famous man on earth. It was the summer that saw the birth of talking pictures, the invention of television, the peak of Al Capone’s reign of terror, the horrifying bombing of a school in Michigan, the thrillingly improbable return to greatness of over-the-hill baseball player Babe Ruth, and an almost impossible amount more. In this hugely entertaining book, Bill Bryson spins a tale of brawling adventure, reckless optimism and delirious energy. With the trademark brio, wit and authority that make him Britain’s favourite writer of narrative non-fiction, he brings to life a forgotten summer when America came of age, took centre stage, and changed the world.

Call of the Kyeema

Author : Doug Whitfield
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Describes with personal experiences, the rise of commercial aviation controls and support services- the Aeradio system of communications, control and beacons, air traffic control, flight checking and briefing at local and national levels through his work as an Flight Service Officer of the Department of Civil Aviation in Australia. These systems have been superseded in the 21st century, much to the author's regret, by remote management and computer control.

Corrective Lens Use and Refractive Error Among United States Air Force Aircrew

Author :
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Corrective lens use by military aviators is an important consideration in the design of head-mounted equipment. The United States Air Force (USAF) has periodically monitored lens use by aviators; however, it has been over a decade since the last study. We provide an update on the prevalence of corrective lenses and refractive error among-USAF aircrew based on eyeglass orders processed through the Spectacle-Request-Transmission-System (SRTS). Currently, 41% of active duty USAF pilots and 54% of other aircrew require corrective lenses to perform flight duties. Refractive errors are characterized by low to moderate levels of myopia with a mean spherical equivalent power of -1.01 diopters (D) for pilots and -1.68 D for others. Contact lenses, and more recently refractive surgery, reduce the number of aircrew that must rely on spectacles when flying; however, spectacle compatibility remains an important consideration in the cockpit.

Flight Risk

Author : Kim Baldwin
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For Blayne Keller, being in the wrong place at the wrong time just might turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to her. Once she stops running for her life. A typical day at a Chicago travel agency turns deadly when Blayne Keller witnesses to a mafia murder. Overnight, her life is turned upside down and she is thrust into WITSEC, the Federal Witness Protection Program, against her wishes. But the mob is determined to keep her from testifying and has someone on the inside leaking information about her every move. Only Alexi Nikolos, an alluring but dangerous WITSEC Inspector with an agenda of her own, can keep Blayne alive—but it's not an easy task when the sparks between them are flying faster than the bullets aimed at their heads.

Wings Over LeRoy

Author : Brian J. Duddy
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History of the Donald Woodward Airport, LeRoy New York in the 1920s and 30s. Known as the "Finest Private Airport in America." Includes the story of Amelia Earhart's famous Fokker Trimotor, the "Friendship." 88 pages, 171 B&W illustrations, including previously unpublished photos of Earhart. A must for enthusiasts of the "Golden Age of Aviation."

Air Space Smithsonian

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