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Spinsters in Jeopardy

Author : Ngaio Marsh
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A British police detective looks into sinister doings in the South of France in a crime thriller with “more than a little excitement” (Kirkus Reviews). Inspector Roderick Alleyn has decamped for the South of France on a family vacation—though for him, the vacation will involve some official poking around. Unfortunately, the object of his poking—the cultish denizens of a sinister and luxurious chateau—are not fond of being poked, and they have a particularly unpleasant way of getting their point across . . . “Charming, cultivated, witty—and none the less terrifying . . .a pure thriller . . .you’re not apt to find a better evening’s entertainment.” —The New York Times

The Scandalous Life of a True Lady

Author : Barbara Metzger
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He's a master of disguises... but he can't mask true love. Spymaster Harry Harmon's new assignment is to spy on enemies at a country house party. To do that, he'll require a courtesan: learned, truthful, and beautiful... Poor, sensible, smart Simone Ryland has come to Mrs. Burton's bawdy house in search of work. But instead, she finds Harmon in need of her special skills.

Southern Women at the Seven Sister Colleges

Author : Joan Marie Johnson
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From the end of Reconstruction and into the New South era, more than one thousand white southern women attended one of the Seven Sister colleges: Vassar, Wellesley, Smith, Mount Holyoke, Bryn Mawr, Radcliffe, and Barnard. Joan Marie Johnson looks at how such educations—in the North, at some of the country’s best schools—influenced southern women to challenge their traditional gender roles and become active in woman suffrage and other social reforms of the Progressive Era South. Attending one of the Seven Sister colleges, Johnson argues, could transform a southern woman indoctrinated in notions of domesticity and dependence into someone with newfound confidence and leadership skills. Many southern students at northern schools imported the values they imbibed at college, returning home to found schools of their own, women’s clubs, and woman suffrage associations. At the same time, during college and after graduation, southern women maintained a complicated relationship to home, nurturing their regional identity and remaining loyal to the ideals of the Confederacy. Johnson explores why students sought a classical liberal arts education, how they prepared for entrance examinations, and how they felt as southerners on northern campuses. She draws on personal writings, information gleaned from college publications and records, and data on the women’s decisions about marriage, work, children, and other life-altering concerns. In their time, the women studied in this book would eventually make up a disproportionately high percentage of the elite southern female leadership. This collective biography highlights the important part they played in forging new roles for women, especially in social reform, education, and suffrage.

No Silent Witness

Author : Cynthia Grant Tucker
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This group biography follows three generations of ministers' daughters and wives in a famed American Unitarian family. Cynthia Tucker examines the Eliots, their religious tradition, and the Eliot women's largely neglected female vocation. Spanning 150 years from the early 19th century forward, the narrative is shaped into a series of stories. Each of six chapters takes up a different woman's experience, from the deaths of numerous children and the anguish of infertility to the suffocation of small parish life with its chronic loneliness, doubt, and resentment.

The Wedding Affair

Author : Heather Boyd
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Coming face-to-face with the scoundrel who broke her heart on the eve of her wedding to another man could not be more awkward or ill-timed for Lady Sally Ford. When she accepted London’s most eligible earl, she hoped her heart had healed enough to learn to love him after they tied the knot. Her betrothed has no idea she was once engaged to an ambitious sea captain who betrayed her, and Sally has never forgotten or forgiven Captain Hastings for leaving her behind as he made his fortune at sea. When Felix answered the urgent summons from his superior, he never expected to face his angry first and only love about to marry an earl or to discover he has the support of her family to get in her way. With no expectation of winning her back, Felix finally has a chance to clear the air about the past. But with every argument and stolen moment, their former passion reignites as if it had never waned. Is there a chance to begin again and forgive each other when they must part any day? Rebel Hearts Series: Book 1: The Wedding Affair (Felix and Sally) Book 2: An Affair of Honor (William and Matilda) Book 3: The Christmas Affair (Harper and Amy) Book 4: An Affair so Right (Quinn and Theodora)

Plays and Players

Author :
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Rescued By The Rake

Author : Annabelle Anders
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An independent spinster and a wounded Army Captain never expected to get caught, but nature has a way of catching up with even the most determined of single persons... Miss Chloe Fortune understands marriage for what it is--an institution where women willingly hand over their rights to the man they marry. She is, however, open to other arrangements... The last thing Captain Sterling Edgeworth wants or needs is a wife. Especially not one as prickly as Miss Fortune. But that doesn't curtail the possibility of another sort of alliance with the mouthy wench... Something temporary. Something that won't demand he participate in a binding ceremony. But is an affair going to be enough for either of them? And even if it is, have they already gone too far? Don’t miss out on any of these big-hearted stories featuring teachers and students from Miss Primm’s Secret School for Budding Bluestockings—an academy where English Misses go to learn how to fit into society, but instead learn how to make their place in the world. Rescued by the Rake is book 4 of this Steamy, Regency Romance Series.

Gender Speech and Audience Reception in Early Modern England

Author : Kathleen Kalpin Smith
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This book makes a significant contribution to recent scholarship on the ways in which women responded to the regulation of their behavior by focusing on representations of women speakers and their audiences in moments Smith identifies as "scenes of speech." This new approach, examining speech exchanges between a speaker and audience in which both anticipate, interact with, and respond to each other and each other's expectations, demonstrates that the prescriptive process involves a dynamic exchange in which each side plays a role in establishing and contesting the boundaries of acceptable speech for women. Drawing from a wide range of evidence, including pamphlets, diaries, illustrations, and plays, the book interprets the various and at times contradictory representations and reception of women’s speech that circulated in early modern England. Speech scenes examined within include wives' speech to their husbands in private, private speech between women, public speech before death, and the speech of witches. Looking at scenes of women’s speech from male and female authors, Smith argues that these early modern texts illustrate a means through which societal regulations were negotiated and modified. This book will appeal to those with an interest in early modern drama, including the playwrights Shakespeare, Cary, Webster, Fletcher, and Middleton, as well as readers of non-dramatic early modern literary texts. The volume is of particular use for scholars working in the areas of early modern literature and culture, women’s history, gender studies, and performance studies.

Banned Plays

Author : Dawn B. Sova
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An alphabetical listing of plays that have been banned throughout history with a short synopsis and reason for banning as well as profiles of the playwrights and other resource material.

Harriot Stanton Blatch and the Winning of Woman Suffrage

Author : Ellen Carol DuBois
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Blatch's dedication to woman suffrage, marked by a concern for social justice and human liberty, closely paralleled that of her mother. After her mother's death in 1902, Blatch returned to the United States. There she encouraged women from all classes to participate in the suffrage movement, advocated a lively activist style, and brought a genuine political sensibility to the movement.