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The Spiritual Event of the Twentieth Century

Author : Jesaiah Ben-Aharon
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Utilizing spiritual-scientific research methods, Jesaiah Ben-Aharon gives an astonishing first-hand testimony of Rudolf Steiner’s declarations regarding the new Christ Revelation, and offers his own findings on the Spiritual Event of the Twentieth Century. Based on occult Imaginative consciousness, he gives a unique account of events which took place in the spiritual world during the war and turmoil on earth in the period 1933-45. His words have a particular significance for an understanding of the work of the grouping of souls which the seer and spiritual teacher Rudolf Steiner called the ‘Michael School’. Through coming to a fully conscious comprehension of the Spiritual Event of the Twentieth Century, the author asserts, we may gain the courage needed to renew and enliven the spiritual science of Anthroposophy as ‘the universal human language of our age’. This second edition features an extensive introductory essay.

The New Experience of the Supersensible

Author : Jesaiah Ben-Aharon
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According to Rudolf Steiner's spiritual science, the greatest spiritual event of our time is the renewal and reawakening of our human suprasensory relationship to the higher spiritual worlds. The force that leads to this development--called by various names in different cultural and religious traditions--is called the "Christ impulse" by Anthroposophy, in accordance with Christian terminology. Because of new, naturally endowed suprasensory faculties, human beings are increasingly able to experience and perceive, through an act of grace, the great spiritual force of the Christ impulse. This experience is said to be a naturally given initiation, and today we increasingly hear of such suprasensory experiences. Today, however, a healthy approach to these "natural" phenomena requires us to comprehend suprasensory experiences with full awareness and clear thinking. This book builds an all-important bridge between the naturally given suprasensory experience and its conscious cognition. As a result, empirical suprasensory research "can investigate the different aspects of Christ's etheric becoming and appearance in a way that, both methodically and experientially, fulfils the justified cognitive and scientific requirements of our age." This new paperback edition adds a new introductory chapter. C O N T E N T S Turning to the Living Spirit Preface Introduction 1. The Ur-Mystery of Remembrance 2. Saul-Paul at the Gates of Damascus 3. The Conditions of the Modern Christ Experience 4. The Modern Christ Experience 5. The Knowledge Drama of the Second Coming 6. The Creation of the New Earth and Heaven of the Earthly-Human Sun 7. Christ's Appearance between "I" and "thou"

The Twilight and Resurrection of Humanity

Author : Yeshayahu (Jesaiah) Ben-Aharon
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This unique work – the fruit of many decades’ research and experience – throws new light on the supersensible history and karma of the Michaelic movement since Rudolf Steiner’s death. It describes that movement’s evolution and transformation in the etheric world during the twentieth century, from the world-changing apocalypse of the 1930s and 40s through to the beginning of its incarnation on Earth at the end of last century. The book also focuses on developments in the practical and social work of building the community of the School of Spiritual Science, which embodies the new Michaelic movement in our time. As Ben-Aharon indicates, the Michaelic movement is searching for creative, courageous and enthusiastic souls to foster a strong community that develops – from one decade to the next – as a living organism. Based on the continuous resurrection of anthroposophy, this community strives to create a fully conscious meeting and communication with the school of Michael and Christ in the etheric world, in a form that is appropriate and demanded by the times. The transcripts of these lectures bring together the author’s experiences with anthroposophy over the last 42 years in the light of present communications from the spiritual world. It is based on contemporary spiritual investigation and individual, lived experience. From the Contents: ‘The Amfortas-Parsifal Duality of Modern Humanity’; ‘The Twilight of Humanity and its Resurrection’; ‘The Universal Language of Michael and the Being of Rudolf Steiner’; ‘The Anthroposophical Movement in the Present’; ‘The Etheric Form is Alive’; ‘The Resurrection of the Etheric Christ in the 21st Century’.

Spiritual Science in the 21st Century

Author : Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon
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With love, humour and brilliant insight, Ben-Aharon addresses some of the most critical questions of our age, ranging from artificial intelligence and global politics to education and postmodern philosophy. Although tackling diverse subject-matter, this accessible anthology – delivered initially as lectures in locations as contrasting as New York, Oslo and Munich – features a coherent inner rhythm. With his lively and intense presentation, the speaker invites us to share and participate in the creative process and the dynamic activity of incarnating new ideas – indeed, to awaken to the very Spirit of our Time. Ben-Aharon discusses his investigations into the Spiritual Event of the 21st Century; the working of spiritual beings in America, Central Europe, Scandinavia and Israel; the renewal of education; the creative transformation of antisocial forces; Israel’s diverse culture in the midst of the clash of civilizations; the new Christ Event and how it can break through our habitual patterns and our hardened thinking, feeling and will; and the mission of the anthroposophical movement in our time. Informed throughout by decades of spiritual research and intimate experience, this volume contains mature and illuminating explorations into contemporary culture, history and spiritual science.

Judaism Faces the Twentieth Century

Author : Mel Scult
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Mel Scult's detailed biography traces the personalities, issues, and institutions that shaped and were shaped by Kaplan.

The Spiritual in Twentieth Century Art

Author : Roger Lipsey
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Compelling, well-illustrated study focuses on the works of Kandinsky, Mondrian, Klee, Picasso, Duchamp, Matisse, and others. Citations from letters, diaries, and interviews provide insights into the artists' views. 121 black-and-white illustrations.

Scarborough in the Twentieth Century

Author : Rodney Laughton
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Located on the coast just eight miles south of Portland, Scarborough was fertile territory for the dramatic changes that swept over eastern Maine in the twentieth century. This history transports the reader from Scarborough's simpler days as a small coastal community to its current status as the fastest growing town in the state. The images contained in this volume, most of them previously unpublished, showcase advances in transportation, the growth of business, old homesteads, and portraits of some of the movers and shakers of the time. This significant collection offers an overview of the history that shaped today's Scarborough.

Paris and the Spirit of 1919

Author : Tyler Stovall
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This history of Paris in 1919 explores the global implications of French political activism at the end of World War I.

The Twentieth Century

Author :
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America s Global Responsibility

Author : Jesaiah Ben-Aharon
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Perspective Criticism

Author : Gary Yamasaki
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The narrative material of the Bible often presents characters engaged in actions without providing explicit guidance as to how those actions are intended to be evaluated. For example, Gideon lays out a fleece in an attempt to discern God's will, but is this intended as a model to emulate, or is it intended as a picture of desperation resulting from a lack of faith? Perspective Criticism presents a new approach to solving such quandaries, finding an untapped source of evaluative guidance in the point-of-view crafting of biblical stories. Point of view has been the forgotten child in the study of biblical narratives. Now, this book gives this literary concept its due, untangling the array of storytelling devices involved in crafting point of view and demonstrating its power in shaping the very fabric of a story. Because the majority of the point-of-view devices found in biblical narratives are also used in cinematic storytelling, the book includes detailed descriptions of movie scenes utilizing these devices to provide pop-culture illustrations of the workings of point of view.

Eternal Individuality

Author : Sergei O. Prokofieff
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Prokofieff develops and expands Rudolf Steiner's occult research, leading the reader to an understanding of Novalis's crucial future mission amongst humanity, and indicating how this mission receives its form from the roots of its rich karmic past.

Faith Scholarship and Culture in the 21st Century

Author : Alice Ramos
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While some intellectuals at the end of the nineteenth century argued that scientific progress would eventually cause the demise of religion, it is evident that this has not been the case and that contemporary science is in fact not necessarily inimical to a religious worldview. So, a fruitful dialogue between science and religion has become a reality. But there is also a more fundamental question that arises, which is not simply the relationship of the sciences or of other disciplines to religion, but rather whether faith can and should have an impact on teaching and research. The majority of the essays in this volume hold that the Christian faith provides definite cognitive advantages and that to leave one's faith at the entrance of the campus, thus separating faith from reason, leads to a schizophrenic view of the Christian's intellectual life. This volume thus shows how the religious faith of intellectuals--not all of whom are Christian--exercises a real influence on their scholarship. In consonance with the thought of Pope John Paul II, it is the contention of the scholars whose essays make up this volume that a faith that imbues research and teaching will effect a transformation not only in themselves, but also in their students and eventually in society. Hence, a faith that is fully received, thought out and lived, will penetrate culture; and there is no doubt that present-day culture stands in need of transformation. In fact, the encyclical Fides et Ratio, from which a number of the essays draw inspiration, attributes the secularization of the West in great part to the separation of faith from culture. Jacques Maritain himself, more than fifty years ago, recognized that modern and contemporary culture had severed its ties with the sacred and in so doing had turned its back on humanity. Now in the twenty-first century, as always, human beings have a profound need for meaning and transcendence, a need which scholarly reflection such as that found in this volume can help to satisfy. In addition to the editors, the contributors are: David Arias, Jr., Mariano Artigas, Gavin T. Colvert, John Goyette, Frederick Erb III, Heather McAdam Erb, Alfred J. Freddoso, Jeanne M. Heffernan, Leon Klenicki, Ralph McInerny, John F. Morris, Warren Murray, Peter A. Pagan, Teresa I. Reed, Robert Royal, James V. Schall, S.J., William Sweet, and Dallas Willard. Alice Ramos and Marie I. George are both Associate Professors of Philosophy at St. John's University.

A Map of Twentieth Century Theology

Author : Carl E. Braaten
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The only one-volume anthology of twentieth- century theology. Indispensable to understanding the advent and import of today's radically pluralistic scene, this unique historical anthology presents thirty- seven signal readings from key theologians of this century. Outstanding interpreters of these figures and their generative ideas, Braaten and Jenson offer solid and sympathetic introductions and a clear scheme, a roadmap that makes sense of the fundamental and formative questions, concerns, "schools," and movements that have animated the theological enterprise in this explosive century from 1900 right up to the threshold of contemporary currents.

Religion and Society in Twentieth Century Britain

Author : Callum G. Brown
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During the twentieth century, Britain turned from one of the most deeply religious nations of the world into one of the most secularised nations. This book provides a comprehensive account of religion in British society and culture between 1900 and 2000. It traces how Christian Puritanism and respectability framed the people amidst world wars, economic depressions, and social protest, and how until the 1950s religious revivals fostered mass enthusiasm. It then examines the sudden and dramatic changes seen in the 1960’s and the appearance of religious militancy in the 1980s and 1990s. With a focus on the themes of faith cultures, secularisation, religious militancy and the spiritual revolution of the New Age, this book uses people’s own experiences and the stories of the churches to display the diversity and richness of British religion. Suitable for undergraduate students studying modern British history, church history and sociology of religion.

The Mark of the Beast

Author : Trevor Ravenscroft
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This book is the result of years of research into the history of the Spear of Destiny and the struggle between good and evil in the Western world. For 2,000 years, the Spear of Destiny, purported to have pierced the side of Christ while he was on the cross, has been sought by rulers of the Western world, who have tried to harness the Spear's absolute power. This book explores the odyssey of the Spear and its potential role in the Apocalypse. Illustrated.

A Twentieth century Literature Reader

Author : Suman Gupta
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This critical Reader is the essential companion to any course in twentieth-century literature. Drawing upon the work of a wide range of key writers and critics, the selected extracts provide: a literary-historical overview of the twentieth century insight into theoretical discussions around the purpose, value and form of literature which dominated the century closer examination of representative texts from the period, around which key critical issues might be debated. Clearly conveying the excitement generated by twentieth-century literary texts and by the provocative critical ideas and arguments that surrounded them, this reader can be used alongside the two volumes of Debating Twentieth-Century Literature or as a core text for any module on the literature of the last century. Texts examined in detail include: Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard, Mansfield's Short Stories, poetry of the 1930s, Gibbon's Sunset Song, Eliot's Prufrock, Brecht's Galileo, Woolf's Orlando, Okigbo's Selected Poems, du Maurier's Rebecca, poetry by Ginsburg and O'Hara, Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Puig's Kiss of the Spiderwoman, Beckett's Waiting for Godot, Heaney's New Selected Poems 1966-1987, Gurnah's Paradise and Barker's The Ghost Road.

The Twentieth Century

Author : Kathy Sammis
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Offers activities to students that describe the major themes in world history during the twentieth century, including the struggles of nation-building among the countries that won independence and the growth of global communication.

The Imagination of Pentecost

Author : Richard Leviton
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Carlo Pietzner speaks, out of his own ego-directed, inner experiences, about several motifs inherent to inner striving: the problem of self in relationship to the world, the disintegration of the three soul forces, the transition from sense perception to spiritual perception, the reality of evil, the condition of loneliness, and more.

Pentecost and Parousia

Author : Peter D. Hocken
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As the charismatic movement penetrated the Protestant churches and then impacted the Catholic Church, great hopes for Christian unity were aroused among many. These hopes peaked with the great Kansas City conference of 1977 and the "Pentecost over Europe" gathering in Strasbourg, France, in 1982. After these high points, the Renewal's unity dynamic weakened at the same time as the ecumenical movement was losing momentum. Dr. Hocken argues that the charismatic movement was always a grace for unity, and that this can be seen from how it began and spread. Its deep orientation to unity finds its foundation in the "end-times" significance of baptism in the Spirit poured out on Christians from so many traditions that reinforces the "one hope" for the coming of the Lord. Many developments of the last twenty years indicate that the time is now ripe for an ecumenism of the Spirit within which the charismatic impulses of the Holy Spirit can purify and deepen the wider movement for Christian unity. Growing reconciliation between Evangelicals and Catholics suddenly seems less utopian as Pope Francis shows the servant face of a humbler Catholic Church.