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The Spy s Convenient Bride

Author : Erica Taylor
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No longer an agent of the Crown, Luke Macalister doesn’t know who he is outside the clandestine world he spent the better part of a decade in. When he is awarded an earldom for something he didn’t do, he sees only a future of boredom and responsibility as the new Earl of Kenswick, a future he’s desperate to escape. ​The daughter of the late Baron Kenswick, Miss Vivian Burke despises everything about the new earl she’s never met. That he turns out to be handsome and charming, and incapable of taking anything seriously, does not elevate him in her opinion. Until he offers her a deal—he will hand over the deed to her childhood home in exchange for a six-month marriage of convenience. To save herself and her mother, she has no choice but to say yes. ​Their plans of a boring six months in London are soon derailed as Luke’s life as a spy catches up to him and he’s left with no choice but to trust his new wife. Armed with only a diary and a signet ring, Luke and Vivian race against treasonous forces to save a life, to save England, and if they’re lucky enough, they just might save each other and find love along the way.

Xenakis s Convenient Bride

Author : Dani Collins
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The challenge: two weeks without your billionaire fortune! Greek magnate Stavros Xenakis must go undercover to win a bet—and escape his grandfather's demands that he take a bride. Until encountering deliciously tempting housekeeper Calli proves that a wife is exactly what he needs! Calli's baby being taken away robbed her of the ability to trust anyone. Now Stavros's offer to marry her gives her the chance to finally find her son. But Calli doesn't expect their honeymoon to be so sinfully sensual—and for life as the temporary Mrs. Xenakis to be so exquisitely satisfying…

An Enchanting Madness

Author : Erica Taylor
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Lady Norah Macalister is perfection: beauty, charm, grace, elegance-- all a carefully constructed lie. No one would ever suspect her of anything scandalous, and no one is the wiser when a terrible secret threatens to destroy her. Major Trevor Hayward has unraveled after a decade at war with Napoleon—or so everyone believes. When his cousin is murdered Trevor finds himself the prime suspect. Placed under house arrest at the home of his oldest friend, Trevor doubts those investigating his cousin’s murder will see past his marred reputation. Refusing to accept her fate, Norah is determined to punish those who have wronged her. Her plan is ruthless, and she will see it through, even if she must manipulate those around her to avenge the wounds of her past. Norah is the most confounding woman Trevor has ever met, but he cannot deny, try as he might, that his best friend’s little sister is all grown up. When she is the only one who can prove his innocence, Trevor has little choice but to agree to her risky plot to destroy a mutual enemy. While Trevor and Norah collude and execute Norah’s plan, succumbing to the spark between them brings their secrets to light. Can they play with fire and not be burned? Or will the madness of their scheme be the downfall of them both?

A Convenient Bride

Author : Cheryl Ann Smith
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A headstrong beauty propositions an unlikely highwayman in this delightful regency historical romance. On the hunt for his runaway sister, Lord Richard Ellerby stops a suspicious carriage at gunpoint and is shocked to be mistaken for a thieving highwayman. When the attractive woman inside makes him an offer to court her for pay, Richard refuses and sends her on her way. But the determined lady soon finds him again and proposes an even more outrageous offer: wedding her in a marriage of convenience. Desperate to find love with a man of her own choosing, Lady Brenna Harrington will do anything to hold on to her freedom, even if it means propositioning a dangerous highwayman. If she can distract her father with a prospective husband who only wants to marry her for her fortune, Brenna will have time to do things her way. While her plan may be just crazy enough to work, her unsuitable suitor has other more pleasurable strategies in mind...

The Convenient Wife

Author : Betty Neels
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"It seems to me that it would be to our mutual advantage if you were to become my wife…" Faced with no home and no family, Venetia was only too aware that Duert ter Laan-Luitinga's solution to her problems was certainly practical—albeit rather unorthodox! Yet, he seemed set on the idea of a marriage of convenience, and Venetia really had no choice but to agree. So, having found a sensible solution to her diffi culties, surely she wouldn't be so foolish as to fall in love with him—would she?

The Banker s Convenient Wife

Author : Lynne Graham
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Italian-Swiss banker Roel Sabatino has suffered partial memory loss after a car crash. It seems he has a wife…but he can't remember getting married! Hilary is pretty, sweet…and ordinary. When Roel tries to take her to bed—as any husband would—he discovers she's a virgin! All this is shocking to Roel, though he still recognizes a great deal when he sees one. So why not enjoy all the pleasures that this marriage has to offer, whatever his reasons were for tying the knot?

The Spy s Wife

Author : Jane Elizabeth Hughes
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Perfect for fans of Jennifer Weiner, Emily Giffin, and Jane Green. How would it feel to wake up one morning and discover that you’re married to James Bond? Shelley has always believed that her husband is a mild-mannered management consultant—but then one morning his picture appears on CNN above the headline “CIA Spy David Harris is Source of British News Leak.” Quiet, self-possessed David a spy? Impossible! But while Shelley is still reeling from the first revelation, David’s photo is again splashed across the news—and this time he’s not alone. This time he has his arm around a beautiful, sun-streaked blonde, and this time the headline screams, “CIA Superspy and British Reporter in Romantic Relationship!” In the weeks that follow, together and apart, David and Shelley dodge foreign agents and international media hounds (not to mention his desperate ex-lover) from Paris to Bogotá to Jerusalem. But more alarming than this game of hide-and-seek is the fact that Shelley finds herself fascinated and deeply, disturbingly attracted by the dangerous stranger her husband has become. Can she reconcile her dream of domestic tranquility with the fierce emotions that have suddenly taken over her life? Can she become the perfect spy’s wife?

Best Friend to Princess Bride

Author : Katrina Cudmore
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“I have to marry… I want you to be my wife!” Prince Edwin and Kara have been best friends for years, and there’s never been a hint of attraction between them! So when Edwin must marry to succeed the throne of Monrosa, Kara’s the sensible choice to be his princess. That is, until an electrifying kiss to seal their engagement breaks all the rules of friendship and their arrangement suddenly feels painfully real! A Royals of Monrosa novel Royals of Monrosa trilogy Book 1 — Best Friend to Princess Bride Look out for the next book, coming soon “Second Chance with the Best Man is a sweet swoon-worthy romance…. Author Katrina Cudmore beautifully brought these two characters…their happy ever after. This is an emotionally uplifting story of hope and future. Highly recommended for all readers of romance.” —Goodreads “Another great read from Katrina Cudmore. The story flowed beautifully from beginning to end. As with all Katrina’s books I was drawn into the story from the first page and immediately felt a connection with the characters. Katrina writes in such a way that you really get to know and understand her characters.” —Goodreads on Resisting the Italian Single Dad

The Kissing Gates

Author : Mackenzie Ford
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When English soldier Hal strikes up a conversation with German Lieutenant Wilhelm during the ceasefire in no-man's-land on Christmas Day 1914, he has no idea the impact this chance meeting will have. Wilhelm is in love with an English woman, Sam, and presses a photograph into Hal's hand - if he makes it home, Hal must promise to find Sam and give her this token of affection. Hal does make it home, though the war rages on - but the moment he sees Sam he is in trouble. With Wilhelm's shadow looming over their relationship, and his photograph never revealed, Hal begins to live a life that was meant for someone else ...

The Prairie a tale by the author of The Spy i e J Fenimore Cooper etc

Author : James Fenimore Cooper
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