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The Spy s Daughter

Author : Adam Brookes
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'Authentic, taut and compelling. Brookes is the real deal' Charles Cumming The stunning third novel from multi-award-nominated author Adam Brookes is paranoid, tense and spy fiction at its very finest. Meet Pearl Tao: an American girl with a lethal secret. Pearl longed for the life of a normal American teenager: summers at the pool, friends, backyard barbecues in the Washington DC suburbs. But she was different. Pearl had a gift for mathematics, a college sponsorship from a secretive technology corporation, and a family riven with anger and dysfunction. And it's only now, at nineteen years old, that she has started to understand what role she is to play. What her parents intend for her. For Pearl Tao, any hope of escape lies with two British spies: Trish Patterson, sidelined in disgrace, and Philip Mangan, blown and discredited - and following his own trail of corruption. Finding out the truth about Pearl will be the most urgent, the most dangerous mission they'll ever undertake. 'The final instalment of Brookes' Mangan trilogy secures its status as a classic' Telegraph (50 Best Books of 2017) 'Riveting and accomplished' Sunday Times

The Soldier the Gaoler the Spy and her Lover

Author : Simon Parke
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January 30th 1649. England is not a country that wishes to execute its divinely-appointed king. Yet Charles 1 finds himself shivering on a scaffold in Whitehall, with the axe man by his side . . . In this brilliantly atmospheric novel, Simon Parke explores one of the most gripping tales in English history. He weaves together the four coinciding stories of Charles, including his extraordinary year-long imprisonment on the Isle of Wight . . . Robert Hammond, the poor man who found himself the king’s gaoler . . . Charles’ remarkable mistress (written out of the records), the super-spy Jane Whorwood . . . and of course, the brilliant and depressed Oliver Cromwell, who is working through his own demons of religion, politics, love and death.

Too Hot For A Spy

Author : Pearl Wolf
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Worlds collide when the bold leader of England's male-only spy school faces off against a spoiled debutante determined to become the country's first lady spy. . . Resistance Is Futile. . . Lady Olivia Fairchild has always lived a life of luxury and ease, but she longs for the kind of intrigue that can't be found on a ballroom dance floor. Then Olivia learns she's been accepted as the first female student in England's prestigious spy school. But spy-training is far more grueling than Olivia ever imagined--and her dashing spymaster seems bent on banishing her from the school in record time. . . When Every Look Brings Them Closer. . . Sebastian Brooks believes women have no place within the dangerous world of espionage--and he's determined to oust Olivia by whatever means necessary. But even as Sebastian mercilessly taunts her, he finds the sight of Olivia's shapely body gallivanting on horseback is driving him wild. Olivia, too, can feel her longing for Sebastian heating up. Surrendering to her desire could be the most reckless move of her life--but resisting it may be impossible. . .

The Spy With The Silver Lining

Author : Wendy Rosnau
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Known as a cool seductress with a taste for couture, chic superspy Casmir Balasi had played her role too well this time — getting love-struck master criminal Yuri Petrov to propose on bended knee...and fall into her trap. But it wasn't long before Yuri caught on — and when he escaped prison, he vowed to enforce "'til death do us part." Now Casmir was saddled with an arrogant if irresistible bodyguard, sent by an agency that didn't have her best interests at heart. Would her protector's secret agenda place her in the hands of her worst enemy? Or would she fall into her defender's arms instead? One thing was certain — surviving this deadly game required the performance of a lifetime....

The Spy Who Seduced Her

Author : Christi Caldwell
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Christi Caldwell is a MUST READ!! ~Mary Balogh, New York Times bestselling author And see why Tessa Dare says, "A Christi Caldwell book never fails to touch the heart." In this spellbinding new Regency series by Christi Caldwell, The Heart of a Duke meets the Brethren of the Lords. The stakes are high and passions flare hot in Regency England! A widow with a past… The last thing Victoria Barrett, the Viscountess Waters, has any interest in is romance. When the only man she’s ever loved was killed she endured an arranged marriage to a cruel man in order to survive. Now widowed, her only focus is on clearing her son’s name from the charge of murder. That is until the love of her life returns from the grave. A leader of a once great agency… Nathaniel Archer, the Earl of Exeter head of the Crown’s elite organization, The Brethren, is back on British soil. Captured and tortured 20 years ago, he clung to memories of his first love until he could escape. Discovering she has married whilst he was captive, Nathaniel sets aside the distractions of love...until an unexpected case is thrust upon him-- to solve the murder of the Viscount Waters. There is just one complication: the prime suspect's mother is none other than Victoria, the woman he once loved with his very soul. Secrets will be uncovered and passions rekindled. Victoria and Nathaniel must trust one another if they hope to start anew—in love and life. But will duty destroy their last chance?

The Spy of Osawatomie Or The Mysterious Companions of Old John Brown

Author : Mary E. Jackson
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The Incomplete Manuscript

Author : Kamal Abdulla
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Year of the Spy

Author : Barbara Hickey
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This is a novel set in New Jersey during World War 2. Boys and girls enjoy a fast-moving and humorous spy hunt. Even adults get a real taste of what it was like in 1943 in a part of America.

The Spy a periodical paper of literary amusement and instruction by J Hogg

Author :
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Author : J.S. DELANEY
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Daniel Here he was, her Daniel. Dark blonde curly hair, built like a quarterback. Long lean legs and the most beautiful angel's smile on a square jaw. Soulful brown eyes she could live in. He seemed to understand her every thought, sometimes without a single word. That was only his appearance, the real deal was his sense of humor, challenging intelligence, his patience and analytical balance, being thoughtful and solving every problem. Every day with Daniel was a better day than any day than any day without Daniel. angelina Years of wanting, now his to have, he was sure to be sick from the gorge but he couldn't seem to stop himself from needing and thinking that at any moment someone would steal her from him. She felt so good to him and he missed her so much. "Angie, I live in shadows. Dressed up like a monster hiding in the night. That is what you want?" Angelina smiled instantly "As long as I can have the days without the outfit, how can you think otherwise. Daniel McAlister was genetically designed and the first human success that was using an artificial DNA patch. He was smart and strong and the government wanted him back. "Angelina, this place, they wanted to make spare parts, not people. The lab here was doing research on building DNA that could renew and grow spare parts for sale, specifically livers, hearts, kidneys, artificial and genetically grown DNA that could create graphs and build bones. Could that be what they were researching with those children? Russell's team waited for the van to get past the parking lot and then built a barrier of guns and men. "Make them pay Russell! Make them understand their mistake" Russell was up for it all right. "Let's rock it boys" and radio silence.