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The Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data

Author : John Mandel
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First half of book presents fundamental mathematical definitions, concepts, and facts while remaining half deals with statistics primarily as an interpretive tool. Well-written text, numerous worked examples with step-by-step presentation. Includes 116 tables.

The Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data

Author : Karla Mandel
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Experimental Design and Statistics for Psychology

Author : Fabio Sani
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Experimental Design and Statistics for Psychology: A First Course is a concise, straighforward and accessible introduction to the design of psychology experiments and the statistical tests used to make sense of their results. Makes abundant use of charts, diagrams and figures. Assumes no prior knowledge of statistics. Invaluable to all psychology students needing a firm grasp of the basics, but tackling of some of the topic’s more complex, controversial issues will also fire the imagination of more ambitious students. Covers different aspects of experimental design, including dependent versus independent variables, levels of treatment, experimental control, random versus systematic errors, and within versus between subjects design. Provides detailed instructions on how to perform statistical tests with SPSS. Downloadable instructor resources to supplement and support your lectures can be found at and include sample chapters, test questions, SPSS data sets, and figures and tables from the book.

Statistical analysis of experimental data by computer series 0

Author : P.C. Owen
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Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data

Author : Derrick J. Moot
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Measurement Analysis

Author : Mario Caria
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This book deals with the statistical treatment of experimental data. It is also meant for those who are entirely new to the field of statistics and probability calculus, and those who wish to obtain rigorous estimates of the uncertainties associated with the experimental results of any discipline, such as meteorology, engineering, physics, chemistry and the life sciences. To understand the text, only a basic understanding of differential calculus is required. As an innovative teaching approach, simple laboratory class experiments are used as the basis for developing a detailed statistical analysis. This is done by directly using the students' logbooks without re-elaboration. The approach is profitable and can be easily pursued by the layman. People have, in the past, been confused by the many statistical definitions, formulae and assumptions. This book tries to avoid any arbitrary definition by using the recently introduced ISO directives. All the concepts, parameters and test variables forthe modern,treatment of the experimental data are included. Among them are the error, the uncertainty and its estimate, the distribution functions and the associated parameters. Every concept is always associated with a simple experimental situation and the data analysis is performed in numerical detail. For completeness, the correlation of the uncertainties with the error matrix is treated in greater detail. All the tests of hypotheses are presented. They are introduced from simple arguments and developed up to the analytical details. The applications of the tests to the fitting of experimental curves of the c(2), t and F tests, as well as the one most often used in the life sciences, theANOVA, are shown.

Bayesian Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data

Author : Robert L. Winkler
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Report of a Workshop on Mathematical and Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data and Techniques for Information Storage and Retrieval 8 11 March 1966

Author : D. P. DeWitt
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Statistical analysis of experimental data by computer for non programmers series 0

Author : P.C. Owen
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Advanced Analysis of Variance

Author : Chihiro Hirotsu
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Introducing a revolutionary new model for the statistical analysis of experimental data In this important book, internationally acclaimed statistician, Chihiro Hirotsu, goes beyond classical analysis of variance (ANOVA) model to offer a unified theory and advanced techniques for the statistical analysis of experimental data. Dr. Hirotsu introduces the groundbreaking concept of advanced analysis of variance (AANOVA) and explains how the AANOVA approach exceeds the limitations of ANOVA methods to allow for global reasoning utilizing special methods of simultaneous inference leading to individual conclusions. Focusing on normal, binomial, and categorical data, Dr. Hirotsu explores ANOVA theory and practice and reviews current developments in the field. He then introduces three new advanced approaches, namely: testing for equivalence and non-inferiority; simultaneous testing for directional (monotonic or restricted) alternatives and change-point hypotheses; and analyses emerging from categorical data. Using real-world examples, he shows how these three recognizable families of problems have important applications in most practical activities involving experimental data in an array of research areas, including bioequivalence, clinical trials, industrial experiments, pharmaco-statistics, and quality control, to name just a few. • Written in an expository style which will encourage readers to explore applications for AANOVA techniques in their own research • Focuses on dealing with real data, providing real-world examples drawn from the fields of statistical quality control, clinical trials, and drug testing • Describes advanced methods developed and refined by the author over the course of his long career as research engineer and statistician • Introduces advanced technologies for AANOVA data analysis that build upon the basic ANOVA principles and practices Introducing a breakthrough approach to statistical analysis which overcomes the limitations of the ANOVA model, Advanced Analysis of Variance is an indispensable resource for researchers and practitioners working in fields within which the statistical analysis of experimental data is a crucial research component. Chihiro Hirotsu is a Senior Researcher at the Collaborative Research Center, Meisei University, and Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo. He is a fellow of the American Statistical Association, an elected member of the International Statistical Institute, and he has been awarded the Japan Statistical Society Prize (2005) and the Ouchi Prize (2006). His work has been published in Biometrika, Biometrics, and Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, among other premier research journals.