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Perfecting the American Steam Locomotive

Author : J. Parker Lamb
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Perfecting the American Steam Locomotive documents the role played by mechanical engineers in the development of locomotive design. The steam engine and the mechanical engineering profession both grew directly out of the Industrial Revolution's need for sources of power beyond that of men and animals. Invented in England when coal mining was being developed, the practical steam engine eventually found numerous applications in transportation, especially in railroad technology. J. Parker Lamb traces the evolution of the steam engine from the early 1700s through the early 1800s, when the first locomotives were sent to the United States from England. Lamb then shifts the scene to the development of the American steam locomotive, first by numerous small builders, and later, by the early 20th century, by only three major enterprises and a handful of railroad company shops. Lamb reviews the steady progress of steam locomotive technology through its pinnacle during the 1930s, then discusses the reasons for its subsequent decline.

The Steam Locomotive

Author : Ken Gibbs
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Ken Gibbs tells the history of the engineering triumph that is a steam locomotive from the 1800s to the 1960s showing how each development changed the course of history.

The Steam Locomotive in America

Author : Alfred W. Bruce
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American Steam Locomotives

Author : William L. Withuhn
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For nearly half of the nation's history, the steam locomotive was the outstanding symbol for progress and power. It was the literal engine of the Industrial Revolution, and it played an instrumental role in putting the United States on the world stage. While the steam locomotive's basic principle of operation is simple, designers and engineers honed these concepts into 100-mph passenger trains and 600-ton behemoths capable of hauling mile-long freight at incredible speeds. American Steam Locomotives is a thorough and engaging history of the invention that captured public imagination like no other, and the people who brought it to life.

The Steam Locomotive

Author : Ralph Paine Johnson
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The Steam Locomotive Story

Author : David Wragg
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The steam locomotive was a British invention and even today, the world speed record for steam remains with a British locomotive, Mallard. Steam’s first significant contribution to British industry was through powering pumping engines for mines. When steam was applied to the railways, the ‘railway age’ began. The steam locomotive went through several distinct phases during its long life, which came to an end on regular service in the late 1960s. The early phase was followed by the trend for large single driving wheels, then compound locomotives with connected driving wheels once steel became strong enough for the connecting rods. Further developments included tank engines that could run equally well forwards and backwards; the 4-6-0 and 4-6-2 expresses; the passion for speed records and streamlining; and the standardisation years of British Railways. This insightful, fully illustrated story book follows the history of the steam locomotive and will delight all those interested in the steam age.

A Short History of the Steam Engine

Author : Henry Winram Dickinson
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A highly readable history of the stationary steam engine, intelligible to the non-specialist reader and engineer alike.

Treatise on the Mathematical Theory of the Steam Engine with Rules at Length and Examples Worked Out for the Use of Practical Men

Author : Thomas Baker
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British Railways Steam Locomotives 1948 1968

Author : Hugh Longworth
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An exhaustive and monumental listing of every steam locomotive operated by British Railways from Nationalisation until the end of steam in 1968, now brought completely up to date in a second edition.

The Steam Engine

Author : Robert Scott Burn
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How a Steam Locomotive Works

Author : Dominic Wells
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This book is a simple, clear and visual introduction to the workings of a steam locomotive, written specifically for those with no technical knowledge. Written to provide a simple explanation of how a steam locomotive works and designed to appeal to the widest possible audience, using clear explanations and diagrams, generous in number yet straightforward in context. The process of learning the required knowledge to work with steam locomotives, or simply to develop a further understanding, can take considerable time because the best current texts on the subject were originally written to aid staff working through apprenticeships during the steam era. To address the needs of today's readers, the complex engineering of the steam locomotive is unraveled by use of a large number of easily understandable diagrams, explaining the function of the components in a step-by-step manner. There is no technical knowledge required on the part of the reader, nor is there any requirement to understand engineering drawings, because the diagrams and explanations are carefully approached. Nevertheless, the book should also appeal to the technically minded, as there are few who understand the steam locomotive in its entirety, a subject which encompasses many engineering subjects including structures, dynamics, thermo-dynamics and fluid flows. Starting with a basic introduction to the principle of the steam locomotive boiler, the book goes on to provide explanations of both coal and oil firing. Further detailed chapters cover all the essential components, including gauge glasses, injectors, control valves, mainframes, cylinders, valve gears, lubrication, air brakes, vacuum brakes, auxiliaries and cab layouts.

The NZR Steam Locomotive

Author : Sean Millar
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Between 1863 and 1971 the steam locomotive was the best known part of railways, and these steel kings of the steel road touched everyone{u2019}s lives. Stories abound regarding the steam locomotive and what made them special. This is a history of the steam locomotives owned by New Zealand{u2019}s national railway system. Numbering more than a thousand, they were enormously varied {u2013} ranging from little over five tons to almost 148 tons in weight, and from the occasional failure to trend-setting designs of international significance. This book combines the best available research with the largest collection of photographs on the subject ever assembled. Each locomotive is described by class with brief specifications, and information about the work each performed in New Zealand locomotive history.

How Steam Locomotives Really Work

Author : Peter William Brett Semmens
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The technology underlying steam trains was one of the foundations of the industrial revolution in the 19th Century, and although it has since been replaced, steam trains can still be found all over the world, preserved in railways and museums. This book describes their components, and how they work, and considers their development over 150 years, all over the world.

Steam Trains

Author : Colin Maggs
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New B-format paperback edition. The history of steam in Britain from the Rocket in 1829, through to the last main line locomotive in the 1960s.

The Twilight of Steam Locomotives

Author : Ron Ziel
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Story and illustrations of the demise of the steam locomotive.

The Steam Locomotive

Author : Edgar A. Haine
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Steam Locomotive Driver s Manual

Author : Andrew Charman
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A fully up-to-date publication, heavily illustrated with both photographs and drawings, detailing the complete procedures needed to handle a steam locomotive. It is often said that steam locomotives appear to be living machines, casting a spell over spectators young and old, from lifelong steam enthusiasts to those witnessing live steam for the first time. This extensively illustrated manual provides a fascinating practical insight into the hard work, knowledge and skills required to safely drive a steam loco. The unique Haynes Manual approach, marrying the engaging text with step-by-step photographs and fascinating illustrations, puts the reader firmly on the footplate to experience the raw power and energy of a steam locomotive in action.

Classic American Locomotives

Author : Charles McShane
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Anyone who has watched in anticipation as a powerful steam engine rolled into a station, belching iconic billows of black smoke, or heard the memorable blue note sound of a steam engine whistle will revel in Charles McShane’s amazingly detailed exploration of the inner workings of the classic steam engine. This historical record from 1909 will delight fans of classic American steam locomotives and those who have an unwavering love for classic American history. You’ll be able to look over hundreds of detailed illustrations, from mechanical side valves and engines to locomotives like the Baldwin and the Richmond. Not only will you see the beauty of these historical machines, but McShane also explains every aspect of how these incredible behemoths of the railways operated. With detailed examinations of the engineering of the classic steam engine, you will be able not only to understand and admire the outer workings of these locomotives, but also to learn what a side valve, steam injector, and pressure gauge are, and how they work. This classic will be loved by all and fit perfectly as the centerpiece of any train aficionado’s library.

Steam Engine Design and Mechanism

Author : International Correspondence Schools
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An Unabridged, Digitally Enlarged Printing With All Figures, Including, But Not Limited To: STEAM ENGINE MECHANISM - Elements Of The Steam Engine - The Four-Link Slider Crank - The Plain Slide-Valve Engine - The D Slide-Valve And Steam Distribution - Relative Position Of Valve And Piston - Effects Of Lap - Lead - Positions Of Eccentric For Opposite Directions Of Rotation - Rocker Arms - Dead Centers - Clearance - Real And Apparent Cut-Off And Ratio Of Expansion - Corliss Valve Gear - Relative Motions Of Piston, Crank, And Valves - STEAM ENGINE DESIGN - Data And Calculations - The Boiler Pressures For Different Types Of Engines - Economical Ratio Of Expansion - Piston Speed - Clearance - Engine Calculations - Back Pressure And Point Of Exhaust Closure - Calculations For Simple Non-Condensing Engine - Calculations For High-Speed Automatic Cut-Off Engine - Hoisting And Locomotive Engines - Cylinders And Steam Chests - Steam Ports And Passages - Engine Shafts And Cranks - Crankpins For Overhung Crank - Hollow Pistons - Built Up Pistons - Solid Pistons - Marine Pistons - Piston Packing - Piston Rod - Connection Of Rod To Piston - Proportions For Connecting Rods (Solid And Open) - Strap-End Connecting Rod - Crossheads - Valves, Valve Steams, And Eccentric Rods - Eccentric Sheaves And Straps - Stuffing Boxes - Engine Flywheels - Calculations For Built-Up Flywheels - Flywheel Rim Joints - Stress In Rim Flange, And In Bolts Fastening Arm To Rim - Engine Frames, Or Beds - Examples Of Engine Proportions With Tables -

Articulated Steam Locomotives of North America

Author : R. A. LeMassena
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Like many other books, Articulated Steam Locomotives of North America began as a modest attempt to chronicle a certain type of locomotive---in this case, the Mallet-articulated locomotive in the U.S.A. This project soon ballooned into unanticipated magnitude. It wasn't long before it became evident that Canadian and Mexican engines could not logically be ignored; they were an important part of the story. After that, one thing quickly led to another. By including the double-truck Fairlies, one was obliged to recognize their single-truck counterparts, as well as several mechanical hybrids which defied accurate classification. Locomotives having geared trucks were indeed articulated; thus, something had to be said about them. Then, there was the booster-engine which temporarily transformed ordinary locomotives into pseudo-articulateds. The latter-day duplex-drive locomotives could properly have been omitted; however, that would have concealed an important episode of motive-power progress wherein one railroad tried to avoid articulation. Consequently, duplex-drive locomotives are included, too.The author's efforts to locate suitable photographs to illustrate this chronicle have been remarkably successful--and there have been few locomotives whose portraits have been completely elusive. Considering the objective was to obtain views of every kind of articulated steam locomotive on every major railroad, this was no easy task. However, the end result is a dazzling collection of over 600 photographs--including more than 32 color views--some of them quite rare.