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A Straight Course

Author : Michael Wegrowski
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You wouldn't expect that a young man named after the famous Book of Mormon prophet, Nephi, would be the type of person to get into a lot of trouble–and normally, he wouldn't. But when fourteen-year-old Nephi Thomas overhears a conversation between two suspicious men, his life begins to get complicated. Could these men be the same ones involved in a local robbery? Nephi discovers that by going off course just a little bit from his parents' instructions he ends up putting his entire family in danger. This first book in the Nephi Thomas Adventure series is an entertaining story for the whole family, guaranteed to lead you on a straight course to adventure.


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Horse Racing Containing Information on Stabling Training Breeding and Other Aspects of Race Horse Preparation

Author : John Henry Walsh
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This antiquarian book contains a comprehensive treatise on horse racing, and includes information on stabling, training, breeding, and many other aspects of race horse preparation. Although old, the information contained herein is timeless, and will be of considerable utility to the modern equestrian. The chapters of this book include: 'General Remarks on Horse-Racing', 'The Powers and Uses of the Modern Racehorse', 'Essential Points in the Thorough-Bred Horse for Racing Purposes', 'The Establishment of a Racing-Stud', 'Training', 'Breeding', 'Breaking', etcetera. This vintage book is being republished now in an affordable, modern edition - complete with a specially commissioned new biography of the author.

Learning to Race

Author : H. A. Calahan
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Expert guide to winning yacht races. How to get the most speed out of the boat: aerodynamics, tactics, crew and equipment, strategy, more. Over 50 black-and-white illustrations.

Survival Training Guide

Author : United States. Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
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Computational Ship Design

Author : Myung-Il Roh
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This book offers an introduction to the fundamental principles and systematic methodologies employed in computational approaches to ship design. It takes a detailed approach to the description of the problem definition, related theories, mathematical formulation, algorithm selection, and other core design information. Over eight chapters and appendices the book covers the complete process of ship design, from a detailed description of design theories through to cutting-edge applications. Following an introduction to relevant terminology, the first chapters consider ship design equations and models, freeboard calculations, resistance prediction and power estimation. Subsequent chapters cover topics including propeller deign, engine selection, hull form design, structural design and outfitting. The book concludes with two chapters considering operating design and economic factors including construction costs and fuel consumption. The book reflects first-hand experiences in ship design and R&D activities, and incorporates improvements based on feedback received from many industry experts. Examples provided are based on genuine case studies in the field. The comprehensive description of each design stage presented in this book offers guidelines for academics, researchers, students, and industrial manufactures from diverse fields, including ocean engineering and mechanical engineering. From a commercial point of view the book will be of great value to those involved in designing a new vessel or improving an existing ship.

American State Papers

Author : United States. Congress
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Guide to the Turf

Author : Ruff William
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Racing Calendar

Author :
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Journal of the House of Delegates of the Commonwealth of Virginia

Author : Virginia. General Assembly. House of Delegates
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A Greek and English lexicon

Author : John Jones
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Lectures on Bright s Disease with especial reference to pathology diagnosis and treatment

Author : George Johnson
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The Inside Track

Author : Alan Potts
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The Inside Track describes the methods Alan used to generate over $50,000 profit from his betting during 1997. The author has studied many American texts and explains how he has mixed their ideas with his own 30 years experience of British racing and betting. There are no systems, no rules and no guarantees in this book, yet anybody who likes to bet on horse racing is sure to find material here that will challenge accepted beliefs and persuade them to think in new ways about their betting. In his first book, Alan explained that to make a living it was necessary to bet Against The Crowd. This book expands on that and takes the reader inside the mind of one of the most successful professional punters operating in the country. There are separate sections covering Flat racing and Jumping, and also detailed discussions of All-weather racing and the growing world of spread betting.

Mathematics and Plausible Reasoning Induction and analogy in mathematics

Author : G. Polya
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Here the author of How to Solve It explains how to become a "good guesser." Marked by G. Polya's simple, energetic prose and use of clever examples from a wide range of human activities, this two-volume work explores techniques of guessing, inductive reasoning, and reasoning by analogy, and the role they play in the most rigorous of deductive disciplines.

The Tyro s Greek and English Lexicon

Author : John Jones
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Rome and its Empire AD 193 284

Author : Olivier Hekster
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This was a time of civil war, anarchy, intrigue, and assassination.Between 193 and 284 the Roman Empire knew more than twenty-five emperors, and an equal number of usurpers. All of them had some measure of success, several of them often ruling different parts of the Empire at the same time. Rome's traditional political institutions slid into vacuity and armies became the Empire's most powerful institutions, proclaiming their own imperial champions and deposing those they held to be incompetent.Yet despite widespread contemporary dismay at such weak government this period was also one in which the boundaries of the Empire remained fairly stable; the rights and privileges of Roman citizenship were extended equally to all free citizens of the Empire; in several regions the economy remained robust in the face of rampant inflation; and literary culture, philosophy, and legal theory flourished. Historians have been discussing how and why this could have been for centuries. Olivier Hekster takes you to th

The Sportsman s Dictionary Or the Gentleman s Companion for Town and Country Illustrated with Copperplates The Fourth Edition

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The Pit Crew

Author : Tara Baukus Mello
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The drivers deliver the thrills and the car manufacturers provide the high-performance machines. But it is the work of the pit crew that can make the difference in the outcome of the race. This book states that pit crew can easily be considered a racing team's most valuable asset. It captures the dedication of these often-unsung heroes.

Outlines of Comparative Anatomy

Author : Robert Edmond Grant
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A Treatise on the Diseases of the Eye

Author : Sir William Lawrence
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