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The Studia Philonica Annual Iv 1992

Author : David T. Runia
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The Studia Philonica Annual XXVIII 2016

Author : David T. Runia
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Celebrate the contributions of David T. Runia The Studia Philonica Annual is a scholarly journal devoted to the study of Hellenistic Judaism, particularly the writings and thought of the Hellenistic-Jewish writer Philo of Alexandria. More than fifteen scholars from around the world offer contributions to this special edition of the Annual in honor of Professor David T. Runia on the occasion of his 65th birthday and retirement from his post as Master of Queens College, University of Melbourne. Professor Runia is internationally recognized as one of the world's foremost experts on Philo of Alexandria. As founder of The Studia Philonica Annual, he has been editor or coeditor for twenty-seven years. He initiated a Philo Bibliography project prior to the Annual and incorporated the bibliography into the Annual from the outset. It serves as the primary bibliography for Philonic studies worldwide.

The Studia Philonica Annual

Author :
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The Studia Philonica Annual XXXII 2020

Author : David T. Runia
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Celebrate the contributions of Gregory E. Sterling Harold W. Attridge, Ellen Birnbaum, Adela Yarbro Collins, John J. Collins, Michael B. Cover, Jan Willem van Henten, Carl R. Holladay, Andrew McGowan, Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr, Maren R. Niehoff, James R. Royse, and David T. Runia offer essays honoring Professor Gregory E. Sterling in this special edition of the The Studia Philonica Annual. This volume includes a biography of Sterling’s life by David T. Runia and a bibliography of Sterling’s scholarship by Michael B. Cover. Essays cover a range of topics on Philo, the Bible, and Josephus. Features: Articles on aspects of Hellenistic Judaism written by scholars from around the world Comprehensive bibliography of scholarship on Philo

Jewish Traditions in Early Christian Literature Volume 3 Philo in Early Christian Literature

Author : Douwe (David) Runia
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It is a remarkable fact that the writings of Philo, the Jew from Alexandria, were preserved because they were taken up in the Christian tradition. But the story of how this process of reception and appropriation took place has never been systematically research. In this book the author first examines how Philo's works are related to the New Testament and the earliest Chritian writing, and then how they were used by Greek and Latin church fathers up to 400 c.e., with special attention to the contributions of Clement, Origen, Didymus, Eusebius, Gregory of Nyssa, Ambrose, and Augustine. Philo in Early Christian Literature is a valuable guide to the state of scholarly research on a subject that has thus far been investigated in a rather piecemeal fashion.

Philo of Alexandria

Author : Douwe (David) Runia
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This volume is a continuation of Philo of Alexandria: an Annotated Bibliography 1837-1986, published by Roberto Radice and David Runia in 1988. Prepared with the collaboration of the International Philo Bibliography Project, it contains a complete listing of all scholarly writings on Philo in all languages for the period 1987 to 1996.

Seeing with Different Eyes

Author : Patrick Curry
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Seeing with Different Eyes: Essays in Astrology and Divination represents the cutting-edge of contemporary thought and research on divination. The thirteen authors come from a variety of academic disciplines, ranging from anthropology and classics to English literature and religious studies, and all address the question of divination, astrology and oracles in a spirit of critical but sympathetic inquiry. The emphasis is on a participatory and reflexive approach which is firmly post-positivist, seeking to understand the divinatory act on its own terms within widely varying contexts – ancient Greek and Chaldean philosophy and theurgy, Theravadan Buddhism, Biblical studies, Elizabethan Hermeticism, Jacobean drama, Heideggerian philosophy, Medieval scholasticism, 19th century occultism, contemporary Guatemalan divination and Western medical practice. The authors are all teachers or researchers in the area of divination and symbolism, which is a new disciplinary focus developing at the University of Kent, Canterbury under the aegis of the MA programme in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination. The essays in this volume originally contributed to an international conference of the same name held there in April 2006.

Jerusalem Alexandria Rome

Author : Florentino García Martínez
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A collection of articles on Classical, Jewish and Christian literatures which explore the interaction between the respective languages and cultures at the levels of philology, theology, motives, or realia. The book reveals the fecundating process of transmission, assimilation and reaction among the texts.

Nag Hammadi Bibliography 1970 1994

Author : David Scholer
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This is a sequel to the immensely useful Nag Hammadi Bibliography 1948-1969, which was the first volume to appear in the Nag Hammadi Studies series. The volume provides a complete integration of Supplements I-XXIV to the Bibliography as published in Novum Testamentum 1971-1997, with additions and corrections. In total the update contains over 6092 entries. Nag Hammadi and Gnostic studies continue to be of critical importance for the study of ancient religions in the Graeco-Roman world and for the study of the world of early Christianity, and the present bibliography provides an indispensable reference tool for work in these fields.

God and Grace in Philo and Paul

Author : Orrey McFarland
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In God and Grace in Philo and Paul, Orrey McFarland explores the idea of divine grace in the writings of Philo of Alexandria and Paul the Apostle.