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The Tangled Bridge

Author : Rhodi Hawk
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Psychologist Madeleine LeBlanc is desperate to escape the madness that has followed her family for a century. She's struggling to adjust to her new-found power and to stick to the pact that protects her sanity. But an innocent little boy is being hunted—by Madeleine's half brother and her great-grandmother, Chloe, and by the demons they control. The boy is a threat to their bloodline, to their very nature, but Madeleine cannot let his young life be callously destroyed. Thrust into an age-old battle of dark versus light, Madeleine dives deep into the history of her family and into the vast paranormal underworld of New Orleans, a world seemingly controlled by her great-grandmother. The only way to stop Chloe lies past the tangled bridge that could lead to great power...or total destruction. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Tangled Web

Author : Lance Perticone
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This is the story of Justin Collins, a man who turns to the Internet for solace as his marriage crumbles around him.While on-line, he is quickly seduced by the power of Internet chatrooms. It is there Justin discovers the woman he believes to be his true soul mate. As so many have before him, Justin learns that chat friends aren't necessarily the people they portray themselves to be online. Complications abound when Justin attempts to make his virtual love part of his real life.The Tangled Web is a carefully woven tale of romance and love, mystery and suspense, and betrayal and murder.

The Tangled Web of the Civil War and Reconstruction

Author : David Madden
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This unique collection of writings by the celebrated author David Madden provides a multitude of reflections on the Civil War and Reconstruction, from nonfiction to fiction. Included are Madden’s examination of key works by historians James McPherson and Fletcher Pratt, the story of the effort to simultaneously burn nine bridges by nine unionist guerrilla bands in the most complicated and coordinated guerrilla tactic of the war, and rediscoveries of both classic and contemporary works of Civil War fiction from William Faulkner, Joseph Stanley Pennell, and more. Alongside these essays are pieces from Madden’s Civil War novel, Sharpshooter, which illustrate the interconnectedness of fiction and nonfiction. This meshing of iconoclastic and controversial pieces includes varied perspectives on every aspect of the war and reconstruction, from culture and civilian life to an imagining of Abraham Lincoln’s critique of how historians have recorded the war and its aftermath. By exploring this web of perception, we can better understand the war and, in turn, shed greater light on the present and the future.

The Recollections of a Drummer boy

Author : Henry Martyn Kieffer
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The Boy Scouts Mountain Camp

Author : Howard Payson
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The Boy s Own Annual

Author :
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The Tangled Fire of William Faulkner

Author : William Van O'Connor
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The Tangled Fire of William Faulkner was first published in 1953. Minnesota Archive Editions uses digital technology to make long-unavailable books once again accessible, and are published unaltered from the original University of Minnesota Press editions. Out of the tangled fire that is the genius of William Faulkner's fiction, this critical study draws as coherent and highly original view of the writer's achievement. By placing Faulkner in his Mississippi background and analyzing his novels and short stories in chronological sequence, O'Conner demonstrates a major thesis that sets this apart from other studies. It is his interpretation that Faulkner's fiction is not all of a piece, does not merely develop the conviction of the legend of the Old South, but is, rather, marked by diversity of theme.

The Recollections of A Drummer Boy

Author : Harry M. Kieffer
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Reproduction of the original: The Recollections of A Drummer-Boy by Harry M. Kieffer

The Boy s Own Magazine

Author :
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The Boy s Book of Metals

Author : John Henry Pepper
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