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The Tantrum Survival Guide

Author : Rebecca Schrag Hershberg
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If you are the parent of a toddler or preschooler, chances are you know a thing or two about tantrums. While those epic meltdowns can certainly be part of "normal" toddler behavior, they are still maddening, stressful, and exhausting--for everyone involved. What can you do to keep your cool and help your child calm down? Rebecca Schrag Hershberg, child psychologist and mother of two, has a unique understanding of both the science behind tantrums and what works in the heat of the moment to nip blowups in the bud. With her customizable plan, you'll learn: *Why your toddler's developing brain is hardwired for "big emotions." *What you may be doing (unintentionally) to encourage outbursts. *Ways to use structure and routines to help your child feel secure. *How to reduce tantrums at tough times of day, from wake-up to bedtime. *Strategies for managing tantrums under difficult circumstances, from travel to moving to divorce. *Ways to deepen your parent–child connection--starting right now.

Tantrum Survival Kit

Author : Douglas H. Ruben Phd
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TANTRUM SURVIVAL KIT is a compendia of the latest empirically-based techniques documented for disruptive (tantrum, other) children ages preteen to teenage years. Simple-to-use manual provides rapid solutions facing professionals and parents. Especially for nontraditional parents (e.g., grandparents, foster parent, stepparent, adopted parent), user-friendly steps conveniently describe the logical way to control tantrums, classified into three categories. Category I is garden-variety verbal escalations universally present in most preteen to teenage households. Category II deals with more seriously aggressive tantrums in preteen children, from self-injurious to maliciously property destruction. Category III spells out a remedy for explosively violent tantrums in teenagers without parents falling into traps. Readers also get a privileged look at the reasons why commercially-favorite and even some research-favorite methods do not work and have nasty side-effects. Chapter on Impulsiveness and Attention Span provides succinct explanations for behavior problem and how to cure it. Steps show how to bypass labels of ADD, and ADHD, and deal directly with the child's behavior. Chapter on Tantrums in School guides parents and therapist on why programs fail, and how to liaison with teachers and personnel in repairing school behavior problems. No other book on the trade market comprehensively covers the inner workings of schools and how to navigate the maize. Unlike other tantrum manuals, this book is encyclopedic in its detailed review of tantrums, tantrum-related problems, and solutions to obstacles encountered during interventions

The Gallery Museum Survival Guide For Parents

Author : Jo Ebisujima
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The Museum & Gallery Survival Guide is a quick read guide to help you make the most out of your visits to galleries and museums. This book is perfect for you if you are an art lover but fear your gallery days are over since becoming a parent, or you want to help your kids learn about art and the world around them but struggle with how to start. Inside the guide has plenty of easy to apply tips and tricks to show how taking kids to a gallery can be fun for everyone. You will learn how... + To choose the right museums and galleries for you and your kids + Tips on pre-planning your trip + How to 'wing it' on a spur of the moment gallery visit + Games and idea to make it fun, even for the littles family member + 2 free sets of art card printables available to download + A print and go treasure hunt for those short on time + Tried and tested resources page This survival guide came about after a couple of incidents, the first being told by a mom that I was so brave taking my child to art galleries and that she would never consider taking her pre-school kids to a gallery for fear of them causing chaos. The other was from observing parents in galleries and seeing that with a bit of guidance, their trips could have been filled with a lot more fun and a lot less whining. See this as the missing chapter from the parenting manual you didn't receive when you because a parent! Buy your copy of The Museum & Gallery Survival Guide For Parents NOW and get ready for your next fun museum or gallery trip.

The Toddler Survival Guide

Author : Mike Spohr
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"The Toddler Survival Guide is a hilarious parody that will leave parents laughing even as it provides practical advise on how they can make it through toddlerhood intact"--

Parent Survival Manual

Author : Eric Schopler
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This practical guide offers effective solutions to various behavior problems such as aggression, communication, perseveration, play and leisure, eating and sleeping, and toileting and hygiene.

Toddler Parenting

Author : Jennifer Montessori
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HOW TO BECOME A PARENT WITH NO REGRETS...USING THE POWER OF POSITIVE DISCIPLINE! Have you ever wondered what your kid is really thinking? At times he is angry, happy, sad, or playful... Would you like to forget all those frustrating and tough situations and become a team rather than fighting each over? Or maybe, you are not a parent yet, but you want to be prepared when the time comes? If you answered "Yes" to at least one of these questions, then keep reading... I think most of the upcoming parents used to believe that parenting is a natural thing. It just happens... and that you are going to learn as your child grows, but... As most new parents have already realized, that's just not the case, and the longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes! Toddlers can be tricky. On the one hand, they can be lovely. On the other hand, they can be really hard work. They'll make you laugh. And they will probably bring you to tears. Or at least a high level of frustration. Throughout this collection, I will give you all the knowledge you need to discipline your little one so you can become an Unbreakable Team rather than the warriors on different sides of the battlefield. Here is just a fraction of what's inside: What is a Positive Discipline? And how can you start using it to discipline your child right away! How to stop tantrums? Simple but very powerful behavioral techniques How long will it take? Discipline your child in the shortest period possible! 17 Straight Forward Tactics to discipline your child - A COMPLETE 2 PART SERIES Problems in Public - practical advice on how to deal with temper tantrums in public 1-2-3 - behavioral managing techniques year after year 9 most common parenting mistakes you must avoid as a new parent How to Create Montessori Activities that Are Just Right for Your 1 to 3 Year Old The Ultimate 3-Day Method to Help You Potty Train Your Son as Quickly as Possible Much much more... And it doesn't matter if you are already a parent or about to be, this book will be great preparation for future challenges and lead you every step along the way! Are you ready to say goodbye to frustration and hello to peace and calm? So don't wait, scroll up, click on "Buy Now" and Start Reading!

The Street Wise Spanish Survival Guide

Author : Eleanor Hamer
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Offers lists of Spanish and English idioms, slang, and false cognates, with their meanings and use in sentences; discusses indecent language and tricky points of grammar; and provides advice on etiquette and customs, especially in Mexico.

What Not to Do in Business The Leadership and Management Survival Guide

Author : Thomas Berarducci
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What Not to Do in Business is an eye-opening examination of the sad state of American business today. One by one, American companies continually practice management techniques that simply do not work. Leaders continually resort to methods that are easy yet ineffective, and refuse to acknowledge their mistakes. Instead they plod along, hoping that somehow things will change on their own. But they rarely do. Why is this so common? How can you avoid it? The answers to these and other questions are carefully explained in the book, along with easy to implement alternatives to today's most common management mistakes, presented in a simple, step-by-step format. Read What Not To Do in Business, and become the leader you were meant to be!

The Ghetto Survival Guide for Blacks and Latinos

Author : L. Robinson
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Real life in the ghetto sometimes sucks! So how about a guide with actual useful advice that can help you navigate, survive and hopefully get out! Useful hints tips an advice that somehow has gotten lost while we have been chasing a dream not our own! Written for the Black and Latin urban dweller... However good advice is good advice for any race!

Toddlers Discipline

Author : Nicola Davies
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Are you looking for a guilt-free approach to discipline your toddler that will actually improve the bond between you and your child? Are you looking for ways to create a no drama home full of giggles and loud laughter while establishing safe boundaries and respect for family rules and values? If your answer is yes, then this is the right book for you. Anyone can be a parent, but one of life's biggest challenges is to become a joyful, fair and respectful parent. Parenting is a skill that you learn along the way and, without a doubt, some people will find parenting easier than others. However, no matter how good you are at it, every parent will have good and bad moments in their parenting journey with many lessons to learn and factors to consider along the way. One point that parents can struggle with is toddler discipline. All toddlers need discipline not just to understand what is right and what is wrong, but also to raise responsible, confident and secure humans that feel loved and respected all the time but that also know when 'enough is enough'. Toddlers are egocentric little people that live in the present moment 100% of their time. Toddlers are so innocent in their mischievousness that they can make it very hard to enforce any discipline on them. So, it is either you know what you are doing or chances are your toddler will try to drive you insane. Also, one form of discipline may work on one toddler, but will be completely ineffective on another. This is because every child is different and there should be no comparison to other toddlers, parents and family's situations. To have the right knowledge about toddlerhood and a clear and thoughtful vision about your discipline approach and the values that it fosters is crucial. This book covers the following topics: ✓ Evaluate those generational patterns and models ✓ Parental Stress Management 95 ✓ How to be a positive and mindful parent and reach a guilt-free discipline ✓ The common mistakes that parents make and how to fix them 104 ✓ Establishing respect ✓ Tools for more cooperative children ✓ How to coach siblings' relationships and rivalry ✓ The importance of the right nutrition ...And Much More! Are you ready to become that fair, firm and fun parent that everyone would have wished to have? Then Click to Buy Now the Book!

The Ultimate Man s Survival Guide

Author : Frank Miniter
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Do you know how to fight off an alligator? Throw a four-seam fastball? Mix the perfect martini? How about Ben Franklin’s 13 Rules of Improvement? Learn all this and more in the new expanded paperback edition of Frank Miniter’s New York Times bestseller The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide. Broken into seven sections—survivor, provider, athlete, hero,romantic, cultured man, and philosopher—Miniter teaches guys the skills,attitudes, and philosophies they need to be the ultimate man.

A Survival Guide for New Special Educators

Author : Bonnie S. Billingsley
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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What every special education teacher needs to know to survive and thrive A Survival Guide for New Special Educators provides relevant, practical information for new special education teachers across a broad range of topic areas. Drawing on the latest research on special educator effectiveness and retention, this comprehensive, go-to resource addresses the most pressing needs of novice instructors, resource teachers, and inclusion specialists. Offers research-based, classroom-tested strategies for working with a variety of special needs students Covers everything from preparing for the new school year to behavior management, customizing curriculum, creating effective IEPs, and more Billingsley and Brownell are noted experts in special educator training and support This highly practical book is filled with checklists, forms, and tools that special educators can use every day to help ensure that all special needs students get the rich, rewarding education they deserve.

The Second Baby Survival Guide

Author : Naia Edwards
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Format : PDF, ePub
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The Second Baby Survival Guide offers a brilliant mixture of practical, experience-driven advice and warm supportiveness to help second-time parents-to-be cope with a new baby and a toddler. Covering everything from telling your older child about the new baby, to trying to organise your day with two in tow, this book will equip you for the exciting – and busy – journey ahead. Naia Edwards offers reassuring advice and tips on a range of topics, from ensuring everyone gets enough sleep, to tackling jealousy and tantrums in your older child and how to adapt to your bigger family. And yes, you will be able find enough love for two. With frequently asked questions and case studies offering words of wisdom from parents who've been there (and survived to tell the tale!) this is an engaging, trustworthy and enjoyable read and is set to become a parenting classic.

A Survival Guide to Parenting Teens

Author : Joani Geltman
File Size : 56.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Turn back the clocks! Your sweet child has morphed into a teen. And it's no longer just a messy bedroom or an attitude with a capital "A" causing concern. There's a whole new range of issues on the horizon. What if your daughter texts a naked picture to a "boyfriend"...which he then forwards to the entire class? What if your son becomes increasingly withdrawn...Or your child is being bullied online? Would you know what to do? You could read a whole book on teen psychology--but who has the time! As a parent, what you need most is quick and candid advice for dealing with the issue at hand. After all, if you say the right thing you will open up the lines of communication, but say the wrong thing...and WATCH OUT. A Survival Guide to Parenting Teens is the solution. Covering a broad range of issues from the terrifying (sex, drinking, drugs, depression) to the frustrating (defiance, laziness, conformity, entitlement), parenting expert Joani Geltman approaches each of the 80 topics with honesty and a dash of humor. Want to understand why teens do what they do? Joani reveals what they are thinking and feeling--and what developmental factors are involved. She then explains how to approach each problem in a way that lets your kid know you "get it" and leads to truly productive conversations. From lying to sexting to falling grades, the teenage years can be an uphill battle. Here is the no-nonsense guide you need to get your teen talking, listening, and back on track.

Toddler Taming

Author : Christopher Green
File Size : 84.75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The author of Dr. Green's Baby Book offers a warm, reassuring guide to help parents through the trying years of toddlerhood, from tantrums and toilet training to choosing play groups and day care. Original.

The Grief Survival Handbook

Author : D. Keith Cobb M.D.
File Size : 43.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Grief Survival Handbook guides one through and explores the bewildering phases of grief. Denial, depression, anger, hopelessness, insomnia and fatigue are only a few of the distressing emotions and symptoms experienced by those who are struggling under the load of bereavement. Mourning is a distressing reaction to an experience which all must face at some point in life - the loss of a loved one. D. Keith Cobb, M.D. presents true life examples of those who have faced the dark nights of bereavement and offers a physician’s guidance in navigating toward brighter days. For mourners and their emotional support network of family and friends, this book is a must-read.

A Survival Guide for Teachers

Author : Lori Fisk
File Size : 60.69 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Stay at Home Parent s Survival Guide

Author : Christina Baglivi Tinglof
File Size : 38.5 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Each year thousands of parents, yearning for more time with their children, put away their briefcases and laptops in favor of baby gear and Legos. Yet being home with the kids all day isn't easy! Some of us need a little extra help with the transition. The Stay-at-Home Parent Survival Guide not only helps Moms and Dads survive the occasional stressful day--something every parent experiences now and then--but also inspires them with new ideas for indoor and outdoor activities, great places to take the kids, starting a playgroup, building a support system, and keeping connected in the adult community. Even if you're a parenting pro, The Stay-at-Home Parent Survival Guide is a useful resource that offers unique ways to handle the day-to-day tasks of stay-at-home parenting, such as helpful tips for finishing the housework with the kids underfoot, meal and naptime strategies that work, skills for building a stronger marriage, managing your time effectively, beating the stay-at-home blues, and balancing household finances on a single income. In addition to the expertise of author Christina Baglivi Tinglof and other stay-at-home parents, The Survival Guide includes valuable insights from a variety of experts, including: Kathy Kristof, syndicated columnist, on how to set and reach financial goals Arlene Rossen Cardozo, author of Sequencing, on the evolution of the stay-at-home mom Dr. Sylvia Rimm, "Today" show parenting expert, on positive discipline Dr. Brian Ray, president of the National Home Education Research Institute, on homeschooling Elaine St. James, author of Simplify Your Life with Kids, on just that Ellen Parlapiano and Patricia Cobe, authors of Mompreneurs, on starting your own business from home Christina Baglivi Tinglof is a stay-at-home mom of three young sons and the author of Double Duty: The Parents' Guide to Raising Twins. She and her family live in Los Angeles.

The Parent Survival Guide

Author : Todd Cartmell
File Size : 35.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A practical, hands-on book that will give parents immediate ideas for responding effectively to 41 challenging situations, such as bedtime, fears, homework, lying, and temper tantrums.

The Pain Survival Guide

Author : Dennis C. Turk
File Size : 22.98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Chronic pain sufferers can find hope and relief with this proven ten-step program that shows how gradual changes in specific behaviors can lead to great improvements in the ability to cope. Workbook exercises, behavior logs, and suggested readings help integrate these lessons into daily life.