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The Thriving Adolescent

Author : Louise L. Hayes
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Adolescents face unique pressures and worries. Will they pass high school? Should they go to college? Will they find love? And what ways do they want to act in the world? The uncertainty surrounding the future can be overwhelming. Sadly, and all too often, if things don’t go smoothly, adolescents will begin labeling themselves as losers, unpopular, unattractive, weird, or dumb. And, let’s not forget the ubiquitous ‘not good enough’ story that often begins during these formative years. These labels are often carried forward throughout life. So what can you do, now, to help lighten this lifelong burden? The Thriving Adolescent offers teachers, counselors, and mental health professionals powerful techniques for working with adolescents. Based in proven- effective acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), the skills and tips outlined in this book will help adolescents and teens manage difficult emotions, connect with their values, achieve mindfulness and vitality, and develop positive relationships with friends and family. The evidence-based practices in this book focus on developing a strong sense of self, and will give adolescents the confidence they need to make that difficult transition into adulthood. Whether it’s school, family, or friend related, adolescents experience a profound level of stress, and often they lack the psychological tools to deal with stress in productive ways. The skills we impart to them now will help set the stage for a happy, healthy adulthood. If you work with adolescents or teens, this is a must-have addition to your professional library.

ACT for Adolescents

Author : Sheri L. Turrell
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In this much-needed guide, a clinical psychologist and a social worker provide a flexible, ten-week protocol based in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) to help adolescents overcome mental health hurdles and thrive. If you’re a clinician working with adolescents, you understand the challenges this population faces. But sometimes it can be difficult to establish connection in therapy. To help, ACT for Adolescents offers the first effective professional protocol for facilitating ACT with adolescents in individual therapy, along with modifications for a group setting. In this book, you’ll find invaluable strategies for connecting meaningfully with your client in session, while at the same time arriving quickly and safely to the clinical issues your client is facing. You’ll also find an overview of the core processes of ACT so you can introduce mindfulness into each session and help your client choose values-based action. Using the protocol outlined in this book, you’ll be able to help your client overcome a number of mental health challenges from depression and anxiety to eating disorders and trauma. If you work with adolescent clients, the powerful and effective step-by-step exercises in this book are tailored especially for you. This is a must-have addition to your professional library. This book includes audio downloads.

Creative Ways to Help Children Manage Anxiety

Author : Fiona Zandt
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This book sets out therapeutic activities to help children aged 4-12 years and their families to better understand and manage anxiety. It explains how to work with anxious children, providing a framework for assessment and therapy that draws on CBT, ACT and narrative therapy approaches. Lots of practical tips for therapists are included and important developmental considerations are discussed, including adapting therapy for children with developmental difficulties, and working with families and schools. Over 50 playful therapeutic activities are included, which have been developed through the authors' extensive work with children, giving children an arsenal of coping strategies. They focus on key areas such as understanding anxiety, managing anxious thoughts, and building resilience and use readily available, inexpensive materials and downloadable templates which are provided in the book. This is the perfect tool for therapists looking for playful and purposeful ways to work with children with anxiety.

Promoting Psychological Wellbeing in Children and Families

Author : Bruce Kirkcaldy
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Psychology's contribution to health research and clinical practice continues to grow at a phenomenal pace. In this book a global and multidisciplinary selection of outstanding academics and clinicians focus on the psychological well-being and positive health of both children and families in order to 'depathologise' mental disorders.

Thinking About Prescribing

Author : Shashank V. Joshi, M.D., FAAP, DFAACAP
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""Our remedies are only as good as the way in which we dispense them." That is the central premise of Thinking About Prescribing. In this new, thought-provoking volume, more than two dozen experts make the case for an ongoing alliance between pharmacotherapists, young patients, and their families. Chapters tackle issues ranging from the psychodynamics of medication use in youth with serious mental illness, adapting evidence-based motivation and therapy techniques to enhance adherence, cultivating the synergistic role of primary care providers and psychotherapists, engaging in psychoeducation with patients, to prescribing via telemedicine. Readers will pick up the foundational knowledge they need to develop a partnership with patients that is based on trust and candid communication-rather than on just the cold facts about psychotropic medications. Chapters feature key takeaways that distill the most salient points, helping readers to reference-and retain-the information easily"--

Creative Ways to Help Children Manage BIG Feelings

Author : Fiona Zandt
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To be able to effectively offer therapy to children, complex therapeutic concepts need to be presented in an appropriate and engaging manner. This practical guide provides clinicians with a way in which to do so, with numerous games and imaginative activities to help children aged 4-12 to express and understand their feelings. Part I provides a comprehensive guide to working therapeutically with children and families, while Part II outlines 47 creative therapeutic activities. Each activity is presented with clear instructions using inexpensive and readily available resources and the objective and rationale of each activity is given, making it easily applicable. Activities range from using an easy to make volcano to help children better understand anger, to using a ball of string to illustrate how one person's feelings affect the whole family. This book is an invaluable resource for newly qualified clinicians, and also a treasure trove of creative ideas for experienced therapists.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Author : Koa Whittingham
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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: The Clinician’s Guide for Supporting Parents constitutes a principles-based guide for clinicians to support parents across various stages of child and adolescent development. It uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as an axis to integrate evolution science, behaviour analysis, attachment theory, emotion-focused and compassion-focused therapies into a cohesive framework. From this integrated framework, the authors explore practice through presenting specific techniques, experiential exercises, and clinical case studies. Explores the integration of ACT with established parenting approaches Includes a new model - the parent-child hexaflex - and explores each component of this model in depth with clinical techniques and a case study Emphasizes how to foster a strong therapeutic relationship and case conceptualization from an acceptance and commitment therapy perspective Covers the full spectrum of child development from infancy to adolescence Touches upon diverse clinical presentations including: child anxiety, neurodevelopmental disorders, and child disruptive behavior problems, with special emphasis on infant sleep Addresses how best to support parents with mental health concerns, such as postnatal depression Is relevant for both novices and clinicians, students in psychology, social work and educational professionals supporting parents

Psychiatry and Neuroscience Update

Author : Pascual Ángel Gargiulo
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This broad and thought-provoking volume provides an overview of recent intellectual and scientific advances that intersect psychiatry and neuroscience, offering a wide range of penetrating insights in both disciplines. The fourth volume on the topic in the last several years from a varying panel of international experts identifies the borders, trends and implications in both fields today and goes beyond that into related disciplines to seek out connections and influences. Similar to its three Update book predecessors, Psychiatry and Neuroscience – Volume IV presents a range of interesting topics in the main disciplines – psychiatry and neuroscience – and attempts to provide deeper comprehension or explication of the normal and diseased human mind, its biological correlates and its biographical and existential implications. This engaging volume continues the previous style of exploring different disciplines and trying to integrate disciplinary evidence from varying points of view in an organic manner. The first section is about epistemological considerations regarding the study of normal and abnormal human behaviors, including, for example, the topic of phenomenological psychopathology and phenomenological psychiatry in relation to schizophrenia and substance misuse, among other topics. Section 2 addresses issues around the translation of basic neuroscience to expression in the human brain and behavioral implications. Section 3 discusses the issues of learning, teaching and the role of social environment in the field of neuroscience. Finally section 4 reviews various perspectives on explaining human pathological behaviors -- from brain disorders to psychopathology.

Understanding Conduct Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Author : Laura Vanzin
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This vital guide takes a new approach to conduct and oppositional defiant disorders (CD and ODD), presenting the science in an accessible way to empower both parents and practitioners. Vanzin and Mauri cover a range of key topics, including distinguishing between typical and atypical behavioral development, how to choose the best course of treatment for a child and how parental behavior can help or hinder progress, providing a comprehensive overview of these two disorders. In six clearly labeled chapters, the authors explain the science behind popular treatments, providing practical advice and clear, step-by-step instructions on how to approach challenging behavior. Written in concise and straightforward language, each chapter concludes with “important points” summarizing key information, designed to help those living or working with children suffering from behavioral disorders to both understand the nature of the disorders and achieve the best outcome for the child. The final chapter of the book presents an in-depth case study of a child with behavioral disorders, thoroughly detailing symptoms, treatment and outcome, providing a demonstration of best practice and affirming that challenging behavior can be effectively managed. Illustrated with clinical vignettes of the experiences of children living with CD and ODD, Understanding Conduct Disorder and Oppositional- Defiant Disorder is essential reading for parents and caregivers, as well as practitioners in clinical and educational psychology, counseling, mental health, nursing, child welfare, public healthcare and those in education.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Brain Injury

Author : Will Curvis
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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Brain Injury discusses how acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) can be integrated into existing approaches to neuropsychological rehabilitation and therapy used with people who have experienced a brain injury. Written by practicing clinical psychologists and clinical neuropsychologists, this text is the first to integrate available research with innovative clinical practice. The book discusses how ACT principles can be adapted to meet the broad and varying physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioural needs of people who have experienced brain injury, including supporting families of people who have experienced brain injury and healthcare professionals working in brain injury services. It offers considerations for direct and indirect, systemic and multi-disciplinary working through discussion of ACT concepts alongside examples taken from clinical practice and consideration of real-world brain injury cases, across a range of clinical settings and contexts. The book will be relevant to a range of psychologists and related professionals, including those working in neuropsychology settings and those working in more general physical or mental health contexts.