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The Traditional Theatre of Japan

Author : John Wesley Harris
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Offers a survey of the main forms of traditional Japanese drama - Kyogen, Noh, Kabuki, and Puppetry.

The Traditional Theater of Japan

Author : Yoshinobu Inoura
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Written by two Japanese authorities in the field, this is a comprehensive history of Japanese theatre. They cover the development of theatre forms from the 6th century to the present day. The book will be valuable for anyone interested in Japanese culture or dramatic arts in general and is copiously illustrated.

Historical Dictionary of Japanese Traditional Theatre

Author : Samuel L. Leiter
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This updated edition adds well over 200 plot summaries representing each theatrical form in addition to: a chronology; introductory essay; appendixes; an extensive bibliography; over 1500 cross-referenced entries on important terms; brief biographies of the leading artists and writers; and plot summaries of significant plays.

Japanese Theatre and the International Stage

Author : Stanca Scholz-Cionca
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This is the most internationally comprehensive collection on Japanese theatre ever published. A team of authors from ten nations contributes twenty-five wide-ranging essays, covering everything from kagura ritual forms to postmodern angura.

The Japanese Theatre

Author : Benito Ortolani
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From ancient ritualistic practices to modern dance theatre, this study provides concise summaries of all major theatrical art forms in Japan. It situates each genre in its particular social and cultural contexts, describing in detail staging, costumes, repertory and noteworthy actors.

Women s Giday and the Japanese Theatre Tradition

Author : Angela Kimi Coaldrake
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This is the first book in English on women's gidayu and introduces the performers, their music and the politics of their survival within the male-dominated world of Japanese theatre tradition. It explores the intricate web of interrelationships of personality, organization of performance in women's gidayu in contemporary Japan. Kimi Coaldrake's book is a pioneering study of a traditional and dynamic area of Japanese cultural life that has previously been little understood in the West. It will be of particular interest to those studying Japanese theatre and its music as well as those seeking insights into the contribution of women to Japanese theatre history. The CD which accompanies the book provides immediate access to rare historical recordings of the Living National Treasure Takemoto Tosahiro (1897-1992) and other famous women performers, bringing to life the popular tales of gidayu discussed in the text.

A History of Japanese Theatre

Author : Jonah Salz
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Japan boasts one of the world's oldest, most vibrant and most influential performance traditions. This accessible and complete history provides a comprehensive overview of Japanese theatre and its continuing global influence. Written by eminent international scholars, it spans the full range of dance-theatre genres over the past fifteen hundred years, including noh theatre, bunraku puppet theatre, kabuki theatre, shingeki modern theatre, rakugo storytelling, vanguard butoh dance and media experimentation. The first part addresses traditional genres, their historical trajectories and performance conventions. Part II covers the spectrum of new genres since Meiji (1868–), and Parts III to VI provide discussions of playwriting, architecture, Shakespeare, and interculturalism, situating Japanese elements within their global theatrical context. Beautifully illustrated with photographs and prints, this history features interviews with key modern directors, an overview of historical scholarship in English and Japanese, and a timeline. A further reading list covers a range of multimedia resources to encourage further explorations.

Three Japanese Plays from the Traditional Theatre

Author : Earle Ernst
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Japanese Classical Theater in Films

Author : Keiko I. McDonald
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Important connections between Japan's classical theater and its national cinema have been largely unexplored in the West. Japanese Classical Theater in Films breaks new ground by charting the influence that the three major dramatic genres - Noh, Kabuki, and Bunraku - have had on filmmaking. The first part provides historical and cultural background for understanding some of the distinctive features of the impact of the classical theater on the growth of film art. It also surveys how classical plays, such as Chushingura, have continued to enrich the cinema repertoire. The second part presents more detailed analyses with a focus on the director's use of formal properties of the classical theater and the director's adaptation of the play for the screen. Fourteen films chosen for close reading include The Iron Crown, Soshun Kochiyama, and Pandemonium - none of which has been substantially studied outside of Japan before. Noh, Kabuki, and Bunraku are the three distinct genres of classical theater that have made Japan's dramatic art unique. The audience steeped in these traditional theatrical forms sees many aspects of stage conventions in Japanese cinema. This intimacy makes the aesthetic/intellectual experience of films more enriching. Japanese Classical Theater in Films aims at heightening such awareness in the West, the awareness of the influence that these three major dramatic genres have had on Japan's cinematic tradition. Using an eclectic critical framework - a solid combination of historical and cultural approaches reinforced with formalist and auteurist perspectives - Keiko I. McDonald undertakes this much needed, ambitious task. Four postwar Japanese films - Kinoshita's The Ballad of Narayama, Kurosawa's The Throne of Blood and Ran, and Kinugasa's An Actor's Revenge - are chosen to illustrate the stylistics of the traditional theater as an important source of artistic inspiration. The illustration is followed by comparative analyses of classical plays and their screen versions. McDonald examines how major film directors transform originals in ways that clarify new and individual social, ideological, and philosophical visions. For example, Tadashi Imai's Night Drum, Mizoguchi's The Crucified Lovers, and Shinoda's Gonza: the Spearman are used to highlight the filmmakers' modernist responses to the feudal society portrayed by the playwright Monzaemon Chikamatsu. This first major study devoted to connections between Japan's classical theater and its national cinema answers the basic question about cultural specificity that has always concerned McDonald as a teacher and scholar of Japanese cinema: How does a person coming from the Japanese tradition help the Western audience see a Japanese film for what it is?

Modern Japanese Theatre and Performance

Author : David Jortner
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Modern Japanese Theatre and Performance is a collection of sixteen essays on Japanese theatre, including historical overviews of twentieth century theatre, analyses of specific productions and individuals, and consideration of the intercultural nature of modern Japanese theatre. Also included is a new translation of a 'Superkyogen' play.

Shakespeare and the Japanese Stage

Author : Takashi Sasayama
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Leading Japanese and Western Shakespeare scholars study the interaction of Japanese and Western conceptions of Shakespeare.

The Classic Noh Theatre of Japan

Author : Ernest Fenollosa
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The Noh plays of Japan have been compared to the greatest of Greek tragedies for their evocative, powerful poetry and splendor of emotional intensity.

The Kabuki Theatre of Japan

Author : Adolphe Clarence Scott
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One of the most comprehensive handbooks available on Kabuki theatre. Text describes the theater's development in the context of Japanese history, with detailed analyses of actors' techniques, music and dance, plays and playwrights, the playhouse's design evolution, and six representative Kabuki plays. Includes glossary of Japanese terms. "Highly recommended." — Library Journal.

Rising from the Flames

Author : Samuel L. Leiter
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This is the first book to describe the way in which the traditional and modern forms of Japanese theater responded to Japan's defeat in World War II. It includes sixteen essays by thirteen specialists demonstrating the triumphs and tribulations of Japanese theater during the Allied Occupation, 1945–1952.

A Guide to the Japanese Stage

Author : Ronald Cavaye
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Japan has a wide range of unique, highly refined performing arts that haveeveloped over centuries. This guide provides a brief history andntroduction to the features of each genre, together with recommendations oflays that are accessible to non-Japanese audiences. Brief synopses arerovided to approximately fifty selected plays, and well-known popularompanies, actors, writers, and directors are introduced. The text is widelyllustrated, and includes information about theatre listings, how to getickets, and which plays are available on DVD. It will be invaluable fornyone planning a visit to Japan and keen to experience its theatre firsthand,s well as providing additional insights for students of Japanese theatrend literature.

Traditional Country Theatre in Japan

Author : Gothild Pausewang
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The Bunraku Puppet Theatre of Japan

Author : Stanleigh H. Jones
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The plays presented here were first performed between 1769 and 1832, a time when the Japanese puppet theatre known as Bunraku was beginning to lose its pre-eminence to Kabuki. During this period, however, several important puppet plays were created that went on to become standards in both the Bunraku and Kabuki repertoires; three of the plays in this volume achieved this level of importance. This span of some sixty-odd years was also a formative one in the development of how plays were presented, an important feature in the modern staging of works from the traditional plebeian theatre. Only a handful of complete and uncut playsoften as much as ten hours longare produced in Bunraku or Kabuki nowadays; included here is one of these. Two among the four plays contained in this volume are examples of the much more common practice of staging a single popular act or scene from a much longer drama that itself is seldom, if ever, performed in its entirety today.

Backstage at Bunraku

Author : Barbara C. Adachi
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Discusses the characteristics of the classical Japanese art form

Japanese Political Theatre in the 18th Century

Author : Akihiro Odanaka
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Bunraku has fascinated theatre practitioners through its particular forms of staging, such as highly elaborated manipulation of puppets and exquisite coordination of chanters and shamisen players. However, Bunraku lacks scholarship dedicated to translating not only the language but also cultural barriers of this work. In this book, Odanaka and Iwai tackle the wealth of bunraku plays underrepresented in English through rexamining their siginifcance on a global scale. Little is written on the fact that bunraku theatre, despites its elegant figures of puppets and exotic stories, was often made as a place to manifest the political concerns of playwrights in the 18th century, hence a reflection of the audience's expectation that could not have materialized outside the theatre. Japanese Political Theatre in the 18th Century aims to make bunraku texts readable for those who are interested in the political and cultural implications of this revered theatre tradition.

Traditional Japanese Theater

Author : Professor Karen Brazell
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Introduces the genres of noh, kyogen, kabuki, and bunraku puppet theater, and offers translations of thirty of the best-known plays, with background information on their history, characters, staging, and significance