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The Trail of Time

Author : Silvio A. Bedini
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A scholarly study of the role of the incense timekeeper in early Chinese history.

The Grand Canyon Trail of Time Companion

Author : Karl Karlstrom
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Tracing the Trail of Time

Author : Raymond Hickey
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Along the Trail of Time

Author : Richard Kerry Holtzin
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This traveler's guidebook takes the reader on a virtual sightseeing and educational jaunt along the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. Thus, conveying all aspects of the canyon: geology, natural and human history, including six addenda on relevant subject matter (i.e., facts about the Colorado Plateau, things to do and see in Grand Canyon Village, and a lexicon of geologic terms. Using the South Rim's interpretive walking timeline trail as a means to disseminate information to the reader, this factual and informative text presents common details in an uncommon way. Specifically, a demotic writing style that changes the academics of geoscience, natural and human history into a casual parlance employed by educator-guides addressing clients, students and friends. Along The Trail Of Time, therefore, feigns its own tour, only in a literary sense, while explaining details without sermonizing. Standard book format: 193 pages

Trail of Time

Author : Steven P. Love
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Following the Trail of Blood

Author : Alan Robbins
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The year is 1671 during the time known as the Restoration in the England of King Charles II. London is recovering from the ravages of the Great Plague and the fire that destroyed more than half of the city. Scoundrels and earls, merchants and midwives, and remarkable personalities like William Penn, Isaac Newton, and Thomas Hobbes inhabit its teeming streets. Against this background, the notorious thief and swindler Colonel Thomas Blood is preparing to commit an audacious and daring crime. It is into this dizzying mix that D. is suddenly thrust, having slipped through a rip in time. But can this very 21st century citizen make sense of such an alien world and, more importantly, stop the crime in time to fulfill the destiny that will guide D. home 350 years into the future? This book is time travel mystery based on the true story of the greatest crime of the 17th century.

The Trail of the Prodigal

Author : Kermit L. Krueger
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It is 1888, and for Jesse Riddle, time has already brought too much change. Caught between the excitement of life on Harrison Avenue in Leadville, Colorado, and his commitment to the Lord, he must now make some big decisions. Work in the mines has exposed him to a new world of hard living and reckless self-indulgence, and Jesse knows that the direction his life is taking is hurting his preacher father. The church has always been the center of the young man’s life, but now more worldly temptations are pulling him away. He tries to resist the lure of the saloons, with mixed success. His reputation as a man to be feared troubles him. But despite it all—the temptations, the accolades, the power—he could not ignore the commitment he had made to the Lord. Jesse needs to get away for a while. The mountains have always been his place of sanctuary, and it is to their high reaches that he runs in times of doubt. He could not have imagined what God had in store for him—a mystery beyond his ability to understand. Strange new people and machines have slipped through time, but for what purpose? The choices he must make now will determine the course of the rest of his life. The stakes are high, and the time to decide is short.

The Trail of Lost Time

Author : R. A. Montgomery
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A map found on a New Mexico ranch leads to a mystical time traveling adventure, in a book where the reader determines the path and outcome of the story.

The Trail of History

Author : Titus Mooney Merriman
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On the Trail of the D C Sniper

Author : Jack R. Censer
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For a month in the fall of 2002, a series of sniper attacks suddenly dominated the headlines in the nation’s capital. Beginning in the Washington suburbs, these crimes eventually stretched over one hundred miles along I-95 to Richmond. More than a thousand law officers would pursue the perpetrators—an enormous number for one case. The number of reporters covering the story, however, was even greater. On the Trail of the D.C. Sniper uses the remarkable events of that October to explore the shifting character of journalism as it entered the twenty-first century and to question how this change in the way news is gathered and reported impacted the events it covered. Because of its political significance, Washington, D.C., although not a huge population center, is home to an international news corps rivaling that of London or New York. The sniper story thus gained unusually broad media coverage. These events also coincided with the rise of cable network news, meaning that the story would be delivered through a greatly accelerated news cycle. Continuous coverage on television meant a more intense race for scoops; when a major development wasn’t available, lesser incidents were sometimes played up in an attempt to maintain the sense of an always unfolding story. Jack Censer looks at the atmosphere of heightened anxiety in which this killing spree occurred—coming only a year after the 9/11 attacks, as well as the unsolved anthrax scare centered in the D.C. area—and asks if the press, by intensifying its focus, also intensified the sense of fear.To bring in another perspective, Censer looks closely at the elementary and secondary schools in the area, comparing their experience of the threat with the press’s perception, and presentation, of it. In most cases, school officials chose a course of precaution in which life could carry on, rather than one of hypervigilance and lockdowns. Although it is widely thought that journalists have strong political and commercial biases, Censer reveals that in this case the press was motivated, above all, by the creation of a gripping story to evoke emotion from its audience. One of the most detailed studies yet published of how the press follows a story in the twenty-four-hour news era, this book provides a window on post-9/11 anxiety and the relationship between those fears, public events, and the news media.

On the Trail of Genghis Khan

Author : Tim Cope
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The relationship between man and horse on the Eurasian steppe gave rise to a succession of rich nomadic cultures. Among them were the Mongols of the thirteenth century – a small tribe, which, under the charismatic leadership of Genghis Khan, created the largest contiguous land empire in history. Inspired by the extraordinary life nomads still lead today, Tim Cope embarked on a journey that hadn't been successfully completed since those times: to travel on horseback across the entire length of the Eurasian steppe, from Karakorum, the ancient capital of Mongolia, through Kazakhstan, Russia, Crimea and the Ukraine to the Danube River in Hungary. From horse-riding novice to travelling three years and 10,000 kilometres on horseback, accompanied by his dog Tigon, Tim learnt to fend off wolves and would-be horse-thieves, and grapple with the extremes of the steppe as he crossed sub-zero plateaux, the scorching deserts of Kazakhstan and the high-mountain passes of the Carpathians. Along the way, he was taken in by people who taught him the traditional ways and told him their recent history: Stalin's push for industrialisation brought calamity to the steepe and forced collectivism that in Kazakhstan alone led to the loss of several million livestock and the starvation of more than a million nomads. Today Cope bears witness to how the traditional ways hang precariously in the balance in the post-Soviet world.

The Trail of the Slug

Author : C.J. Alexander
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Seattle, an emerald city on the Sound, clean and beautifulexcept for people who abuse others in the markets and on the streets. A city of industry and commerce, of giant airliners and tiny microchips, it is the target of industrial espionage that affects the security of the nation. The S.P.D., swift and efficient, but can it do its job when a majority of the city doesnt want it done? An explosion? No, not a blast as from Semtex or nitroglycerine. Far worse, it is three old men, each nearing the end of his life, each no longer willing to compromise, banded together for the most bizarre vigilante activity the West has seen. They are the Society of the Slug, and they will disrupt an entire city. On the other hand, one might say that this is a love story.

The Trail of Tears 1838

Author : Laura Purdie Salas
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Discusses events leading up to the removal of the Cherokee Native Americans from their homelands, hardships faced on the Trail of Tears, challenges of the new territory in Oklahoma, and the Cherokee nation today.

DC Universe Trail of Time

Author : Jeff Mariotte
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Clark Kent is living in a darkworld where he has no powers, no memory of ever beinganything other than human. His world is controlled bymystical forces no one can challenge, with thetriumvirate of Vandal Savage, Mordru, and Felix Faustcalling the shots.The Demon and Phantom Stranger approach Clark andtell him that he is really Superman, that alterationsmade more than a hundred years ago to the time stream arecausing space-time fluctuations that will result in thisparticular reality becoming the sole reality, unlesssomething is done. Since Superman is powerless in thisreality, and since the alterations were made in the past,the three heroes have to travel into the past,specifically into the American Southwest of the 1870s,where Jonah Hex, Bat Lash and other DC Western heroeshelp them set things right again.

On the Trail of Robert the Bruce

Author : David. R. Ross
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Here is the astonishing blow-by-blow account of how, against fearful odds, freedom-fighter Bruce led the Scots to win their greatest victory ever in the War of Independence. The trail takes us to Bruce sites in Scotland and beyond, over 70 in all, with fully detailed maps. Elaborate illustrations help set the scene on the Bruce's story, which is one part blood and gore, two parts love and laughter. Ross proves himself a master of writing hands-on history with attitude.

Hitching Posts for the Trail of Life History Theology and Life

Author :
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A Report of the Trail of the Cause of John Taylor Vs Edward C Delavan

Author : John Taylor
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On the Trail of Europa

Author : Donald N. Yates
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Journal by Donald N. Yates of travels through Italy, Croatia, Greece and Turkey in the summer of 2011, with photographs of Rome, Venice, Verona, Ephesus and other sites. The author comments on the emerging society of the European Union and takes notes on ancient ruins of the Mater Magna or Great Goddess cult. The author and his wife spend time with an Italian friend at her remote farmhouse in Soave wine country and take a cruise from Venice to Greece and Turkey with ports of call in Dbrovnik and Bari.

The trail of the Loup

Author : H.W. Foght
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The trail of the Loup; being a history of the Loup River region with some chapters on the state.

On The Trail Of Deserters

Author : Robert Goldthwaite Carter
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The year of 1871 had been so full of incidents and far reaching results for the Fourth Cavalry and its new Colonel, Ranald S. Mackenzie, that it is somewhat difficult to go back into the dim vistas of that period and select the one incident, or absorbing event which would be either of greatest magnitude or afford the most thrilling interest-- This capture of ten deserters, however, under circumstances of more than ordinary importance, since it is believed to be the record capture ever made in the Military Department of Texas, or, perhaps for that matter, of any Military Department in the United States--came about as closely in touch with the writer's life as almost any other experience he ever had while serving as an officer of that regiment--including, as it did, terrible exposure, and unavoidable hardships and privations-- Like all of the other Cavalry regiments in our Army, which were then doing about three fourths of all the active, effective work--the work that disables or kills--in the subjugation of the savage tribes in the United States, driving them into Indian reservations, and rendering it possible for the frontier border to be settled, and civilization to be advanced to a point where it could feel safe from raids and bloody incursions, the Fourth U. S. Cavalry, notwithstanding its high morale and almost perfect state of discipline--had its share of desertions--