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Analysing the Trust Transparency Nexus

Author : Stafford, Ian
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Is transparency a necessary condition to build and restore citizen and civil society trust in governance and democracy? Throughout Europe, there is a growing demand for effective forms of citizen engagement and decentralisation in policy-making to increase trust and engage increasingly diverse populations. This volume addresses the relationship between trust and transparency in the context of multi-level governance. Drawing on fieldwork from the UK, France and Germany, this comparative analysis examines different efforts to build trust between key actors involved in decision-making at the sub-national level. It outlines the challenges of delivering this agenda and explores the paradox that trust might require transparency, yet in some instances transparency may undermine trust.

Continuance of Civil Government for the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs. Subcommittee on Territories and Insular Affairs
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Considers (90) S. 303.

Continuance of Civil Government for the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs. Subcommittee on Territorial and Insular Affairs
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The Trust Bulletin

Author : American Bankers Association. Trust Division
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Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands

Author :
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Avoid Market Loss with Trust Deed Investing

Author : Casimir J. Domaszewicz
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Avoid Market Loss with Trust Deed Investing provides an alternate investment media to investors, that are disillusioned by the present unstable stock market. It provides detailed information on how to put money to work in a relatively safe investment with a high return. By using the guides presented, double-digit returns with security can be achieved. Investors can do this by using Trust Deeds, secured by a borrower's house, apartment building, or other real estate property. Additionally, the investor doesn't have to be a resident of the state where the real estate security is located. In this book are the methods for evaluating Trust Deeds, avoiding dangerous loans, expected interest rates, problems to expect and how to minimize their impact, as well as other procedures that should be followed to ensure a safe return. This book has been written specifically for investing in Trust Deeds in California. It can be applied to other states that use Trust Deeds. The basic principles can be applied to those states that use mortgages.

Trust Protectors A Practice Manual with Forms

Author : Alexander A. Bove, Jr.
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The trust protector is generally regarded as a relatively new position in trust law, and the key feature of the position is that the protector may be granted powers over the trust, which are generally superior to those of the trustee. This places the protector in a position where, by the exercise of his powers, he can cause the trust to adjust to unforeseen changes or new conditions without the need for court action or beneficiary approval. This work takes the firm position that, with only limited exception, the role of the protector is a fiduciary one, imposing on the protector a duty to act in the best interests of the purposes of the trust and the beneficiaries. Unfortunately, a substantial segment of the legal community, as well as the legislative bodies of a number of international jurisdictions, have taken a position that the protector is not a fiduciary, or that he may be declared in the trust not to be a fiduciary, and that the power granted him under the trust may be declared to be personal powers, whether or not such is the case, and thus he would have no liability for his actions or inactions while serving as protector. This “attraction” of providing total exculpation of the protector has effectively engendered a quick acceptance of the position by the bulk of the legal community and even by the legislatures of a number of jurisdictions, though almost totally unsupported by relevant case law. As a result, we have been seeing trusts which incorporate the use of a protector having the power to make critical dispositive and administrative decisions, as well as extensive modifications to the trusts without being exposed to liability for negligence or bad decisions which result in damages. This work will examine in detail the role of the protector of the trust, the relationship between the protector and the trustee, between the protector and the beneficiaries, and the protector’s responsibilities to the purposes of the trust. It will demonstrate with legal support that the role of the protector is not a new role, that, in fact, the protector is simply a new name for the decades-old position of trust “advisor,” and that the trust advisor is consistently regarded as a fiduciary in relevant treatises and has been repeatedly held to be a fiduciary in relevant cases. The discussion will also review and analyze the historical issues and professional commentary relevant to trust law and the role of protector, as well as case decisions in various international jurisdictions which have shed light on the issues and some of the positions taken in the statutes of a number of jurisdictions in the United States and across the world. All legal aspects of the role will be examined, including the rights of the protector, the protector’s relationship to the trustee, and the courts’ regard for and treatment of the position. Further, the work will discuss in detail all of the practical considerations in using a protector, such as selection and special drafting considerations, the use of a protector in a foundation, and, in brief, the numerous tax issues that may apply. The conclusion will be that with only very limited exception, which will be explained, the protector is unquestionably a fiduciary, and just as a trustee, he should be held to fiduciary standards. Accordingly, while it is certainly possible to grant personal powers to an individual under a trust, those powers per se conflict with the duties of a protector. And while it is also possible to reduce the fiduciary liability of a protector to a minimum, it is not possible to eliminate it entirely, regardless of trust language attempting to do so.

Social networks and social trust in the transformation countries

Author : Klaus Roth
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Einige zentrale Probleme der EU-Integration der post-sozialistischen Lander grunden im geringen institutionellen Vertrauen. Da - als Folge des Sozialismus - gegenuber dem Staat und seinen Institutionen eine "Kultur des offentlichen Misstrauens" herrscht, wird Vertrauen weiterhin primar in informelle soziale Netzwerke investiert: In allen Lebensbereichen kommt der Familie und dem Kreis vertrauenswurdiger Freunde, Mitschuler, Kollegen und Nachbarn eine uberragende Bedeutung zu. 18 Volkskundler, Ethnologen, Soziologen und Historiker prasentieren hier ihre empirischen Studien in Bulgarien, Estland, Polen, Rumanien, Russland, Serbien, Tschechien und der Slowakei. Sie zeigen den graduellen Wandel der Netzwerke wie auch nationale Unterschiede im Ausmass an offentlichem und privatem Vertrauen auf.

Internal Revenue Cumulative Bulletin

Author : United States. Internal Revenue Service
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Risiko und Vertrauen Risk and Trust

Author : Heike Springhart
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Die Komplementärbegriffe Risiko und Vertrauen sind dazu geeignet, biblisch-theologische, systematisch-theologische, ethische und sozialtheoretische Perspektiven in ein produktives Gespräch zu bringen. Die Beiträge dieses Bandes nehmen die Fäden für dieses Gespräch auf und entfalten innovative Impulse für Theologie und Kirchenleitung, für Recht, Ökonomie und Zivilgesellschaft sowie für den Diskurs mit den Naturwissenschaften und die Ethik. Probleme der theologischen Anthropologie kommen dabei ebenso zur Sprache wie das ökonomische Risikomanagement, Risiko und Vertrauen im kirchenleitenden Handeln und das Problem des Rechtspopulismus. Der Band ist Michael Welker zum 70. Geburtstag gewidmet und vereint Beiträge von Autorinnen und Autoren aus Deutschland, den USA, Großbritannien, Ungarn, den Niederlanden und Südafrika. [Risk and Trust] Risk and Trust are complementary terms that can help shape a constructive conversation between biblical, theological, ethical and social theoretical perspectives. Contributions of this volume enter this conversation by unfolding impulses for theology and the church, for law, economics and the civil society as well as for the sciences and ethics. Topics include theological anthropology, trust and risk in economy and the political and theological challenges due to populism. This book is dedicated to Michael Welker for the occasion of his 70th birthday. It consists of contributions by authors from Germany, USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and South Africa.