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Philosophy in The Twilight Zone

Author : Noël Carroll
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Utilizing a series of essays examining the broad philosophical concepts embedded in Rod Serling's series, The Twilight Zone, Philosophy in The Twilight Zone provides a platform for further philosophical discussion. Features essays by eminent contemporary philosophers concerning the over-arching themes in The Twilight Zone, as well as in-depth discussions of particular episodes Fuses popular cult entertainment with classical philosophical perspectives Acts as a guide to unearthing larger questions - from human nature to the nature of reality and beyond - posed in the series Includes substantial critical and biographical information on series creator Rob Serling

The Twilight of the Old Unionism

Author : Leo Troy
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This controversial but well-documented and deftly argued study analyzes the present and future prospects for organized labor in the private sector. The book takes the decline and ultimate disappearance of labor unions -- not just in the United States but elsewhere in the developed, world as fact. Beginning with this premise, Troy goes on to elaborate on the extent and reasons for the decline by addressing four vital questions: 1. Can private-sector unions ever make a comeback? 2. If organized labor cannot recover, what are the consequences for both unionized and non-unionized workers, for the economy, and for the unionism itself? 3. What is the experience of other countries, particularly Canada whose industrial relations parallels that of the United States? 4. And, finally, what explains the international decline and change in the character of unions, especially in places like the United Kingdom and Germany?

The Twilight Lord

Author : Bertrice Small
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Lara, Domina of Terah, has mysteriously disappeared while visiting the New Outlands. The Dominus is frantic to find his beloved wife, but when no trace of her can be discovered, Magnus Hauk turns to two strong allies—Prince Kaliq of the Shadows and his mother-in-law, Ilona, the most powerful of the faerie queens. Who has stolen Lara? And why? In the Dark Lands, Kol, the Twilight Lord, revels in his victory. The faerie woman Lara is now his possession, and her powers will soon help him to conquer first Hetar and then Terah. But the Emperor of Hetar is hatching schemes of his own—having learned of Lara's disappearance he believes Terah is now vulnerable, and plans to go to war against Magnus Hauk.

The Twilight Shadow

Author : CJ Rundquist
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Bruce Jacobs left the high pressures of the big city police force for the quiet life of country police work. He and his family recently moved into an n old Victorian mansion off the eastern coast of Maine. Shortly after moving into their new home, his two teenage sons discover a secret passage where they stumble across a skeleton. Join the Jacobs family as a mystery unwinds and Bruce investigates this death and the family meets their interesting new neighbors.

In the Twilight of Revolution

Author : Jock McCulloch
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First published in 1983. Amilcar Cabral was one of Africa’s leading revolutionary figures. Universally recognised as the founding father at the independent state of Guiné-Bissau, he was also the first truly important political thinker to have emerged from Africa’s two decades of revolution. This book was the first publication to present a critical analysis of his standing as a political theorist. Born in 1925 in the then Portuguese colony of Guiné, Cabral devoted his life to the liberation of his people from colonialism and was instrumental in founding the PAIGC, the African Party for the Independence of Guiné and Cape Verde. He was assassinated early in 1973, but the PAIGC continued his task and Guiné-Bissau gained independence in September 1973. Guiné’s revolution came late, but it was a genuine revolution and, like all revolutions, was accompanied by a theory of its own. That theory is found in the writings of Cabral. In this study Jack McCulloch explains that, because of the conjunction of a number of historical factors, the revolution in Guiné assumed an importance for out of proportion to the size or economic significance of the country, and shows that consequently Cabral’s theory has come to have an historical significance of its own. This account of Cabral’s political theory demonstrates clearly that the effect of Cabral’s career was to help bring down the last of the great colonial empires in Africa and, in the realm of theory, to dismantle the central shibboleths of African socialism.

He With All My Worldly Goods I Thee Endow She But what is Written in the Law how Readest Thou

Author : George Washington Moon
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The Twilight of Human Rights Law

Author : Eric Posner
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Countries solemnly intone their commitment to human rights, and they ratify endless international treaties and conventions designed to signal that commitment. At the same time, there has been no marked decrease in human rights violations, even as the language of human rights has become the dominant mode of international moral criticism. Well-known violators like Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan have sat on the U.N. Council on Human Rights. But it's not just the usual suspects that flagrantly disregard the treaties. Brazil pursues extrajudicial killings. South Africa employs violence against protestors. India tolerate child labor and slavery. The United States tortures. In The Twilight of Human Rights Law--the newest addition to Oxford's highly acclaimed Inalienable Rights series edited by Geoffrey Stone--the eminent legal scholar Eric A. Posner argues that purposefully unenforceable human rights treaties are at the heart of the world's failure to address human rights violations. Because countries fundamentally disagree about what the public good requires and how governments should allocate limited resources in order to advance it, they have established a regime that gives them maximum flexibility--paradoxically characterized by a huge number of vague human rights that encompass nearly all human activity, along with weak enforcement machinery that churns out new rights but cannot enforce any of them. Posner looks to the foreign aid model instead, contending that we should judge compliance by comprehensive, concrete metrics like poverty reduction, instead of relying on ambiguous, weak, and easily manipulated checklists of specific rights. With a powerful thesis, a concise overview of the major developments in international human rights law, and discussions of recent international human rights-related controversies, The Twilight of Human Rights Law is an indispensable contribution to this important area of international law from a leading scholar in the field.

In the Twilight in the Evening

Author : Lynn Morris
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Cheney travels to San Francisco, a city teeming with brothels, criminals, and immigrants. When the hospital decreed that none of these people will receive treatment, Cheney combats these prejudices and finds her only support in Shiloh Irons. When catastrophe suddenly strikes, Cheney finds herself unprepared for the overwhelming disaster.

A Complete Dictionary of Dry Goods and History of Silk Cotton Linen Wool and Other Fibrous Substances

Author : George S. Cole
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The Chess Garden Or The Twilight Letters of Gustav Uyterhoeven

Author : Brooks Hansen
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An exotic, spiritual tale emerges in a collection of twelve letters sent with chess pieces to his wife Sonja by Dr. Gustav Uyterhoeven while serving in the Boer War concentration camps in South Africa

The Twilight of Capitalism and the War

Author : Walter John Marx
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The Twilight Realm

Author : Christopher Evans
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It's just a fantasy role-playing game. Until the game becomes reality . . . Friday night is games night. But one special Friday, Paul and his four friends are transported into the heart of their own game, to the strange, bleak land of Xhandarre . . . Where reality vanishes, and the five players assume new and exciting identities - with new and exciting power. Where hostile tree dwellers, predatory birds, and flesh-eating werewolves lash out from darkened shadows. And where the evil sorcerer Avron Kromar holds the key to freedom. Can Paul and his friends survive their strange, new world? Can they escape its treacherous dangers? And if they can escape, do they really want to return to reality? (First published in 1985 as by Christopher Carpenter)

Glimpses in the Twilight

Author : Frederick George Lee
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In the twilight a medley and miscellaneous pieces

Author : W. T. McClellan
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The Twilight of the Gods and Other Tales

Author : Richard Garnett
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In the Twilight of Social Structures

Author : Pekka Räsänen
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The Twilight of the Middle Class

Author : Andrew Hoberek
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In The Twilight of the Middle Class, Andrew Hoberek challenges the commonly held notion that post-World War II American fiction eschewed the economic for the psychological or the spiritual. Reading works by Ayn Rand, Ralph Ellison, Saul Bellow, Phillip Roth, Flannery O'Connor, Thomas Pynchon, Don DeLillo, and others, he shows how both the form and content of postwar fiction responded to the transformation of the American middle class from small property owners to white-collar employees. In the process, he produces "compelling new accounts of identity politics and postmodernism that will be of interest to anyone who reads or teaches contemporary fiction. Hoberek argues that despite the financial gains and job security enjoyed by the postwar middle class, the transition to white-collar employment paved the way for its current precarious state in a country marked by increasingly deep class divisions. Postwar fiction provided the middle class with various imaginative substitutes for its former property-owning independence, substitutes that since then have not only allowed but abetted this class's downward mobility. To read this fiction in the light of the middle-class experience is thus not only to restore the severed connections between literary and economic "history in the second half of the twentieth "century, but to explore the roots of the contemporary crisis of the middle class.

The Twilight s Last Gleaming on Public Education

Author : H. Paul Roberts III
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The Twilight's Last Gleaming On Public Education is an intriguing and socially relevant story which focuses on the ambitions and frustrations of the main character, Richard Robins. With nearly limitless options, this man of great consequence and professional achievement embarks on the noble path of educating adolescents at Sunset Middle School, where he quickly becomes aware of the challenges and obstacles that currently litter the public education landscape. The author constructs a fascinating and enlightening story, which possesses many of the elements commonly found in just about every school system throughout the United States. The plot contains more than a few strategically placed, unexpected twists and should maintain the reader's interest throughout. Navigating the plot to a well-conceived and logical conclusion, the author strives to leave the reader with a sense of time well invested in the reading of this story.

Twilight of the Mission Frontier

Author : Jose De la Torre Curiel
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Twilight of the Mission Frontier examines the long process of mission decline in Sonora, Mexico after the Jesuit expulsion in 1767. By reassessing the mission crisis paradigm—which speaks of a growing internal crisis leading to the secularization of the missions in the early nineteenth century—new light is shed on how demographic, cultural, economic, and institutional variables modified life in the Franciscan missions in Sonora. During the late eighteenth century, forms of interaction between Sonoran indigenous groups and Spanish settlers grew in complexity and intensity, due in part to the implementation of reform-minded Bourbon policies which envisioned a more secular, productive, and modern society. At the same time, new forms of what this book identifies as pluriethnic mobility also emerged. Franciscan missionaries and mission residents deployed diverse strategies to cope with these changes and results varied from region to region, depending on such factors as the missionaries' backgrounds, Indian responses to mission life, local economic arrangements, and cultural exchanges between Indians and Spaniards.

The Twilight of Ancient Egypt

Author : Karol Myśliwiec
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Karol Mysliwiec surveys a turbulent time in Ancient Egyptian culture and history -- the eight hundred years between the eleventh century B.C.E. and the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C.E., after which Egypt became part of the Hellenistic world. It was a time when Libyans, Kushites, Persians, and Greeks ascended to the throne more frequently than did indigenous kings. The history of this phase of pharaonic Egypt, marked by rapid changes in rule, has been relatively neglected until now. Egypt had become increasingly involved in the affairs of its Near Eastern neighbors (Assyria, Babylon, and Persia) and of the Mediterranean world. These many cultures greatly enriched and influenced pharaonic traditions. At the same time, Egyptian civilization extended far beyond the borders of Egypt itself. One of the most important cultural products of this period is the Old Testament, called here "an inestimable source of information on daily life in pharaonic Egypt". Mysliwiec perceives in recent archaeological discoveries clear evidence that the First Millennium B.C.E. was witness to more than a slow, progressive dying out of the pharaonic past; new and creative elements profoundly altered the culture of Ancient Egypt. Originally published in Polish, The Twilight of Ancient Egypt appeared in 1998 in a German edition. The Cornell edition has been updated by the author and also contains previously unpublished photographs of recently discovered treasures.