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A Tale of Two Mommies

Author : Vanita Oelschlager
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A young boy describes how his two mothers take care of him, from fishing, to coaching t-ball, to comforting him when he is upset.

The Two Mommas

Author : John C Burt
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A book that introduces Momma Sly, Momma Bear Jackie's friend. They loved nothing better than sitting on an old blue couch in the middle of the forest sipping tea and watching the comings and goings in the forest around them.

When Hurricane Katrina Hit Home

Author : Gail Langer Karwoski
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Chazz Cohen lives with his grandmom in the Garden District of New Orleans. In his family, money is no problem. But money won't buy Chazz what he wants--a "real" home with his mom. Across town in the Ninth Ward, Lyric Talbert wishes her mom didn't expect so much from her, especially when her little brother gets sick. It seemed like the storm would blow over as so many had. But Katrina burst the levees, and the world turned to chaos for Chazz and Lyric and their families. They quickly learn that, though their worlds were different before the storm, it was their courage and compassion that would help them make it through. Through the alternating stories of Chazz and Lyric, acclaimed children's author Gail Langer Karwoski chronicles the disaster that forever changed New Orleans and its people.

My Two Moms and Me

Author : Michael Joosten
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Families with same-sex parents are celebrated in this board book that follows busy moms and their kids throughout their day-eating breakfast, going on a playdate, heading to the pool for a swim, and settling back in at night with a bedtime story and a good-night lullaby. LGBTQ+ parents and their friends and families will welcome this diverse and cheerful book that reflects their own lives and family makeup. With artwork by acclaimed fashion illustrator Izak Zenou, this is a stylish, smart, humorous, family-focused book that will have babies and their two moms giggling as they enjoy it together. It's an ideal baby-shower and first-birthday gift. And look for its companion board book, My Two Dads and Me.

The Angel Came

Author : Ophelia Griggs
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The revealing events in the book are compelling and intriguing. They are powerful, intense, and realistically experienced. The author shares her personal experiences about two beloved family members who cannot tell their story about surrendering to dying. It is no secret that losing loved ones to death can be agonizing and challenging, but the death described in the book made an entrance in a beautiful manner. Death revealed moments of no defeat yet demanded attention from the author to grasp different perspectives about each beloved one. The captivating occurrences of how each beloved one expired are unique revelations that will ignite discussions. The author shares how she came to forgive the young man who murdered her brother and how the spiritual insight from God opened that door to forgiveness. The shared supernatural encounters that started during the author's childhood are regarded as hidden treasures beyond human knowledge. Some of those encounters were not of the Great Divine, but because of curiosity, the author got on a path leading to demonic practices unaware. The dreams in the book are phenomenal and another discussion piece for those who desires the interpretation of dreams. The hereafter is described dramatically and in the book points evidently to there being a life afar from the earthly realm. The childhood memories are remarkably described with love and no regrets. Those memories echo experiences and an environment that shaped the author's world. The strong belief system and faith in God is the pillar that gets the author through those life challenges and devastating situations pertaining to her beloved ones and the medical issues leaving her non-childbearing. The experiences with fibroids and how they formed in the uterus from a natural and spiritual side leave pondering thoughts. The fact of never having children is accepted by the author.

Mama s Stories for Little People

Author : Laura J. Rittenhouse
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Are We There Yet

Author : JoAnn Scott Preciado
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The way I remember it. Barb and her sister Kitty leave husbands home and take their collective gaggle of eight young children from Florida and Mississippi all the way to California for their summer vacation. These two thirty-something moms and their off spring wander into harms way more than once in this fun action filled adventure. There is plenty of suspense and mystery, there's witch craft and UFO's, western folk lore and even a little romance along the highway as they camp across America in a homemade camper In the summer of 1975. Things were different then.

Baby Momma Saga

Author : Ni'chelle Genovese
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Welcome to the fast-paced, high stakes world of Rasheed, an anti-hero you'll love to hate much like Scarface. Caught up in a game of fast money, faster women, and a hustler’s dream, Rasheed’s secrets and lies threaten to completely sever his alliance with his baby’s mother, Michelle. Trapped in an emotional whirlwind of sex, love, and mistrust, Michelle attempts to hold the threads of their lives together. With the passing of each day, their bond unravels further, forcing Michelle closer to a decision to either confront the reality which is her life or suffer in silence. Once she makes her decision, some bitter and surprising cards are dealt to her son’s father. Now Michelle is finally looking forward to leading a normal, quiet family life. However, there is nothing quiet about the secret lives the people around her are leading. Michelle finds herself drawn in by the allure of her budding real estate career, catering to the likes of models and basketball players and enjoying the sex-fueled spoils of the rich and shameless lifestyle. This only highlights the unsettling fact that her marriage and home life aren’t as picture perfect as she once imagined. When things begin to fall apart and fingers start pointing, it leads her down a dark and dangerous path. Her present is united with a past that could potentially destroy everything. Will the lies, secrets, twist and turns of life prevent this baby momma from achieving her goals and living out the life she dreamed of?

The Emerson Gospel

Author : Robbyn Burger
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Haley Emerson is a survivor. After enduring a childhood filled with the pain of a family thrown in turmoil by her alcoholic, womanizing father, Haley leaves Tennessee to establish a career on Wall Street, where greed and pragmatism are a way of life. But for Haley, the two evils serve as a refuge from her dysfunctional family. Haley views her success at a New York brokerage firm as a sign that she is finally free of her past and convinces herself that she will never be reckless and selfish like her father. Before long, however, she finds herself quelling her persistent inner demons with alcohol and doing anything and everything she needs to succeed—even if it means others suffer as a result. When she returns home for Christmas—where she plans, as always, to secretly measure her success in New York—she is once again forced to face the chronicle of her family's failures, fortunes, and self-inflicted madness. But when the consequences of her unscrupulous behavior on Wall Street come back to haunt her, Haley soon discovers just how tight a grip her family still has on her. The Emerson Gospel is the poignant tale of one woman's journey to freedom and a life worth living as she slowly discovers the power of unconditional love.

The Hills

Author : P.A. Nelson
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The Hills is a true story experienced and told to me over the years by my mother, Beth. This story about my mothers childhood began in Lepanto, Arkansas and ended in Concrete, Washington. There was a lot of pathos, happiness, and learning about life that we dont see in our families today. Mothers fi rst seven years were spent in a little 2 bedroom house in Arkansas where she learned family values. The second part of her journey in growing up was three weeks spent in a Model A crossing the United States in a move to improve the quality of their lives. Upon arrival in Concrete, Washington, her family settled into a situation where they had a much nicer lifestyle for a time. It is a true story of how families were making it in the Big Depression.

Eat Whatever Your Momma Cooks and Be Grateful

Author : Billy D. Green
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Eat Whatever Your Momma Cooks, and Be Grateful, A Country Boy’s Philosophy on Life is a continuation of inspirational and thought provoking stories from the author of Not Just Beans and Cornbread. These short stories are meant to help the reader appreciate and adjust to life’s changing situations.

The Land between Two Rivers

Author : Tom Sleigh
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Essays on the urgency of our global refugee crisis and our capacity as artists and citizens to confront it Tom Sleigh describes himself donning a flak jacket and helmet, working as a journalist inside militarized war zones and refugee camps, as “a sort of Rambo Jr.” With self-deprecation and empathetic humor, these essays recount his experiences during several tours in Africa and in the Middle Eastern region once called Mesopotamia, “the land between two rivers.” Sleigh asks three central questions: What did I see? How could I write about it? Why did I write about it? The first essays in The Land between Two Rivers focus on the lives of refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Kenya, Somalia, and Iraq. Under the conditions of military occupation, famine, and war, their stories can be harrowing, even desperate, but they’re also laced with wily humor and an undeluded hopefulness, their lives having little to do with their depictions in mass media. The second part of the book explores how writing might be capable of honoring the texture of these individuals’ experiences while remaining faithful to political emotions, rather than political convictions. Sleigh examines the works of Anna Akhmatova, Mahmoud Darwish, Ashur Etwebi, David Jones, Tomas Tranströmer, and others as guiding spirits. The final essays meditate on youth, restlessness, illness, and Sleigh’s motivations for writing his own experiences in order to move out into the world, concluding with a beautiful remembrance of Sleigh's friendship with Seamus Heaney.

Haven t You Noticed My Charisma

Author : Charles P. Spataro
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Collection of the author's newspaper columns.

Freeda the Frog and the Two Mommas Next Door

Author : Nadine Haruni
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In Freeda the Frog and the Two Mommas Next Door, Freeda and her family meet some new friends: Jessica and her two mommas, Morgan and Irene. The tadpoles have never had a friend with two mommas before, but they soon learn that it makes no difference. By getting to know Jessica's parents, the tadpoles discover that families do not have to all look the same, and that all you need is love.

Cornfield Hollow

Author : Sharon Berti
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Jill and Ted s Biblical Adventures

Author : Patrick Rainville Dorn
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Momma Why

Author : Diane Jones
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"Her name is Diane Jones. Today her presence is calm and warm. I knew her as a quiet, terrified child struggling to grow up, nay, even to stay alive in a large violent matriarchal family. There was no father figure, only a sequence of men. Diane was thirteen years old when I first met her. Through a program in the California Department of Social Services, I had been assigned to be Big Sister to a younger sister of Diane. This younger sister was also badly abused both in maternal violence and in sexual abuse, as was Diane, but to a much lesser degree. I thought of Diane's mother as a raging bull with massive mood swings from manipulative and charming to a cruel, mean and evil woman. I myself was afraid of her. If I had known what was really going on during the years I worked with the family, I would not have had the power to do anything about it. My only hope and motivation at that time was to give them a view of what life was like from a different perspective and thus help them be kinder to their children. I am always appalled by the fact that Social Services felt it was best to keep children connected to their families no matter how monstrous the evil in the home. Twenty-six years later, we are all wiser." –MELANIE TAYLOR

John L the Tall Man

Author : Katie B. Catalon, DPC
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Katie B. Catalon, DPC is a retired Cosmetology teacher of thirty years with the Charleston County School District. She places emphasis on the fact that the thirty years were enjoyable. She is the 14th President of the National Beauty Culturists’ League Incorporated, located at 25 Logan Circle N.W. Washington, DC 20005, where she commutes from to her residence in Charleston, SC. She is a member of Theta Nu Sigma National Sorority of the National Beauty Culturists’ League Incorporated; life member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority of Gamma Xi Omega Chapter in Charleston; life member of the National Council of Negro Women of the Bethune Leonard Section of North Charleston; life member of the NAACP of the Charleston Branch in Charleston; member of the Southern Poverty Law Center; member of the Saint John Catholic Church; member of the Knights of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary of Our Lady of Guadalupe Court 110 in Charleston; recipient of the NAACP Sheroos Award; and a recipient of the TWIN Women Award from the YWCA. She now serves on the Board of Directors for the YWCA of Charleston. Catalon received recognition for her involvement in Civil Rights and is a strong advocate for justice for all people. One of her proudest moments was to march to remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina Capital Dome n Columbia, SC in 2000. Catalon was recently re-elected to serve as the President of the National Beauty Culturists’ League Incorporated for another four years after completing eight years as President in July 2012. Catalon is the author of three published books: Cross Town Route, Down Home, and Three. In humility, and constant prayer, Catalon states that her life will always be to serve and to assist others in ways that are pleasing to Jesus Christ. She is a member of Saint John Catholic Church in North Charleston. She states her belief is with a non-denominational heart, and is happy to be in attendance of any church when she travels away from her home church. She is blessed to be a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

Digging Up Momma

Author : Sarah Shankman
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The letter that arrived from Sam’s mother was postmarked Santa Fe, penned in her mother’s handwriting, and disclosed details only Johanna Adams could know. There was just one catch: Johanna Adams had been dead for thirty-four years. The mind-blowing missive could have been an entry from Sam’s latest book of bizarre anecdotes, American Weird—or an elaborate hoax. Either way, it instantly rekindled Sam’s impossible wish that her mother hadn’t really died in a plane crash when Sam was a child. Fueled by her journalistic instincts—and a daughter’s need for closure—Sam touches down among Santa Fe’s tourists and crystal gazers, jewelry shops and fast-food stands. But only when she summons the courage to knock on the door of Room 409 at the La Fonda Hotel does her surreal, mother-seeking adventure take off with no turning back.

Literature Circles

Author : Warren Rogers
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Encourage critical thinking, inspire rich discussion-based activities, and promote effective communication through Literature Circles.This book provides everything you need to set up Literature Circles in your classroom, including:six original, reproducible short stories theory and practice of Literature Circles easy-to-use handouts for role definitions mini-lessons to teach communication skills mini-lessons to help groups work effectively and much more!