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The Ultimate Guide to Excellent Teaching and Training

Author : Dr. Jeffrey C. Fox
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This book is for anyone interested or involved in teaching, training, or instructing, whether you are just getting into the field or thinking about it or you have been teaching for decades. It is for those who administer teaching, training, or instructing. The book was written for academics and those who teach in academies and other professional adult learning environments. The book’s contents are applicable to all types of colleges, be they community colleges, four-year colleges, or universities, both private and public, for-profit or nonprofit. Most professional practitioner-type instructors go through some sort of instructor school, teachers earn degrees in teaching, but many who teach or instruct are never trained or taught how to teach or train. Few professors are taught how to teach. They have been taught, so this is where they often draw their own teaching styles. Regardless of where you teach, train, or instruct, this book and its contents are for you. The book goes into great detail regarding face-to-face classes as well as online and other delivery methods. The lessons found in this book can be applied to new students, undergraduate, or graduate students. The lessons apply equally to basic, in-service, and specialized training. My hope is that no matter how great of an instructor you are, you will find many new nuggets of information that will add to your teaching toolbox. One of my goals in life is to leave a positive lasting impact. I want to help students and other instructors recognize and reach their full potential. I want you to be the best instructor you can be. I strongly believe we impact people all the time whether we know it or not. You can and will make a big difference in your students’ lives.

The Ultimate Guide to Being a Great Police Officer

Author : Dr. Jeffrey C. Fox
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This book is for those interested in becoming an officer or who is already an officer. For those seeking careers in law enforcement, just starting out, or who want new tips to brush, you will find value in this book. This book is great for those who supervise, train, or teach officers. The book offers a blended academic and practitioner-based approach to learning and understanding the skills needed to be a great officer. The book discusses how to prepare for a law enforcement career, how to master the skills needed to be successful during training and throughout ones career, how to develop decision-making skills, and how to effectively communicate. We discuss patrol issues such as policing strategies, patrol techniques, enforcement issues, officer survival, and use of force. We discuss investigative techniques, dealing with juveniles, understanding intelligence, and report writing. We wrap up with tips on managing your career and ending your tour of duty.

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Author : Dr. Jeffrey C. Fox
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This book is for anyone who is interested in learning about terrorism in all its forms. For over four decades I have studied terrorism, trained to deal with it, dealt with it, and taught it as an academic discipline. Over these decades I have seen an already complicated topic become even more difficult to understand. The field of study has grown as the world has gotten smaller. Ask anyone what terrorism is and you will get a myriad of answers. Even in academia the topic has become more convoluted. As with crime, there are many theories espoused as to why one commits terrorism and why terrorism exists. It appears to me that many academics, researchers, policymakers, authors, and journalists in general view this topic with a tainted lens based on their own world view. Some act as apologists for terrorists while often doing so in a subtle manner. Some try to expand the definition and concept well beyond the scope that it should be found. I have students who do this all the time. We seem to be living in an emotion driven society instead of a fact driven one. A relatively new trend is to use the word extremist as a synonym for terrorist. There are several problems with this. First, this creates a net widening effect which lumps those who we disagree with in that net. Second, who gets to decide who or what is extreme? Third, and finally, it waters down and muddies the study of “terrorism”. This does not mean that an extremist might not become a terrorist. Having pointed out the minefield terrorism can be my goal is to offer an academically sound real-world fact-based explanation on terrorism. Terrorism can be a politically charged topic. I ask that as you read this book you check what is written, digest it, and make your own decisions on what you have read. It is highly likely some of your thinking will be challenged. When I began to teach homeland security which includes terrorism, I made a promise to myself that I would never be politically correct. Political correctness is what some terrorists rely on and is one of our worse habits. We will cover several overarching themes. We will look at what terrorism is and is not. We will explore the historical roots of terrorism. We will discuss the causes of terrorism as well as terrorist typologies. Next, we will examine domestic terrorism and international and ethnic terrorism. Then we will dive into religion and terrorism and spend time looking at Islamic terrorism and Jihad. We will examine asymmetric warfare including terrorists’ tactics and weapons of choice. We will discuss terrorist financing an explore counterterrorism.

A Complete Guide to the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training

Author : Lynn Machin
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A new edition of this essential text for all those working towards the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training. Tailored to meet the demands of the new qualification and latest ETF Standards, it incorporates key information on reflective practice, study and research skills, and provides full coverage of all the mandatory units. Accessible language is combined with a critical approach that clearly relates practical examples to the required underpinning theory, and a range of useful learning features include key definitions, extended case studies, critical questions and chapter reflections. This second edition has been fully updated throughout and now includes additional material on critical thinking and a new chapter on technology enhanced teaching and learning.

Teaching Digital Photography The Ultimate Guide to Tween and Teen Learning

Author : Keith Kyker
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This book provides a full-year curriculum for educators wishing to teach a digital photography/multimedia class that will endow students with the technical skills for producing complex digital imaging projects. • Provides a full-year digital photography curriculum comprising more than 20 hands-on digital photography projects • Supplies grading rubrics for every project • Includes a CD-ROM containing sample photographs for student practice, detailed project plans, and grading rubrics • Provides guidelines for buying digital cameras, computers, and software for your class as well as for establishing your classroom

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Training

Author : Mordecai Siegal
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A pet expert explains how to get inside a dog's head in order to train a dog on an individualized basis

Adult Continuing Education The Ultimate Guide to Adult Learning Classes

Author : Stanley Rice
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Being an adult comes with many perks, but also many problems. This ebook will cover everything about continuing your education.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Training

Author : Dan Seidman
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The Ultimate Guide to Sales Training is the go-to reference for sales managers, sales trainers, sales coaches, and sales consultants who want to increase a sales force's productivity by using these proven techniques: Building Mental Flexibility Anchoring Concepts for Easy Recall Encouraging Behavioral Change Covering a wide range of topics, The Ultimate Guide to Sales Training shows how to develop a selling system, prospect effectively, and qualify and disqualify prospects. The book also covers information on using power questioning techniques, handling objections, and includes solution selling guidelines and ideas for creating and delivering potent presentation practices. In addition, the author covers such hot topics as managing reps attitudes and how to close the sale. He also includes suggestions for overcoming buyer resistance and making change occur as well as getting beyond barriers that block decision-makers, and much, much more. Praise for The Ultimate Sales Training Handbook "This book should be on the desk of every sales manager and sales trainer. Dan Seidman created a treasure chest of ideas, concepts, skills-sets and motivation tools that are ready to be converted into cash." —Gerhard Gschwandtner, founder and publisher, Selling Power Magazine "Sales professionals throughout the world will discover performance improvement through this training encyclopedia. Dan Seidman is helping make sales training a major strategic driver for all organizations." —Tony Bingham, president and CEO, ASTD "Each chapter just might be the one piece that plugs the gap in your team's performance. Dan is truly earning the title Trainer to the World's Sales Trainers." —Willis Turner, CAE CSE, president and CEO, of Sales & Marketing Executives International

The Jack Russell Lover s Ultimate Guide To Training

Author :
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A Complete Guide to the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training

Author : Lynn Machin
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A complete, all-in-one guide to the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training, suitable for use with any awarding organisation. This is a fully updated third edition of the essential text for all those working towards the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training. Tailored to meet the demands of the qualification and the latest Standards, it provides full coverage of all the mandatory units plus additional information on reflective practice, study skills, and mental well-being. It also includes new case studies throughout and an increased emphasis on both physical and virtual learning environments and approaches in all chapters. Accessible language is combined with a critical approach that clearly relates practical examples to the required underpinning theory.