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Souls and the Universe

Author : Narong Sinsawasdi, Ph.D.
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The world soul in this book means an entity, quite distinct from the dead body, which exist after death. The inquiry about soul in this book based on relevant scientific discoveries, especially those of the 20th century, and the facts of nature, which all human beings can observe by themselves. It is a very important subject for every one's life. If the an nalysis of soul in this book is correct, it can help bring more peace and happiness to everyone, both during the remainder of this life and in future lieves

The Soul Its Nature Relations and Expressions in Human Embodiments

Author : Cora Linn Victoria Richmond
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This book is about soul embodiment, not reincarnation.

Christian Psychology the Soul and the Body in Their Correlation and Contrast

Author : Emanuel Swedenborg
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Two Books on the Essence of Soul

Author : Plotinus
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Author : Lloyd P. Gerson
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First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Healing Your Mind and Soul Therapeutic Interventions in Quantum Reality

Author : Garry Flint
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In his groundbreaking book, Healing Your Mind and Soul, Flint approaches healing from the point of view of quantum reality. He creates a model of quantum reality, which explains ancestral influences, distant treatment, and the cause of our experience of reality. The model shows that we are all connected and created in a logical and orderly relationship with one another to give us more happiness and less pain, which suggests a loving creation process. At the spiritual level, Flint uses the model to define the soul and to discuss prayer and afterlife. He defines Wisdom as a rich resource in the hidden reality. It can be used to cause deep healing of many issues. Examples of the communication between the therapist and patient teaches the reader a way to treat intruding souls, ancestral fields, and to use. Wisdom to treat common issues. Other experimental interventions are given. Healing Your Mind and Soul is an invaluable self-help guide that breaks important new therapeutic ground for both the health professional and the layperson. Dr. Garry A. Flint is a psychologist with over 40 years of clinical experience. He has treated issues in the quantum fields for the last 15 years. He is the author of three previous books, Emotional Freedom, A Theory and Treatment of Your Personality, and A Healing Legend, co-authored with Jo C. Willems. a a brave and provocative book' Lee Pulos, Ph.D., A.B.P.P.

The Apes That Sing Their Souls

Author : Mairi Rennie
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Soul sisters

Author : Wypkje Helleman-Elgersma
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Also in Dutch.


Author : Camelia R. Finley
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A new visionary in dark fantasy, Camelia Finley creates worlds unfathomable, with immortals wild, insanity hounding, androids suicidal, and supernatural revelations fantastic. Death is made elegant in this fierce read.

The Commentaries of Proclus on the Timaeus of Plato in Five Books

Author : Proclus
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They Made Their Souls Anew

Author : Andre Neher
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This is an original, philosophical discussion in which Andreå Neher relates the lives of prominent nineteenth- and twentieth-century Jews to traditional Jewish thought on issues of assimilation, the Holocaust, and liberal intellectualism.

The Mechanism of the Universe

Author : Augustus Fendler
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W E B Du Bois and The Souls of Black Folk

Author : Stephanie J. Shaw
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In this book, Stephanie J. Shaw brings a new understanding to one of the great documents of American and black history. While most scholarly discussions of The Souls of Black Folk focus on the veils, the color line, double consciousness, or Booker T. Washington, Shaw reads Du Bois' book as a profoundly nuanced interpretation of the souls of black Americans at the turn of the twentieth century. Demonstrating the importance of the work as a sociohistorical study of black life in America through the turn of the twentieth century and offering new ways of thinking about many of the topics introduced in Souls, Shaw charts Du Bois' successful appropriation of Hegelian idealism in order to add America, the nineteenth century, and black people to the historical narrative in Hegel's philosophy of history. Shaw adopts Du Bois' point of view to delve into the social, cultural, political, and intellectual milieus that helped to create The Souls of Black Folk.

Rational Religion and Morals

Author : Thomas J. Vaiden, M.D.,
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Author :
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Reincarnation a Study of the Human Soul

Author : Jerome A. Anderson
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The Shorter Leibniz Texts

Author : Gottfried Wilhelm Freiherr von Leibniz
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This anthology of new Leibniz translations brings many Leibniz texts into the English-speaking academic domain for the first time, and provides new, concise texts that are fully representative of Leibniz's thought

The Screaming Diary of Trapped Souls

Author : Chad Stephens
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This novel is about masks and the masks we identify with on a daily basis. WHo are we really talking to beneath the surface. This book is about halloween happening year round with those who choose to wear their masks.This books begs the question on whether or not there is good and evil outside ourselves or is it just a chemical imbalance in the brain; suspended somewhere in purgatory. Caught between heaven and hell.

Sermons in All Souls Monthly 1888 1891

Author : Richard Heber Newman
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The True Intellectual System of the Universe

Author : Ralph Cudworth
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