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The Unseen Lusitania

Author : Eric Sauder
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Lost to a German torpedo on 7 May 1915, Cunard’s RMS Lusitania captured the world’s imagination when she entered service in 1907. Not only was she was the largest ship in the world, but she was also revolutionary in design as well as being a record breaker. Lusitania is now sadly remembered for her tragic destruction, sinking in eighteen minutes with the loss of around 1,200 souls.Through never-before-seen material, historian Eric Sauder brings RMS Lusitania to life once again. Filled with vivid, unseen photographs and illustrations from Eric’s extensive private collection, this absorbing read will transport the reader back 100 years to a time when opulent Ships of State were the only way to cross the Atlantic.

The Unseen Aquitania

Author : Kent Layton
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RMS Aquitania was in service for decades, and was very much beloved. The third in Cunard Line's "grand trio" of express liners, running mate of the lost Lusitania and the legendary Mauretania (1907), Aquitania was the last surviving four-funnelled ocean liner. Aquitania was pressed into service during both world wars and was one of the longest serving passenger liners of the 20th century. She was also one of the most elegant, nicknamed the "ship beautiful." Maritime authors J. Kent Layton and Tad Fitch have collaborated to put together the most evocative and exciting collection of imagery relating to this historic vessel ever shown.

The Unseen Mauretania

Author : J. Kent Layton
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An evocative visual history of the legendary liner known as the "greyhound of the Atlantic" When she took to the rugged North Atlantic for the first time in November of 1907, the Cunard company's Mauretania was the world's largest and most luxurious ocean liner. But beyond her comfort and size, it was hoped that her mighty engines would guarantee that she would also become the fastest ship on the Atlantic. She and her sister ship, the Lusitania, carried with them the hopes of an entire nation. Although the Lusitania's life was tragically cut short in 1915, the Mauretania went on to hold the Blue Riband speed prize for 22 years. This evocative book by maritime expert J. Kent Layton follows her glorious career spanning portions of four decades of the twentieth century.

Fair Lusitania

Author : Lady Catherine Charlotte Jackson
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The Unseen Minority

Author : Frances A. Koestler
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The definitive history of the societal forces affecting blind people in the United States and the professions that evolved to provide services to people who are visually impaired, The Unseen Minority was originally commissioned to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the American Foundation for the Blind in 1971. Updated with a new foreword outlining the critical issues that have arisen since the original publication and with time lines presenting the landmark events in the legislative arena, low vision, education, and orientation and mobility, this classic work has never been more relevant.

On the Threshold of the Unseen

Author : William Fletcher Barrett
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First published in 1917, this book attempts to prove that many spiritualist activities should be regarded as scientifically respectable.

The Lusitania Sinking

Author : Anthony Richards
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Uncertain of their son's fate, his family leaped into action. The sinking of the passenger liner Lusitania was a maritime disaster that may have changed the course of history by making American involvement in World War I almost inevitable. This part of the story has been told before but here, for the first time, The Lusitania Sinking has a far more personal tale to tell, of a family looking for information on their son's death. On 1 May 1915 Preston Prichard, a 29-year-old student, embarked as a second-class passenger on the Lusitania, bound from New York for Liverpool. Just after 2 p.m. on 7 May, a single torpedo, fired by the German submarine U-20, caused a massive explosion in the Lusitania's hold, and the ship began sinking rapidly. Within 20 minutes she disappeared and 1,198 men, women and children, including Preston, died. Preston's mother wrote hundreds of letters to survivors to find out more about what might have happened in his last moments. The replies she received included an extensive selection of moving and evocative survivors' accounts. Although this was not Mrs Prichard's intention, she thus assembled an outstanding collection of vivid first-hand recollections. The Lusitania Sinking tells the story of this tragedy using this previously unseen historical treasure trove.

The Unseen Hand

Author : A. Ralph Epperson
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Ralph Epperson contends that the major events of the past, the revolutions, the wars, the depressions and the revolutions, have been planned years in advance by an international conspiracy. He puts forward his Conspiratorial View of History.

The Unseen Power

Author : Scott M. Cutlip
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Based largely on primary sources, this book presents the first detailed history of public relations from 1900 through the 1960s. The author utilized the personal papers of John Price Jones, Ivy L. Lee, Harry Bruno, William Baldwin III, John W. Hill, Earl Newsom as well as extensive interviews -- conducted by the author himself -- with Pendleton Dudley, T.J. Ross, Edward L. Bernays, Harry Bruno, William Baldwin, and more. Consequently, the book provides practitioners, scholars, and students with a realistic inside view of the way public relations has developed and been practiced in the United States since its beginnings in mid-1900. For example, the book tells how: * President Roosevelt's reforms of the Square Deal brought the first publicity agencies to the nation's capital. * Edward L. Bernays, Ivy Lee, and Albert Lasker made it socially acceptable for women to smoke in the 1920s. * William Baldwin III saved the now traditional Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in its infancy. * Ben Sonnenberg took Pepperidge Farm bread from a small town Connecticut bakery to the nation's supermarket shelves -- and made millions doing it. * Two Atlanta publicists, Edward Clark and Bessie Tyler, took a defunct Atlanta bottle club, the Ku Klux Klan, in 1920 and boomed it into a hate organization of three million members in three years, and made themselves rich in the process. * Earl Newsom failed to turn mighty General Motors around when it was besieged by Ralph Nader and Congressional advocates of auto safety. This book documents the tremendous role public relations practitioners play in our nation's economic, social, and political affairs -- a role that goes generally unseen and unobserved by the average citizen whose life is affected in so many ways by the some 150,000 public relations practitioners.

Letters from Lusitania and other compositions in prose and verse by T C B

Author : Thomas C. Button
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On the Threshold of the Unseen

Author : William F. Barrett
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On the Threshold of the Unseen

Author : Sir William Barrett
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Author : Len Abram
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[This book] holds a mirror up to the turbulent times of World War I, and the critical year 1915. A German U-Boat sinking of the liner "Lusitania" helped bring America into the war against Germany on the British side. The "Lusitania" sailed with close to 2000 passengers and crew, over half of whom would die. Germany's warnings to passengers were largely ignored. Hidden on board were munitions and war supplies for the British army. How did Germany know about this contraband? Spies sealed the ship's fate - and their own as well. The book offers a human tale of courage and conflict, lives shattered and rebuilt, loves formed and lost amid war's debris. --Page 4 of cover.

Titanic Unseen

Author : Senan Molony
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Titanic was meant to be another success in a litany of past glories for the White Star Line. Her fate was an unexpected shock and global tragedy, ensuring her immortality in the minds of millions even 100 years later. But her untimely demise often overshadows her remarkable life - the distinguished heritage of her fleet, the ingenuity of those who built her and the dedication of those who worked on board, many of whom would later become heroes. Titanic Unseen provides a unique insight into what it meant to build, deploy and operate the great ships of the White Star Line in the Titanic era. Weaving together images from the evocative albums of White Star crew member Philip Bell and Harland & Wolff engineer John Kempster, it is a revelatory portrait of this iconic vessel.

The Unseen Doctor

Author :
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The Royal Navy and the German Threat 1901 1914

Author : Matthew S. Seligmann
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Offers a new and original account of the efforts made by the Royal Navy to prepare for war with Germany in the decade and a half before 1914. Seligmann demonstrates that from being unready for an assault on British seaborne trade, the Royal Navy had given a great deal of thought to its protection.

Lost at Sea

Author : Michael Goss
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The Lusitania Controversies Dangerous descents into shipwrecks and law

Author : Gary Gentile
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bk. 1. Atrocity of war and a wreck-diving history -- bk. 2. Dangerous descents into shipwrecks and law.

Germany and the Lusitania Medal

Author :
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One Thing I Know Or The Power of the Unseen

Author :
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