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The Unsettling of Europe

Author : Peter Gatrell
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Migrants have stood at the heart of modern Europe's experience, whether trying to escape danger, to find a better life or as a result of deliberate policy, whether moving from the countryside to the city, or between countries, or from outside the continent altogether. Peter Gatrell's powerful new book is the first to bring these stories together into one place. He creates a compelling narrative bracketed by two nightmarish periods: the great convulsions following the fall of the Third Reich and the mass attempts in the 2010s by migrants to cross the Mediterranean into Europe. The Unsettling of Europe is a new history of the continent, charting the ever-changing arguments about the desirability or otherwise of migrants and their central role in Europe's post-1945 prosperity. Gatrell is as fascinating on the giant movements of millions (such as the epic waves of German migration) to that of much smaller groups, such as the Karelians, Armenians, Moluccans or Ugandan Asians. Above all he has written a book that makes the reader deeply aware of the many extraordinary journeys taken by countless individuals in pursuit of work, safety and dignity, all the time. This is a landmark book on a subject that, decade by decade, will always haunt Europe.

Unsettling Europe

Author : Jane Kramer
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Portrays the lives of four families, who represent the millions of people uprooted by wars, family dissolution, or fallen colonial empires, that are now dramatically changing European society

The Unsettling of the West

Author : Gary Geddes
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The Communist Parties of Western Europe

Author : Neal R. Tannahill
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Britain and Europe 1789 1871

Author : R. C. Birch
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Europe Or The Infinite Task

Author : Rodolphe Gasché
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Gasché's latest book explores the concept or idea of Europe in the philosophies of Husserl, Heidegger, Patoka, and Derrida, and how it is linked to the notions of rationality, universality, world, the relation the other, and responsibility.

European Democracies

Author : Jürg Steiner
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With his new co-author, Markus Crepaz, Jurg Steiner has brought this best-selling text completely up-to-date.& Using a comparative approach, the text crosses national and political boundaries in its coverage of Europe.& Starting with detailed coverage of the basic differences between Europe and the United States in a new introductory chapter, the revision puts Europe in a global perspective and no longer divides its coverage between Western and Eastern Europe: & Europe is now treated as a single entity.

Northern Europe

Author : Caroline Verhague
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En række skribenter, bl.a. Arne Olav Brundtland og Carl Bildt, skriver om Nordens sikkerhedsproblemer videre frem i 1990'erne.

Asia in the Making of Europe A century of wonder 3 v Book 1 The visual arts Book 2 The literary arts Book 3 The scholarly disciplines

Author : Donald Frederick Lach
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Asia in the Making of Europe A century of wonder Book 1 The visual arts Book 2 The literary arts Book 3 The scholarly disciplines 3 v

Author : Donald Frederick Lach
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Handbook of European History 1400 1600 Visions programs and outcomes

Author : Thomas A. Brady
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East Central Europe After the Warsaw Pact

Author : Andrew A. Michta
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Michta reviews the security policies of Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary following the collapse of communism in East Central Europe. He focuses on the threats of regional instability, the advent of military reform programs in these countries, and the nature of their foreign policy vis-a-vis the Soviet Union and the West. By concentrating on the security of a region that is moving rapidly to rejoin the West, Michta provides new insights on the area likely to become an eastern periphery of a new Europe, and he suggests the challenges which are likely to threaten regional security for the remainder of the decade.

The 1992 Project and the Future of Integration in Europe

Author : John A. C. Conybeare
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Cover -- Half Title -- Title -- Copyright -- Dedication -- Contents -- List of Contributors -- List of Tables and Figures -- Preface and Acknowledgments -- 1 The 1992 Project -- I THEORETICAL CONSIDERATIONS -- 2 European Integration: Gloomy Theory versus Rosy Reality -- 3 Delivering the Goods: The EC and the Evolution of Complex Governance -- II THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE 1992 PROJECT -- 4 A People's Europe: Citizen Support for the 1992 Project and Beyond -- 5 Asymmetrical Integration in the European Community: The Single European Act and Institutional Development

Teaching History in the New Europe

Author : John Slater
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Drawing on Council of Europe material and his long experience of teaching and observing history in schools, the author attempts a definition of 'Europe', asks whether Europeans have anything in common and what is new about the 'New Europe'. In particular, he asks why young Europeans should learn history at all. If so, what kind and how? For what, and whose, purposes? And who decides what pupils learn? Teaching History in the New Europe was prompted by an influential symposium entitled 'History Teaching in the New Europe'. It will be invaluable to all those who are concerned with teaching history, as well as having an interest in European history and culture.

Biblio Europe

Author :
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Europe 2000

Author : European Television Task Force
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The Alliance America Europe Japan

Author : Richard J. Barnet
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Includes material on Konrad Adenauer, Douglas MacArthur in Japan, Dean Acheson, Jean Monnet, Marshall Plan, John Foster Dulles, John F. Kennedy, Charles de Gaulle, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Willy Brandt, detente, Henry Kissinger, trilateralism, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan.

Europe Inc

Author : Belen Balanya
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Over the past two decades the major international corporations have become industrial lobbyists within the European Community, to such an extent that they pose a threat to democracy. In turn the EC has been very receptive to the political agenda of corporate interest groups, in particular to the notion of making Europe a free trade zone.

Europe and the Middle Ages

Author : Edward Peters
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This comprehensive, well-balanced historical survey of medieval Europe—from Roman imperial provinces to the Renaissance—covers all aspects of the history (political, literary, religious, intellectual, etc.) with a focus on social and political themes. It presents a complete picture of the complex process by which an ecumenical civilization that once ringed the basin of the Mediterranean Sea, evolved into three other distinctive civilizations—Latin Europe, Greek Eastern Europe and Asia Minor, and Islam. A six-part organization outlines late Mediterranean antiquity and early northern Europe; two heirs of the ancient world; the early Middle Ages; Christendom: authority and enterprise, 950-1100; culture and society in the high Middle Ages, 1100-1325; and Christendom and Europe, 1325-1519. For anyone interested in the history of Europe and the Middle Ages.

The Seventeenth Century Europe in Ferment

Author : Alanson Lloyd Moote
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