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International Law and the Use of Force

Author : Christine Gray
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This book explores the large and controversial subject of the use of force in international law. It examines not only the use of force by states but also the role of the UN in peacekeeping and enforcement action, and the increasing role of regional organizations in the maintenance of international peace and security. The UN Charter framework is under challenge. Russia's invasion of Georgia and intervention in Ukraine, the USA's military operations in Syria, and Saudi Arabia's campaign to restore the government of Yemen by force all raise questions about the law on intervention. The 'war on terror' that began after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the USA has not been won. It has spread far beyond Afghanistan: it has led to targeted killings in Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen, and to intervention against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Is there an expanding right of self-defence against non-state actors? Is the use of force effective? The development of nuclear weapons by North Korea has reignited discussion about the legality of pre-emptive self-defence. The NATO-led operation in Libya increased hopes for the implementation of 'responsibility to protect', but it also provoked criticism for exceeding the Security Council's authorization of force because its outcome was regime change. UN peacekeeping faces new challenges, especially with regard to the protection of civilians, and UN forces have been given revolutionary mandates in several African states. But the 2015 report Uniting Our Strengths reaffirmed that UN peacekeeping is not suited to counter-terrorism or enforcement operations; the UN should turn to regional organizations such as the African Union as first responders in situations of ongoing armed conflict.

The Use of Force and International Law

Author : Christian Henderson
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The Use of Force and International Law offers an authoritative overview of international law governing the resort to force. Looking through the prism of the contemporary challenges that this area of international law faces, including technology, sovereignty, actors, compliance and enforcement, this book addresses key aspects of international law in this area: the general breadth and scope of the prohibition of force, what is meant by 'force', the use of force through the UN and regional organisations, the use of force in peacekeeping operations, the right of self-defence and the customary limitations upon this right, forcible intervention in civil conflicts, the controversial doctrine of humanitarian intervention. Suitable for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students, academics and practitioners, The Use of Force and International Law offers a contemporary, comprehensive and accessible treatment of the subject.

Regulating the Use of Force in International Law

Author : Russell Buchan
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This book provides a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the nature, content and scope of the rules regulating the use of force in international law as they are contained in the United Nations Charter, customary international law and international jurisprudence. The book's scope is broad and covers the prohibition on the threat or use of force; the use of force in self-defence; the use of force as part of the United Nations collective security system; the use of force by regional organisations; the use of force in peacekeeping operations; the use of force for humanitarian purposes; the use of force by invitation; armed reprisals; the use of force by and against non-State actors; and the use of force in cyberspace. The book takes an insightful look at the rules regulating the use of force as they are called upon to apply to changing and challenging circumstances such as the emergence of non-State actors, security risks, new technologies and moral considerations. Its arguments balance the interests of stability and change in order to enhance international law's regulatory potential regarding the use of force. This book is an important resource for students and scholars of international law, the use of force and collective security and for practitioners involved in the interpretation and application of these legal frameworks.

The Law of Armed Conflict and the Use of Force

Author : Frauke Lachenmann
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"Published under the auspices of the Max Planck Foundation for International Peace and the Rule of Law."

The Use of Force in International Law

Author : Giuliana Scotto
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Document from the year 2019 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Public International Law and Human Rights, grade: 1, University of Rome "La Sapienza", language: English, abstract: This text is an excerpt of a Handbook of international law ("Diritto internazionale per filosofi", in Italian) published by Grin in 2014. It deals with the evolution and the content of the current prohibition of use of force in international law. Both the common sense and many scholars with historical or political background, therefore without expertise in international law, approach international law with the prejudice that war, whose presence is witnessed throughout the history as an element which cannot be eliminated from human affairs, would be a tool which States can still and always legitimately use. War and more generally the possibility of resorting to armed force would represent the counter-proof of the thesis which considers the international society as an example of the state of nature, of the war condition of all against all: the hobbesian condition of "homo homini lupus" ("every man is a wolf for any other man"). Despite the fact that history records many cases of resort to armed force in international relations, that is, in the community of those entities characterized by the principle of sovereign equality, the consideration of States’ practice in international law does not allow to conclude that in general the use of armed force in international relation is permitted. Quite on the contrary, an adequate analysis of the current international order demonstrates armed force is prohibited as a principle, with the sole exception of self-defence, and that recently such a prohibition has assumed peremptory character. Because of the devastating effects which, at the time of atomic and mass destruction weapons, the use of armed force could produce on the possibility itself of the coexistence of the international subjects, the prohibition of the use of force has become the most important rule in international law and its respect is one of the most important factors which guarantee the coexistence of States and ultimately the very survival of the human race.

The Soviet Views on the Use of Force in International Law

Author : John Yin
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The Legitimacy of Use of Force in Public and Islamic International Law

Author : Mohammad Z. Sabuj
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This book investigates the legitimacy deficits of two potentially conflicting legal systems, namely Public and Islamic international law. It discusses the challenges that Public international law is being presented within the context of its relationship with Islamic international law. It explores how best to overcome these challenges through a comparative examination of state practices on the use of force. It highlights the legal-political legacies that evolved surrounding the claims of the legitimacy of use of force by armed non-state actors, states, and regional organizations. This book offers a critical analysis of these legacies in line with the Islamic Shari‘a law, United Nations Charter, state practices, and customs. It concludes that the legitimacy question has reached a vantage point where it cannot be answered either by Islamic or Public international law as a mutually exclusive legal system. Instead, Public international law must take a coherent approach within the existing legal framework.

International Law and the Use of Force

Author : Anthony Clark Arend
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When the United Nations Charter was adopted in 1945, states established a legal `paradigm' for regulating the recourse to armed force. In the years since then, however, significant developments have challenged the paradigm's validity, causing a `pardigmatic shift'. International Law and the Use of Force traces this shift and explores its implications for contemporary international law and practice.

The Use of Force in International Law

Author : Tarcisio Gazzini
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This volume of essays examines the development of political and legal thinking regarding the use of force in international relations. It provides an analysis of the rules on the use of force in the political, normative and factual contexts within which they apply and assesses their content and relevance in the light of new challenges such as terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and cyber-attacks. The volume begins with an overview of the ancient and medieval concepts of war and the use of force and then concentrates on the contemporary legal framework regulating the use of force as moulded by the United Nations Charter and state practice. In this regard it discusses specific issues such as the use of force by way of self-defence, armed reprisals, forcible reactions to terrorism, the use of force in the cyberspace, humanitarian intervention and the responsibility to protect. This collection of previously published classic research articles is of interest to scholars and students of international law and international relations as well as practitioners in international law.

International Law and the Use of Force by States

Author : Ian Brownlie
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