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Transformers The Veiled Threat

Author : Alan Dean Foster
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Life on earth has changed forever, as humans and their courageous robotic allies, the Autobots, must warily work together to protect the planet from the destructive forces of the evil Decepticons. At the headquarters of NEST, tech sergeant Epps and captain Lennox both guard and assist cyberneticist Kaminari Ishihara and the brooding Russian AI genius Petr Andronov as they explore the differences between organics and bots. All around them, alliances fray, distrust grows, suspicions mount, and traitors come out of the shadows. Meanwhile, Optimus Prime, the powerful leader of the Autobots who is also part of NEST, plays defense, as battles flare up from Australia to Zambia. But escalating Decepticon attacks will culminate in a final confrontation from which no one—man or machine—will emerge unscathed.

The Veiled Threat

Author : Lauren Young
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Veiled Threats

Author : Sally Armstrong
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In 1997, Sally Armstrong, then editor-in-chief of Homemaker's magazine, wrote an article about the women of Afghanistan and their lives under the misogynist Taliban regime. More than 9000 letters poured in from readers demanding that something be done to get these women out of bondage. Recently named as UNICEF's special representative to Afghanistan, Armstrong has an insider's view of the terror, abuse and misogyny the women and girls of Afghanistan have faced for more than two decades of civil war and, in particular, when the Taliban took over. Veiled Threat begins on September 27, 1996, the day the Taliban seized power and put women under house arrest. Armstrong introduces us to several women--among them the commissioner of human rights for Afghanistan, Dr. Sima Samar--who describe their rapid-fire descent into the waking nightmare of life under the Taliban. Armstrong then steps back to describe the centuries-old history of misogyny and the way customs such as honour killing found their way to Afghanistan. She also highlights the extraordinary work women around the world were doing to rescue their sisters in Afghanistan while venerable bodies such as the United Nations were virtually silent. Leading us through the fractured history of Afghanistan, Armstrong examines what Islam actually says about women. She assesses the monumental impact of September 11 and ends with intriguing conclusions drawn by Afghan women. Based on first-hand experience that includes Armstrong's own unexpected stay with the Taliban and years of passionate involvement in the struggle for women's rights in Afghanistan, Veiled Threat brings a humane and informed view to the lives of women in this tragic and awesome land.

Veiled Threat

Author : Willem Kooman
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His Christian Heritage always led Willem to believe that the three Abrahamic faiths Judaism, Christianity and Islam shared a common God. 9/11 made him realize that there was something not true about this belief. In his research Willem soon discovered that Islam operates under a veiled threat under political correctness and that the teachings of Islam places the West in great danger. So then based on the information provided by the teachings of the Quran and the prophet Mohammad how should we respond to the cultural blindfold that political correctness has placed on us?

Veiled Threat

Author : Helen Harper
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Integrity Taylor has regained possession of her ancestral lands - and inherited a whole host of new problems. The spectre of what really happened to her parents is casting a shadow over everything while Fomori demons are being sighted up and down the Highlands. It doesn't help that Aifric Moncrieffe still seems determined to see her dead and emerald eyed Byron remains stubbornly blind to his father's true nature. Integrity is determined to stay in control of her own destiny, however, even if it means confronting the darkness across the Veil yet again. And at least she's still got a sense of humour... This is the third book in the Highland Magic series.

The Calling and Veiled Threat

Author : Jerry B. Jenkins
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Veiled Threat

Author : Shannon Mayer
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“My name is Rylee and I am a Tracker.” When children go missing, and the Humans have no leads, I’m the one they call. I am their last hope in bringing home the lost ones. I salvage what they cannot. Demons are putting rips in the veil in order to cross over and steal my friends and allies away. But, going after them isn’t even close to simple. The deepest level of the veil is not a place you can just open a doorway too, after all, and of course, that’s where they’ve been taken. As fate would have it, it looks like I might get some help from a trained demon slayer and his fire breathing ride. The only problem? Said demon slayer claims to have family ties to me. And I’ve never trusted my family. Nor am I about to start now. Starring the irresistible, ass-kicking heroine Rylee Adamson, Veiled Threat is the seventh book in USA Today bestselling author Shannon Mayer’s sexy, exciting, and laugh-out-loud series, a dangerously addictive paranormal romance.

Veiled Threat

Author : Nadia LALEZAR
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This book, based on actual historical events, tells the story of Shirin, a beautiful Iranian woman born at the dawn of the Twentieth Century, whose life coincided with the reign of two extraordinary men--the great King and his son, the Shah of Iran. Despite her forced marriage at the age of sixteen to a man she didn't love, Shirin finds freedom, power, and happiness--only to lose everything in the Revolution.

Veiled Threat

Author : Alice Loweecey
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It’s private investigator Giulia Falcone’s second Christmas since leaving the convent. She’s happy to be spending it with Frank Driscoll, even if his switching from boss to boyfriend and back again is giving her whiplash. But Giulia’s holiday is darkened with disturbing news from her friends Anya and Laurel—their adopted baby girl has been kidnapped. When she learns that two kidnappings in nearby communities, both involving same-sex couples, ended with devastating fatalities, Giulia is more determined than ever to return the infant girl to her mothers. With Frank reluctantly backing her and the understaffed police offering little assistance, Giulia goes undercover to snare the kidnappers before they can do further harm.

Veiled Truths

Author : H. T. Martin
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An ethereal forest tucked into the southernmost part of the Wastelands which holds a powerful entity within its misty folds is the newest destination on Shadows journey to gain more power in order to combat his brother and sister. Accompanied by Duclaw, Scorpio, and, ironically enough, Poison; the unlikely congregation makes their way past Barbarian patrols while also being hunted by an elite assassin, with an array of strange techniques, who is known across the land as The Black Scorpion. Surviving their mission and capturing the entity they needed to retrieve, Shadow and his comrades make their way to the Northern Kingdom only to be sent on yet another mission by Arkadios. Shadow and Poison travel across a vast ocean to the eastern lands to speak with the leader of Mastagon to retrieve the last of Therons black scrolls. After their meeting and failure to retrieve the scroll, the warriors head to the small village of Basket where Poisons mother was born. Here, Shadow is poisoned by a great beast and it is up to Poison and Tourma to kill the monster and fi nd an antidote to cure Shadow before his painful and untimely death. Journey with Shadow as he struggles to survive in his world without the aid of his black chakra. Watch as he learns of Sorcery and all the benefi ts the most ancient form of chakra manipulation will be able do for him. The possibilities are endless, but only if a cure is found.

Only Forgotten Son

Author : Kc Camden
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K. C. Camden professes that her family was just like any other in the fact that over the years, they were hardly perfect. But together they weathered the storms, laughed and cried, and loved and fought. Everything changed for the Camden family one November day when K. C. drove up to her house and made a horrifying discovery: her son, Joey, had committed suicide.K. C. details her journey as an average mother who provides a loving and nurturing home for her two children but eventually must face and fight the daunting issues of domestic violence, drug abuse, and depression. While sharing her own misgivings and insecurities, she honestly portrays the path of severe depression that led Joey to take his own life, including her personal regret in not knowing more about the side effects of the controversial anti-depressant drug Paxil and in trusting the doctor who prescribed it for Joey.Only Forgotten Son offers understanding and compassion for those who suffer the terrible darkness of depression and will hopefully lessen the unwarranted stigma associated with suicide.

The Risk of School Rampage Assessing and Preventing Threats of School Violence

Author : E. Madfis
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By examining averted school rampage incidents, this work addresses problematic gaps in school violence scholarship and advances existing knowledge about mass murder, violence prevention, bystander intervention, threat assessment, and disciplinary policy in school contexts.

Commitment in Dialogue

Author : Douglas Walton
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This book develops a logical analysis of dialogue in which two or more parties attempt to advance their own interests. It includes a classification of the major types of dialogues and a discussion of several important informal fallacies. The authors define the concept of commitment in a way that makes it useful in evaluating arguments. In traditional logic, a proposition is either true or false, and that is the end of it. In this new framework, an arguer can be held to his or her commitments in some cases, but in other cases, he or she can retract them without violating any rule of the dialogue. Commitment in Dialogue studies the conditions under which commitments should be held or may be retracted within an argument.

The China Threat

Author : Bill Gertz
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The devastating terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and America's first domestic bio-terrorism mail attacks have shifted America's attention and resources to the immediate threat of international terrorism. But we shouldn't be fooled. Since the publication of the hardcover edition of The China Threat in November of 2000, one thing remains very much the same: the People's Republic of China is the most serious long-term national security challenge to the United States. In fact, after the events of September 11, the China threat should seem all the more real, for Communist China is one of the most important backers of states that support international terrorism. —From the new introduction by the author

The Last Days of Henry VIII

Author : Robert Hutchinson
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After 35 years in power, Henry VIII was a bloated, hideously obese, black-humoured old man, rarely seen in public. He had striven all his life to ensure the survival of his dynasty by siring legitimate sons, yet his only male heir was eight-year-old Prince Edward. It was increasingly obvious that when Henry died, real power in England would be exercised by a regent. The prospect of that prize spurred the rival court factions into deadly conflict. Robert Hutchinson spent several years in original archival research. He advances a genuinely new theory of Henry's medical history and the cause of his death; he has unearthed some fabulous eyewitness material and papers from death warrants, confessions and even love letters between Katherine Parr and the Lord High Admiral.

On Scope

Author : Sgt. Jack Coughlin
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Spain is on the brink of economic collapse and European banks demand that any bailout be linked to harsh domestic changes. An alliance of Islamic bankers counters with a rescue package containing no conditions at all. The underlying goal: to break the unity of Europe and put Madrid on the path back to Islamic rule. When the United States stridently opposes that deal, terrorists storm the American consulate in Barcelona and slaughter an entire six-man U.S. Marine security guard. Washington decides the time has come to change the rules of counter-terrorism response, and instead of going after the individual hired gunmen, it unleashes black operations team Task Force Trident to take down the high-ranking financiers known as the Group of Six who were really responsible for the slaughter. Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Swanson, one of the world's best snipers, and his beautiful sidekick Beth Ledford, go on the attack, and bodies fall from Mallorca to Madrid. Meanwhile, Algerian mastermind Yanis Rebiane puts pressure on Spain to decide before the Group of Six cracks, while his killing-machine son, Djahid roams the United States, murdering anyone his father deems a threat to the radical Islamic takeover scheme. Once Swanson's name is unearthed from secret files, Kyle and Djahid become hunter and prey. In On Scope by Jack Coughlin and Donald A. Davis, one shot will decide the future of Spain, NATO, and the European Union.

Singing to the Dead

Author : Victoria Armour-Hileman
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It is 1992, and the Burmese government's current war on its indigenous people runs into its fourth year. In neighboring Thailand, a small band of Buddhist monks harbors refugees from Burma inside their modest temple in the slums of Bangkok. The monks and refugees are all natives of the Burmese Mon State. All have the same residential status in Thailand: illegal. Under surveillance, and overwhelmed by the needs of their charges, the monks reach out to international aid agencies in Bangkok for help in ministering to the tortured, the wounded, the diseased, and the orphaned. Singing to the Dead recalls a Catholic lay missioner's work alongside the Mon Buddhist monks of Bangkok. For more than two years, Victoria Armour-Hileman was a go-between for the monks, interceding with the world outside their temple walls for everything from a cornea transplant for a land mine victim to money to buy shoes for barefoot orphans. At the same time, Singing to the Dead details an aid worker's ongoing education: how to weave through an embassy bureaucracy, how to stave off burnout, how to pull money out of thin air at the eleventh hour, when to trust and when to be cautious, when to kowtow, when to pray. As the centuries-old conflict between Burma and its Mon people worsens, police raids on the temple in Bangkok increase. Refugees have never been safe, but now even the monks' unofficial immunity seems tenuous. When one of the monks is threatened with repatriation to Burma and possible imprisonment and torture, Armour-Hileman begins the desperate race to secure a new home country for him. She knows that these final efforts are as selfish as they are humanitarian, for what kind of God, and what kind of universe, will she believe in if she fails?

Golden Fetters

Author : Barry Eichengreen
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This book offers a reassessment of the international monetary problems that led to the global economic crisis of the 1930s. It explores the connections between the gold standard--the framework regulating international monetary affairs until 1931--and the Great Depression that broke out in 1929. Eichengreen shows how economic policies, in conjunction with the imbalances created by World War I, gave rise to the global crisis of the 1930s. He demonstrates that the gold standard fundamentally constrained the economic policies that were pursued and that it was largely responsible for creating the unstable economic environment on which those policies acted. The book also provides a valuable perspective on the economic policies of the post-World War II period and their consequences.

Tales From Gulinger High Tale Fourteen

Author : Julie Steimle
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It is difficult for a werewolf to get a decent meal these days! Rick Deacon is out of luck when attending a recent Junior League summer event, when they serve all the things this teenage werewolf is allergic to. And though he is handy with a cell phone and has friends in sneaky places willing to sneak in a hamburger, his real trouble only is beginning. It is his 'job' to escort fellow ghoulie, Selena Davenport, though the dangers of high society. But when the real threat strikes from home, what can he possibly do? There is only so much that a werewolf can handle.

The Assassination of Europe 1918 1942

Author : Howard M. Sachar
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In this fascinating volume, renowned historian Howard M. Sachar relates the tragedy of twentieth-century Europe through an innovative, riveting account of the continent's political assassinations between 1918 and 1939 and beyond. By tracing the violent deaths of key public figures during an exceptionally fraught time period—the aftermath of World War I—Sachar lays bare a much larger history: the gradual moral and political demise of European civilization and its descent into World War II. In his famously arresting prose, Sachar traces the assassinations of Rosa Luxemburg, Kurt Eisner, Matthias Erzberger, and Walther Rathenau in Germany—a lethal chain reaction that contributed to the Weimar Republic's eventual collapse and Hitler's rise to power. Sachar's exploration of political fragility in Italy, Austria, the successor states of Eastern Europe, and France completes a mordant yet intriguing exposure of the Old World's lethal vulnerability. The final chapter, which chronicles the deaths of Stefan and Lotte Zweig, serves as a thought-provoking metaphor for the assassination of the Old World itself.