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Her Viking Wolf

Author : Theodora Taylor
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"I'm engaged to a perfect millionaire, but this time-traveling Viking werewolf says I'm coming home with him!" When Chloe Adams was four, her shiftless shifter parents abandoned her on the side of the road. But now she’s reinvented herself as a DIY domestic goddess, and she’s engaged to the most eligible alpha in Colorado –- that is until a huge, red-haired, time-traveling Viking werewolf shows up to claim her as his fated mate. Wait… what?!?! "This was diamond of a download!!! A must-read if there ever was one!" - 5 Star Amazon Review READER WARNING: This smoking-hot romance contain jaw-dropping twists and turns, sizzling sex scenes, and nothing less than the adventure of a lifetime. HER VIKING WOLF has become a fan favorite, but should only be read by those who like their Vikings red-haired and red-hot! * * * And don’t forget to check out the other books in the Alpha Kings series!**** Her Viking Wolf Wolf and Punishment Wolf and Prejudice Wolf and Soul Her Viking Wolves

The Vikings

Author : Don Nardo
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Known for hit-and-run raids that struck terror into the hearts of villagers across Europe during the Middle Ages, the Vikings were independent farmers but also daring explorers, sailing far from Scandinavia in search of new land to conquer and farm. Author Don Nardo unpacks the many myths surrounding the Vikings with this comprehensive account of the their culture and impact upon the course of history. Chapters approach the subject with accessible language, maps, and timelines to broaden student understanding and facilitate research. Topics discussed in this edition include: the origin of the Vikings, conquests and expansions, the nature of Viking communities, Norse mythology, explorations of the West, and the end of the Viking age.

The Viking Saga

Author : Henry Treece
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Into this breathtaking trilogy is woven the true spirit of the Vikings, who great thirst for travelling the seas took them on incredible voyages in defiance of icy waters, terrible hardships and bloodthirsty resistance. It is AD 780. Viking's Dawn sees a young Norse boy, Harald Sigurdson, set sail for the Hebrides in the longship 'Nameless'. The goal: to plunder the helpless coastal villages of Britain. Just five years later, undeterred by his first desperate journey, the dauntless warrior puts to sea once again, in The Road to Miklagard - this time lured by the news of a fabulous hoard of treasure. After a lifetime struggling with the bitter waves, Harald embarks on his last voyage in Viking's Sunset, this time not for gain but to seek vengeance on a blood enemy.


Author : Jim Ollhoff
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Presents a world of strange and unusual creatures known as werewolves.

A Wolf s Hunger

Author : Asa Maria Bradley
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“I loved this sexy romance with the fascinating characters as well as the twisty and wild plot. This is a perfect read by the fire with a nice glass of wine.” ~New York Times Bestselling Author Rebecca Zanetti Can an alpha wolf catch a thief who bends the laws of physics? Wolf shifter and billionaire Arek Varg runs a security company specializing in bodyguards, extraction teams, and hostage rescue. He’s also the alpha of all the Western Packs and uses his ancient Odin medallion to connect with his packs’ magic and lead his wolves as a cohesive unit. With war brewing between the four major shifter coalitions, the last thing he needs is a mysterious woman stealing his relic. He’ll use all of his resources to hunt her down. And if he does, will she tame him? Former museum curator Dr. Laney Marconi was the darling of the magical artifacts’ academic world until she fell from grace due to a scandal based on false accusations. She now reclaims stolen items for insurance companies, using her witch powers that manipulate parallel dimensions. When a routine case turns into a disaster of epic proportions, she needs to evade the sexy shifter she stole from long enough to figure out who set her up. The hunt is on. But with Arek hot on her heels, Laney is forced to decide if salvaging the few crumbs left of her good reputation is worth teaming up with the alpha wolf whose ice-blue gaze pierces her shields while he demands nothing less than her soul. If you’re a fan of these themes, you’ll love A WOLF’S HUNGER: -> Fated Mates -> Billionaire Alpha Wolf Hero -> Headstrong Smart Witch Heroine -> Enemies to Lovers -> Sizzling Chemistry that Burns Up the Sheets Praise for the author's work: “When it comes to paranormal romance with explosive action scenes, Bradley has that nailed.” ~Entertainment Weekly “Action-packed, sexy, and fun! ...reminiscent of JR Ward.” ~Ilona Andrews, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author “The romance is sizzling, the battle scenes top-notch, and the characters intriguing.” ~Booklist “...blends Norse mythology and evil government experiments into an unusual paranormal…perfect for paranormal romance readers who are looking for something different.” ~Publishers Weekly

The Viking Age

Author : Paul Belloni Du Chaillu
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The Restorer of Magic A Grimalkin Novel

Author : Adeana Terrill
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When the local vampire lair is destroyed... the Sacramento Supernatural community is filled with fear, anger and worry. Now a Sovereign Vampire is sending a trio of powerful warrior/wizard vampires to find out who killed his servant... and fear turns to panic and confusion. Did such a powerful vampire really care what happened to one of his 'offspring?' Or was there some ulterior motive? For the region from Sacramento all the way up to Tahoe has a lot more magical power than most other places in the magically dwindling world but no one knows exactly why. No one that is but Tabitha McTavish, a member of the feline shape-shifting race called a Grimalkin... and a Restorer of Magic. In the chaos that ensues many of the secrets that Tabitha has been keeping are revealed to friend and foe. Now Tabitha must wage a battle to save Sacramento from the vampires... while dodging a mysterious wizard and a pack of strange super-werewolves who have found out her powerful secrets and have no intention of letting her escape.

Ivar the Viking

Author : Paul Belloni Du Chaillu
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A story of Ivar the Boneless, Paul Du Chaillu's Ivar the Viking is a novel based in early Scandinavian and Viking history about the fearless Viking leader and warrior.

Viking Wolf Shifters of Dundaire 3

Author : Angelique Armae
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Vikings and the Vikings

Author : Paul Hardwick
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This essay collection is a wide-ranging exploration of Vikings, the television series that has successfully summoned the historical world of the Norse people for modern audiences to enjoy. From a range of critical viewpoints, these all fresh essays explore the ways in which past and present representations of the Vikings converge in the show's richly textured dramatization of the rise and fall of Ragnar Loobrok--and the exploits of his heirs--creating what many viewers label a "true" representation of the age. From the show's sources in both saga literature and Victorian revival, to its engagement with contemporary concerns regarding gender, race and identity, via setting, sex, society and more, this first book-length study of the History Channel series appeals to fans of the show, Viking enthusiasts, and anyone with an interest in medievalist representation in the 21st century.