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The Voice of Your Soul

Author : Lain Garcia Calvo
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The Psychic Pathway

Author : Sonia Choquette
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A practical, step-by-step, 12-week interactive program that teaches you how to develop the intuitive sense that lies within you and to live in accordance with the soul's purpose by discovering your center of spiritual power. The Psychic Pathway refines intuition into a life-enhancing tool that can be used every day.

The Voice from My Soul

Author : Kirsty Sutton
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A book packed full of affirmations to help you though the pitfalls on the journey through life. The author has been there and these are the words that supported her on her journey. Divided into 8 sections, the verses are there to help you as you come upon the rocks along your pathway. It helped her - now she gives it to you for your journey. #

Voice of My Soul

Author : Marsha Eger
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The quest to understand our true nature is as ancient as human existence. It has been answered in some form by all the major religions and debated by the worlds great philosophers. But as author Marsha Eger notes, the information provided by texts, teachers, and clergy is only part of the equation. The journey to discover ones self and universal truth is ultimately a very personal one. In "Voice of My Soul: Wisdom from the Stillness," Eger relates her experience in clear, accessible poetry and prose that are the outgrowth of her spiritual practice. Each page gives the reader an opportunity to create a deeper awareness of self and the Universe. This is not a journey of distance. You need travel no farther than where you always arethe answers are within.

Waves of Healing

Author : Siri Atma Singh Khalsa
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Music Is The Voice Of My Soul

Author : Music Notebook McG Co
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Music Sheet Notebook Are you looking for a music notebook? If so, this is the one for you. Add To Cart Now Notebook is a great to keep track of music notes for song writers. Features: This 8" x 10" notebook includes 12 staff sheets on each of the 100 pages. Jot down all your song ideas whenever the inspiration hits you. Perfect for music teachers, students, piano or vocal song writers. Product Description: 8" x 10" 100 pages Uniquely designed matte cover High quality, heavy paper We have lots of other styles. So be sure to check out our other listings by clicking on the Music Notebook MCG.Co link just below the title of this tracker. Great gift idea for: Music Student Present Music Teacher Present Music Teacher Present Music Composer Present Song Writer Present Birthday Presents Stocking Stuffer Graduation Presents Office Holiday Presents Gift Exchanges Christmas Presents Secret Santa Presents White Elephant Presents

The Sound of the Soul

Author : Arthur Joseph
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Through the exercises of the Vocal Awareness method, you will discover how to own your voice, develop power through self-awareness and integrate it into total mind/body/spirit wellness.

Writing Down Your Soul

Author : Janet Conner
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Channel your divine inner wisdom and the miraculous, life-changing power of writing with this guide by the author of Find Your Soul’s Purpose. A writer, poet, and spiritual field guide, Janet Conner is first and always a deep soul explorer. Through her own meditative writing practice, she has learned to open a channel to her divine inner voice. In Writing Down Your Soul, Janet shows you how to turn journal-writing into a divine dialogue with the wisdom that dwells just below your conscious awareness. Today, research scientists are providing peeks into the nature of consciousness. Their findings give us intriguing clues as to what is actually happening with our bodies, minds, and spirits as we roll pen across paper. Writing Down Your Soul explores some of this research and instructs how to access the power and beauty of our own deepest selves by slipping from the alpha brainwave state into the theta: the intriguing border between the conscious and the subconscious.

The Naked Voice

Author : Chloe Goodchild
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Both science and spirituality agree that every particle of matter, every phenomenon we experience, is a form of resonance or vibration. The human voice is quite literally a mouthpiece of this truth; there is no form of expression more personal, more tied to our identities, than our voices. With simple inspirational exercises, this book by renowned voice teacher Chloe Goodchild gives readers the tools to guide them in a process of sound healing and soul communication that is guaranteed to open the heart and restore forgiveness, compassion, and interconnectedness between individuals and in their communities. At the heart of every human journey exists the longing to feel at home in one's self and in the world. In a unique response to meet this longing, Chloe Goodchild invites you on a compelling adventure of self-discovery and creative fulfillment through a direct experience of your own authentic voice--the voice of your personal authority, the song of your soul. Going beyond traditional vocal training guides, this book will appeal to anyone wishing to encounter themselves at a primal level through the medium of the voice.


Author : Hans Christian King
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From “one of the top five psychics in the country” (Miami Herald) comes an accessible and insightful guide to help you access your intuition, communicate with angels and spirit guides, and tap into your soul’s greatest purpose and passion. Award-winning psychic Hans King provides a clear and thorough path for connecting to the invisible side of life. Based on his sixty years of work as a medium, Guided features step-by-step practices for quieting the mind and creating a clear channel for spiritual communication. Through these techniques you can discover, activate, trust, and follow your own eternal voice while uncovering your soul’s greatest purpose and passion. Filled with fascinating stories and stunning testimonials from those who have communicated with the spirit world and experienced spiritual awakenings through King’s teaching, Guided clearly explains how to accurately find the answers you are searching for and actualize them in your life. “Written in a clear and easy to follow manner” (New Spirit Journal), Guided is the ultimate spiritual user’s manual for all those who experience an inner urge to explore life’s bewildering paradoxical mysteries and deepest sensitivities, and “a blessing for those who read it” (Lisa Garr, host of The Aware Show and Being Aware, bestselling author of Becoming Aware).

My Soul Pages

Author : Janet Conner
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My Soul Pages takes journaling to a whole new level. This large format companion journal offers writers the chance to continue the process by incorporating material from the original book as well as new material that deep soul writers love: mystical poetry and other soul-lifting quotations. This unique writing process helps you connect to your spiritual intelligence and activate a limitless supply of intelligence, wisdom and creativity. By writing every day at the same time, with passion, honesty, and the intention of speaking with and listening to the voice within. It helps writers engage in a vibrant conversation with the wisdom that dwells just a hair below conscious awareness.

Soul Radiance Bring Your Soul Riches to Life

Author : Susann Taylor Shier
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"Everyone has a Soul-Essence, which inherently holds the resources needed to manifest a meaningful and prosperous life... [This book] shows, step by step, how to take this journey to the Soul-Essence and retrieve the treasures that are yours. ..."--Back cover.

Experimental doctrinal and practical

Author : John Bunyan
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Meet Your Soul

Author : Elisa Romeo
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In this groundbreaking book, therapist and intuitive Elisa Romeo, takes Soul beyond an intellectual concept and into a direct and personal relationship. Pulling from depth psychology, years of practical experience, and touching stories from clients, Elisa brings substance and gravitas—and some levity—to the topic of how to live a Soulful life. This comprehensive, straightforward program contains effective meditations, visualizations, and inquiries to support you on the often messy, winding, and yet amusing path of discovering your Soul in modern times. Meet Your Soul not only tells you how to access your Soul connection but also preps you for some of the common obstacles you're likely to encounter on your journey. With her kind and informed direction, you'll learn to: • Understand the crucial distinction between ego, Spirit, and Soul • Create and cultivate a strong spiritual practice • Distinguish your Soul Truth from the beliefs of family, friends, and society • Clearly access the voice of your Soul • Gain awareness of the key Soul contracts in your life and discover your Divine purpose This book helps you meet the oldest, wisest, and most loving part of yourself—the part that gives meaning and purpose to your life. Elisa shows that each of us has the capacity to hear this personal, unique guidance directly. You needn't look outside yourself to a guru, program, or system; rather you can simply look within.

The Illustrated Magazine

Author :
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Your Soul s Calling

Author : Nancy Canning
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Each of us asks the questions: "Why am I here? Am I being and doing what I planned for this life?" This unique book helps you look at your life from your soul's perspective. Utilizing insights from clients' past life and afterlife hypnosis sessions, you have a clear road map and necessary tools for understanding your own life purpose.

Memoir and Remains of the Rev Mac Cheyne

Author : Andrew Alexander Bonar
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Mary s Call

Author : Jossey-Bass
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Mary's Call: The Voice Within Your Soul is a daily inspirational memoir inspired by the Blessed Mother Mary

The Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley with His Tragedies and Lyrical Dramas

Author : Percy Bysshe Shelley
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The tower of the hawk by the author of Chillon

Author : Jane Louisa Willyams
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