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The Young Warriors

Author : Victor Stafford Reid
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In 1735, five Maroon boys are ready to be initiated as warriors. They have prepared long and hard for this day, and must now pass a sequence of tests. How the boys approach this, the most important day of their lives, says much about how they will respond to the challenges ahead. When they encounter a Redcoat troop in the forest near their village, the defence of the village and surrounding Maroon communities will depend on these boys, their training, courage, and intelligence. On this occasion, their community depends on them for its survival, but their initiation as warriors also teaches them lifelong lessons about loyalty, responsibility, trustworthiness and friendship.

All The Young Warriors

Author : Anthony Neil Smith
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From a double cop-killing on the frozen streets of Minnesota to the burning sands of Mogadishu, Somali pirates and a brutal civil war, All The Young Warriors is an epic thriller spanning continents and cultures. Murder, warfare, piracy, love, betrayal and revenge - this is a white-knuckle ride for fans of James Lee Burke (the Dave Robicheaux series) and Michael Connelly (the Harry Bosch series).Winner of the 2012 Spinetingler Award for Best Novel: Rising StarWhen two of the Twin Cities' "Lost Boys" — young Somali men drafted to fight for terrorists back in the homeland — kill a pair of cops on his home turf, detective Ray Bleeker is left devastated. One of the dead cops was his girlfriend. The investigation grinds to a halt when he discovers that the young murderers have fled to Somalia to fight in the rebel army. He's at his wits' end until the father of one of the boys, an ex-gang leader called Mustafa, comes looking for answers. Bleeker and Mustafa form an uneasy alliance, teaming up to help bring the boys back home. But little do they know what Somalia has in store for them."a brilliant book, possibly the best novel of the year." - Les Edgerton"written with a sureness of hand and a depth of character that are impressive. A highly accomplished crime novel exposing an often unseen world." - The Big Issue"All The Young Warriors will grip readers who enjoy the chance to slip into a foreign culture and also those who want a page-turning thriller" - Spinetingler Magazine"a powerful story that is both riveting and meaningful" - Crime Fiction Lover"this book is a classic in the making" - I Meant To Read That"All The Young Warriors is a pretty rare beast, a clever page-turner. It deserves to be a bestseller and has film adaptation stamped all over it." - Loitering With Intent"a courageous novel that raises a lot of pertinent questions" - Dead End Follies"Smith writes with force and clarity" - The Chicago Tribune"Smith's version of Minnesota is no Lake Wobegon; the inhabitants are refreshingly made up entirely of the deranged, the damaged, and the doomed. If you can picture the intellectual and physical mayhem that might have resulted from a Jim Thompson and Harry Crews collaboration, you'd be on the right track. But Anthony Neil Smith is his own writer — and a very fine one, indeed." - Booklist Also by Anthony Neil Smith featuring Mustafa and Adem: Once A Warrior.

The Young Warriors

Author : Lee Jacoby
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It's 1951. Ben finds himself on a cold army bus loaded with draftees bound for Fort Knox. He meets Julie on a blind date at a circus. Their life together actually becomes a circus as they live, love and laugh in style near the post.

The Young Warrior Prayer An Effective Battle Prayer for the Youth of Yahweh s Kingdom

Author : Rebekah Garvin
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Churchill The Young Warrior

Author : John Harte
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This is the intriguing chronicle of Winston Churchill’s early years as a young soldier fighting in several different types of wars—on horseback in the cavalry at Khartoum, with saber and lance against the Dervishes at age twenty-two, in the South African war against the Boers, and finally in the First World War after he resigned as First Lord of the Admiralty, to volunteer to lead a Scottish brigade in the trenches of the Western Front, as Lieutenant-Colonel. The book also covers the failure, bloodshed, and disgrace of Gallipoli that was blamed on him, which could have led to his downfall, as well as the formative relationships he had with the two important women in his young life — his mother, Jennie, who was an eighteen-year-old woman when she married an English aristocrat, and Churchill’s young wife, Clementine. How did the events of his early life shape his subsequent life and career, making him the leader he would become? What is the mystery behind how World War I erupted, and what role did Churchill play to end it? Most readers are aware of Churchill’s leadership in World War Two, but are unaware of his contributions and experiences in World War One. Through engaging narrative non-fiction, this book paints a startlingly different picture of Winston Churchill — not the portly, conservative politician who led the UK during World War II, but rather the capable young man in his 20s and 30s, who thought of himself as a soldier saving Britain from defeat. Gaining experience in battle and developing a killer instinct and a mature worldview would serve him well as the leader of the free world.

The Legend of Dragon s Doom A Young Warrior s Vow

Author : R. S. Revels
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The tale of a young man grown tired of the loss of life due to repeated attacks on his home by a rogue dragon. He takes a vow to slay the beast and sets out on an amazing journey of discovery of just how strong and brave he is. A discover of the truth behind the secrets and legends of Dragon's Doom.

Young Warriors Stories of Strength

Author : Tamora Pierce
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WHAT MAKES A warrior? This gutsy collection of 15 original short stories compiled by bestselling author Tamora Pierce and anthologist-author Josepha Sherman answers this question with thought, heart, a lot of variety, and an occasional wink. Contributors include some of today’s most-beloved fantasy and sciencefiction authors: Tamora Pierce, Holly Black, Pamela Service, Margaret Mahy, Bruce Holland Rogers, Mike Resnick, Brent Hartinger, and more.

Young Warriors

Author : Monique Marks
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Marks revisits their lives at the beginning of the third millennium in a new democratic South Africa characterised by a radical decline in this social movement."--BOOK JACKET.

The Princessand s Mirror

Author : Lavoria Little-Guy
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Book Delisted

The Way of the Conscious Warrior

Author : P. T. Mistlberger
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The early 21st century is a complex time presenting unique challenges for men. This book examines many of those challenges, from dysfunctional relationships and confusion about what it means to be ‘male’ in the postmodern world, to understanding the dark side of the masculine psyche, as well as how to apply the best qualities of ‘warrior consciousness’ to experience overall success and fulfilment in life.