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We are the Weather Makers

Author : Tim Flannery
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Based on the author's best seller The Weather Makers, this accessible new edition speaks directly to young adults, offering a clear look at the history of climate change, how it will unfold over the next century, and what we can do to prevent a cataclysmic future.

The Weather Makers

Author : Tim Flannery
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What does climate change mean? How will global warming affect our lives? Is it the cause of wilder storms and more frequent droughts? Are these events inevitable? Tim Flannery makes this urgent issue completely accessible. He tells the fascinating story of climate change over millions of years to help us understand the predicament we face. By burning fossil fuels we are increasing the levels of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, causing our planet to become warmer. Every nation is affected differently by these changes but we have one thing in common-we are now the weather makers, and the new climate we are creating threatens the future of our civilisation. Tim Flannery shows how we can all help to combat these problems. You may be surprised at how much you can do. The Weather Makerswill change your life.

The Weather Makers Re Examined

Author : D. Weston Allen
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The first comprehensive review and critique of The Weather Makers, the 2005 best seller that propelled Tim Flannery to become the Australian of the Year (2007) and now the Climate Change Commissioner for the Gillard Government.


Author : Christine Shearer
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“This story is a tragedy, and not just because of what’s happening to the people of Kivalina. It’s a tragedy because it’s unnecessary, the product, as the author shows, of calculation, deception, manipulation, and greed in some of the biggest and richest companies on earth.” —Bill McKibben, author Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet "Christine Shearer's Kivalina: A Climate Change Story is a fast and bumpy ride that begins with the history of outrageous corporate deceptions through public relations and legal campaigns, continuing with building of the coal-and-oil empire to fuel progress in the United States, leading to the horrendous politics of climate crisis, and finally arriving at its destination, a ground-zero of climate refugee, Kivalina—an Inupiat community along the Chukchi Sea coast of arctic Alaska. I was angry when I turned the last page. I urge you to get a copy, read it, share the story, and join the new global climate justice movement."—Subhankar Banerjee, photographer, writer, activist, and author of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Seasons of Life and Land While corporate funded scientists continue their effort to spread doubt about global climate change, for one native village in Alaska, the price of further denial could be the complete devastation of their homes and culture. Kivalina must be relocated to survive, but neither the oil giants nor the government have proven willing to take responsibility. Christine Shearer is a writer, journalist, activist, and academic. She is the environment and ecology editor of Economy Watch, and managing editor of the online progressive magazine Conducive. She is also a contributor to Coalswarm, part of the online corporate watch website SourceWatch.

Emerson and the Climates of History

Author : Eduardo Cadava
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This book brings together a wide range of materials from history, religion, philosophy, horticulture, and meteorology to argue that Emerson articulates his conception of history through the language of the weather. Focusing on Emerson's persistent use of climatic and meteorological metaphors, the book demonstrates that Emerson's reflections on the weather are inseparable from his preoccupation with the central historical and political issues of his day. The author suggests that Emerson's writings may be read as both symptomatic and critical of the governing rhetorics through which Americans of his day thought about the most important contemporary issues, and that what has often been seen as Emerson's retreat from the arena of history into the domain of spirit is in fact an effort to re-treat or rethink the nature of history in terms of questions of representation. What distinguishes this book from the work of other critics who are reassessing Emerson's relation to history is its attempt to think through the way in which the figures of Emerson's rhetoric—figures (like frost, snow, the auroras, and nature in general) which often seem to have nothing to do with either history or politics—are themselves traversed by the conflictual histories of slavery, race, destiny, revolution, and the meaning of America. It differs, that is, in proposing a textual model for reading Emerson that measures his engagement with changing historical and political relations in terms of the way he works to revise the language he inherits. There can be no reading of Emerson, the author suggests, that does not trace the movement of his figures and tropes as they become something else, as they open onto questions of history.

A Project Guide to Wind Weather and the Atmosphere

Author : Marylou Morano Kjelle
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There’s no doubt about it: weather plays a big role in our lives. But what exactly is weather, and what causes it? Why is it sunny one day and cloudy the next? What are hail and fog? Find out how events that occur miles above Earth’s surface produce different types of weather. Simple experiments give a hands–on approach to studying sunlight, air temperature, and atmospheric pressure. Also included are directions for making meteorological instruments, including a precipitation gauge and barometer. There may be no way to control the weather, but you can find out how to predict weather events and how to prepare for them.

The Weathermakers

Author : Ben Bova
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After conquering everything else, the last frontier was... controlling Mother Nature! THE WEATHERMAKERS is a novel about climate change... literally. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr. Ben Bova is a six-time Hugo Award winner, and author of over 125 futuristic novels and nonfiction books about science and technology.

Snowboarding Learning to Ride from All Mountain to Park

Author :
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With millions flocking to the sport each year, snowboarding has become one of the of most popular winter pastimes. Written for the beginning to intermediate practitioner, Snowboarding focuses on the techniques of the sport, from park and pipe riding to boardslides and tail presses. Liam Gallagher details everything from the basics of understanding snow conditions and park responsibility to the fundamentals of riding, with a complete explanation of jumps and rails. Featuring a history ofthe sport, a breakdown of choosing and caring for your gear, and testimonials from professional riders, this is the comprehensive guide to get you out on the mountain.

The Land Beyond the Forest

Author : Emily Gerard
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Gerard's informative and highly readable travelogue about the country and people of Transylvania inspired Bram Stoker when writing Dracula.


Author : James George Frazer
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A supplement to Frazer's The Golden Bough, this 1936 work remains an important text for scholars of religion and anthropology.