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The Werewolf Filmography

Author : Bryan Senn
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From the horrific to the heroic, cinematic werewolves are metaphors for our savage nature, symbolizing the secret, bestial side of humanity that hides beneath our civilized veneer. Examining acknowledged classics like The Wolf Man (1941) and The Howling (1981), as well as overlooked gems like Dog Soldiers (2011), this comprehensive filmography covers the highs and lows of the genre. Information is provided on production, cast and filmmakers, along with critical discussion of the tropes and underlying themes that make the werewolf a terrifying but fascinating figure.

The Werewolf Filmography

Author : Bryan Senn
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From the horrific to the heroic, cinematic werewolves are metaphors for our savage nature, symbolizing the secret, bestial side of humanity that hides beneath our civilized veneer. Examining acknowledged classics like The Wolf Man (1941) and The Howling (1981), as well as overlooked gems like Dog Soldiers (2011), this comprehensive filmography covers the highs and lows of the genre. Information is provided on production, cast and filmmakers, along with critical discussion of the tropes and underlying themes that make the werewolf a terrifying but fascinating figure.

Werewolves a Study of Lycanthropes in Film Folklore and Literature

Author : Thomas McNulty
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Something stirs in the darkness and pads along the moonlit path... Werewolf stories have long captivated film audiences and lovers of pulp fiction. Thomas McNulty's Werewolves! explores the genesis for this cultural phenomenon dating back centuries when stories of shape shifters and wolf-men were predominant in folk tales. The book traces the origins of lycanthropy in mythology through modern times. Included are discussions of wolf mythology and the importance of the wolf symbol around the globe. Included is an examination of key werewolf stories and novels with an emphasis on popular fiction and pulp fiction. This is followed by a survey of the Hollywood films with chapters devoted to the Wolf-Man films starring Lon Chaney Jr. and the groundbreaking Spanish werewolf films of Paul Naschy. The survey of films includes titles from Hollywood's Golden Age to present times with commentary on over 70 werewolf films. The work includes a bibliography, filmography and index. Illustrated with rare photographs. Thomas McNulty is the author of the critically acclaimed biography, Errol Flynn, and the novels Trail of the Burned Man, Wind Rider, Death Rides a Palomino, and Showdown at Snakebite Creek. His feature articles have appeared in numerous magazines and periodicals. He lives in Crystal Lake, Illinois with his wife, Jan, and daughter, Brenna.

Gender and Werewolf Cinema

Author : Jason Barr
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It all begins with a howl, the unsettling sound which tells audiences that someone will soon become a werewolf. But the changes that occur during that transformation aren't just physical; they are psychological as well. Unremarkable men become domineering leaders. Innocuous men become violent and overtly sexual. In films from The Wolf Man and An American Werewolf in London to Ginger Snaps, when the protagonists become werewolves, their perceptions of their gender and their masculinity or femininity change dramatically. This volume explores how werewolves in cinema have provided an avenue for frank and often enlightening conversations about gender roles and masculinity. Werewolves are indeed a harbinger of change, but the genre of werewolf cinema itself has changed over time in how different styles of masculinity and different gender identities are portrayed.

The Christopher Lee Filmography

Author : Tom Johnson
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The career of Christopher Lee has stretched over half a century in every sort of film from comedy to horror and in such diverse roles as the Man With the Golden Gun, Frankenstein's monster, Fu Manchu and Sherlock Holmes. From Corridor of Mirrors in 1948 to Star Wars: Episode II-Attack of the Clones in 2002, this reference book covers 166 theatrical feature films: all production information, full cast and crew credits, a synopsis, and a critical analysis, with a detailed account of its making and commentary drawn from some thirty hours of interviews with Lee himself. Two appendices list Lee's television feature films and miniseries and his short films. The work concludes with an afterword by Christopher Lee himself. Photographs from the actor's private collection are included.

The Mexican Masked Wrestler and Monster Filmography

Author : Robert Michael “Bobb” Cotter
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Any on-screen schmuck can take down a wolfman with a silver bullet. It takes a certain kind of hero to hoist that wolfman overhead into an airplane spin, follow with a body slam, drop an atomic elbow across his mangy neck, leg-lock him until he howls, and pin his furry back to the mat for a three-count. It takes a Mexican masked wrestler. Add a few half-naked vampire women, Aztec mummies, mad scientists, evil midgets from space, and a goateed Frankenstein monster, and you have just some of the elements of Mexican masked wrestler and monster movies, certainly among the most bizarre, surreal and imaginative films ever produced. This filmography features some of the oddest cinematic showdowns ever concocted—Mexican masked wrestlers battling monsters, evil geniuses and other ne’er-do-wells, be it in caves, cobwebbed castles or in the ring. From the 1950s to the 1970s, these movies were staples of Mexican cinema, combining action, horror, sex, science fiction and comedy into a bizarre amalgam aimed to please the whole family. Chapters examine the roots of the phenomenon, including the hugely popular masked wrestling scene and the classic Universal horror films from which Mexican filmmakers stole without compunction. Subsequent chapters focus on El Santo, Blue Demon, and Mil Mascaras, the three most prominent masked wrestlers; wrestling women; other less prominent masked wrestlers; and the insane mish-mash of monsters pitted against the heroes. Each chapter includes background information and a full filmography, and a wide assortment of striking illustrations—posters, lobby cards and other graphic material, some better than the movies they advertised—accompany the text.

All Around Monstrous Monster Media in Their Historical Contexts

Author : Verena Bernardi
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We know all kinds of monsters. Vampires who suck human blood, werewolves who harass tourists in London or Paris, zombies who long to feast on our brains, or Godzilla, who is famous in and outside of Japan for destroying whole cities at once. Regardless of their monstrosity, all of these creatures are figments of the human mind and as real as they may seem, monsters are and always have been constructed by human beings. In other words, they are imagined. How they are imagined, however, depends on many different aspects and changes throughout history. The present volume provides an insight into the construction of monstrosity in different kinds of media, including literature, film, and TV series. It will show how and by whom monsters are really created, how time changes the perception of monsters and what characterizes specific monstrosities in their specific historical contexts. The book will provide valuable insights for scholars in different fields, whose interest focuses on either media studies or history.

The Ultimate Werewolf

Author : Byron Preiss
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Some of the world’s best-known authors of the fantastic and the mysterious explore the classic legend of the werewolf. From Mel Gilden’s gripping fable of a small town with werewolf fever, to Nancy Collins’s tale of a young boy unaware of the evil within him, to Stuart Kaminsky’s wolfman in Moscow—here are spectacular new werewolf stories transcending time and place. New Stories By Kevin J. Anderson Stuart M. Kaminsky Kim Antieau Kathe Koja Jerome Charyn Brad Linaweaver Nancy A. Collins Pat Murphy A.C. Crispin Kathleen O’Malley Philip José Farmer Bill Pronzini Craig Shaw Gardner Robert J. Randisi Mel Gilden Brad Strickland Nina Kiriki Hoffman Robert E. Weinberg FEATURING THE CLASSIC WEREWOLF STORIES BY HUGO AND NEBULA AWARD-WINNERS HARLAN ELLISON & ROBERT SILVERBERG Introduction by Harlan Ellison Selected Filmography by Leonard Wolf

The Girl s Guide to Werewolves

Author : Barb Karg
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The good news is: He’s tall, dark, and handsome. The bad news is: He’s short-tempered, a bit hairy, and has a tendency to howl at the full moon. ...Which makes bringing him home to meet mom and dad a bit difficult. How do you expect him to meet the family when he’s shedding on the furniture and sharpening his nails? Will he have more in common with the family dog than you? Will he leave you for a hairy hottie? No worries—in this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about these wild boys, including: How to spot a werewolf What to do when he changes shape How to avoid his animalistic mood swings How to destroy the savage beast (before he destroys you!) The best—and worst—werewolf books and films With this book, all ladies in love with lycanthropes learn how to tame their creatures of the night!

The North Carolina Filmography

Author : Jenny Henderson
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In recent years North Carolina has been recognized as a popular filming location for feature films and television series such as Last of the Mohicans and Dawson’s Creek. Few people, probably, realize that the first feature film in the state was shot in 1912. This comprehensive reference book provides a complete listing of every film, documentary, short, television program, newsreel, and promotional video in which at least some part was filmed in North Carolina, through the year 2000. The entries contain the following information: alternate titles, the type of film (feature film, television episode, etc), studio, cities, counties, scenes (Biltmore House, for example), comments (short synopses of the movies), director, producer, co-producer, executive producer, cinematographer, writer, music and casting credits, additional crew, and cast.

Invasion USA

Author : David J. Hogan
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In 1947 and again in 1951, when the queasy wartime alliance of the United States and the Soviet Union was long dissolved into mutual suspicion, the House Un-American Activities Committee launched aggressive investigations of Communist activity in the Hollywood film industry. If millions of worried Americans became preoccupied with subversion directed by the many-tentacled "Red Menace," Hollywood studio chiefs were absolutely petrified. Fearful of profit-killing scandal that might be uncovered by Washington's heavy hand, Hollywood scrambled to display its patriotism by producing anti-Communist movies. The films came by the score, some sober and thoughtful, others wildly hysterical. Cold War audiences were fed anti-Red dramas, melodramas, science-fiction thrillers--even comedies, westerns, and animated cartoons. In twenty-one lively essays, sixteen widely published film historians scrutinize more than forty films from the anti-Red cycle of the 1950s and '60s, including many provocative examples that have fallen into undeserved obscurity. Concerned equally with the pictures' aesthetic, political, and social ramifications, the essays capture the essence not only of some remarkable movies, but the frightened, agitated historical period that spawned them.

The Complete H P Lovecraft Filmography

Author : Charles P. Mitchell
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Identifies and analyzes 68 films inspired by the writings of H. P. Lovecraft.

Queering the Non Human

Author : Myra J. Hird
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What might it mean to queer the Human? By extension, how is the Human employed within queer theory? These questions invite a reconsideration of the way we think about queer theory, the category of the Human and the act of queering itself. This interdisciplinary volume of essays gathers together essays by international pioneering scholars in queer theory, critical theory, cultural studies and science studies who have written on topics as diverse as Christ, the Antichrist, dogs, starfish, werewolves, vampires, murderous dolls, cartoons, corpses, bacteria, nanoengineering, biomesis, the incest taboo, the death drive and the 'queer' in queer theory. Contributors include Robert Azzarello, Karen Barad, Phillip A. Bernhardt-House, Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, Claire Colebrook, Noreen Giffney, Judith Halberstam, Donna J. Haraway, Eva Hayward, Myra J. Hird, Karalyn Kendall, Vicki Kirby, Alice Kuzniar, Patricia MacCormack, Robert Mills, Luciana Parisi and Erin Runions.

Twice the Thrills Twice the Chills

Author : Bryan Senn
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In the mid-1950s, to combat declining theater attendance, film distributors began releasing pre-packaged genre double-bills—including many horror and science fiction double features. Though many of these films were low-budget and low-end, others, such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Horror of Dracula and The Fly, became bona fide classics. Beginning with Universal-International’s 1955 pairing of Revenge of the Creature and Cult of the Cobra, 147 officially sanctioned horror and sci-fi double-bills were released over a 20-year period. This book presents these double features year-by-year, and includes production details, historical notes, and critical commentary for each film.

The Dread of Difference

Author : Barry Keith Grant
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"The Dread of Difference is a classic. Few film studies texts have been so widely read and so influential. It's rarely on the shelf at my university library, so continuously does it circulate. Now this new edition expands the already comprehensive coverage of gender in the horror film with new essays on recent developments such as the Hostel series and torture porn. Informative and enlightening, this updated classic is an essential reference for fans and students of horror movies."—Stephen Prince, editor of The Horror Film and author of Digital Visual Effects in Cinema: The Seduction of Reality "An impressive array of distinguished scholars . . . gazes deeply into the darkness and then forms a Dionysian chorus reaffirming that sexuality and the monstrous are indeed mated in many horror films."—Choice "An extremely useful introduction to recent thinking about gender issues within this genre."—Film Theory

Kenny Miller

Author : Kenny Miller
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Kenny Miller began his career as a teen idol in the 1950s, appearing in such teen films as Going Steady, The Young Guns, Surf Party, Running Wild and This Rebel Breed. He later had roles in Orson Welles' Touch of Evil, Anthony Quinn's The Buccaneer, and two movies with cult followings: I Was a Teenage Werewolf (Michael Landon's film debut) and Attack of the Puppet People. In the early 1960s Miller had the largest teen fan club in the United States.Also a singer and dancer, Miller has taken his celebrated nightclub act to capitals around the world and has appeared in numerous television shows, with an award-winning role in the ABC telefilm Night Train.This autobiography details Miller's personal and professional life and the many movies and television shows in which he appeared. The work features numerous photographs from Miller's four decade career, and a complete filmography.

Meet the Wolf Man

Author : R. K. Renfield
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Presents the story of "The Wolf Man," examines how it was brought to life in 1941, and explores subsequent versions of the story throughout history.

Broadway Actors in Films 1894 2015

Author : Roy Liebman
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Many Broadway stars appeared in Hollywood cinema from its earliest days. Some were 19th century stage idols who reprised famous roles on film as early as 1894. One was born as early as 1829. Another was cast in the performance during which Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. One took her stage name from her native state. Some modern-day stars also began their careers on Broadway before appearing in films. This book details the careers of 300 performers who went from stage to screen in all genres of film. A few made only a single movie, others hundreds. Each entry includes highlights of the performer’s career, a list of stage appearances and a filmography.

The Horror Film Handbook

Author : Alan G. Frank
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Supplies credits, plot summaries, and sample reviews for horror movies from around the world and lists the horror films of popular actors, directors, and creators of special effects

Fictional Presidential Films

Author : Sarah Miles Bolam & Thomas J. Bolam
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Fictional Presidential Films Hollywood’s manner of making films, its conventions, applies especially to fictional presidential films, allowing filmmakers to express their ideas that could not be done in traditional historical films. Fictional Presidential Films offers a complete filmography of these two-hundred-plus films decade by decade since 1930. The main body of the work provides a brief summary of each decade along with a summary on the overall nature of films in which a fictional President appeared. Each relevant film is then discussed with credits, plot summary, description of the presidential appearance, and, when possible, an assessment of the presidential portrayal included.