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The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mood Disorders

Author : Mick Power
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The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Mood Disorders, 2/e reflectsthe important and fast-changing advancements that have occurred intheory and practice in unipolar and bipolar mood disorders. Thereis no other current reference that gathers all of thesedevelopments together in a single book Every chapter is updated to reflect the very latestdevelopments in theory and practice in unipolar and bipolar mooddisorders Includes additional chapters which cover marital and familytherapy, medical disorders and depression, and cross-culturalissues Contributions are from the world's leading authorities, andinclude psychiatrists and clinical psychologists with experience inboth research and in practice Focuses on innovations in science and clinical practice, andconsiders new pharmacological treatments as well as psychologicaltherapies

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Social Anxiety Disorder

Author : Justin W. Weeks
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Featuring leading international authors working in clinical psychology and psychiatry, this handbook offer the most in-depth coverage of social anxiety disorder, including personality factors in SAD, and multicultural issues in the diagnosis, case conceptualization, and treatment of SAD. A multi-contributed, internationally diverse handbook covering all major elements of social anxiety disorder, offering an invaluable teaching tool This unique text contributes significantly to the field by summarizing the current state of research in the area and outlining future directions Provides a comprehensive overview of applied, empirically-supported techniques in the conceptualization, assessment, and treatment of SAD

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Individual Differences

Author : Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
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The Wiley–Blackwell Handbook of Individual Differences provides a comprehensive, up–to–date overview of recent research, current perspectives, practical applications, and likely future developments in individual differences. Brings together the work of the top global researchers within the area of individual differences, including Philip L. Ackerman, Ian J. Deary, Ed Diener, Robert Hogan, Deniz S. Ones and Dean Keith Simonton Covers methodological, theoretical and paradigm changes in the area of individual differences Individual chapters cover core areas of individual differences including personality and intelligence, biological causes of individual differences, and creativity and emotional intelligence

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Schema Therapy

Author : Michiel van Vreeswijk
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The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Schema Therapy provides a comprehensive overview of developments in the theory, diagnosis, treatment, research, implementation, and management of schema therapy. Presents a comprehensive overview of schema therapy - goes far beyond all previous books on the subject to cover theoretical, research and practical perspectives Covers the latest developments, including work on mindfulness and borderline personality disorder, as well as new applications of schema therapy beyond personality disorders Includes chapters by leaders in the field including Wendy Behary and Arnoud Arntz, as well as a foreword by Jeffrey Young, the founder of schema therapy

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Addiction Psychopharmacology

Author : James MacKillop
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The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Addiction Psychopharmacology presents a comprehensive guide to contemporary research approaches to the study of drug addiction in adults. With a focus on empirically relevant research methods and nuanced methodologies, it provides practical tools to enable strong psychopharmacological practices. Contributions from experts in diverse domains offer reviews of the most current experimental methodologies, make recommendations for ‘best-practices', and identify future directions for the field. Topics covered include core methods for assessing drug effects, distal and proximal determinants of drug use, and insights from cognitive neuroscience. Compiled by a team of widely-published researchers in substance addiction, the Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Addiction Psychopharmacology is an authoritative, state-of-the-art collection of modern research approaches for the scientific study of drug addiction. Its multidisciplinary approach makes it a comprehensive and invaluable resource for all those in this field

Handbook of Affective Disorders

Author : Eugene S. Paykel
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Seven years ago, the first edition of HANDBOOK OF AFFECTIVE DISORDERS immediately met with critical acclaim. Considered the standard reference work, The American Journal of Psychiatry suggested, ``If the reader plans to buy only one book on affective disorders, this book should be the one.'' Since that time, the field has advanced considerably, particularly in relation to the basic sciences. Bringing the reader up to date, this Second Edition has been entirely revised: More than half the chapters have been rewritten by new authors; the others have been thoroughly reworked to reflect the changes in the field; and the volume features entirely new chapters on such topics as neuropsychology and imaging, studies of sleep, seasonal affective disorders, maintenance treatment, interpersonal psychotherapy, and transcultural aspects. Designed for easy reference, this large-format, double-column work is divided into five sections. Covering descriptive aspects of affective disorders, Part I covers the symptomatology and assessment of depression and mania; distinctions between bipolar and unipolar disorders; and the relationship of anxiety disorders to depression. Also discussed are concepts, diagnosis, and classification of affective disorders, as well as their history. Part II, on etiology, first presents contributions that examine how genetics, life events, psychodynamics, and early environment relate to the incidence of affective disorders, and then discusses neurobiological and neuropsychological factors. Utilizing this same broad perspective, Part III explores major biological interventions--including ECT and psychosurgery--and Part IV discusses psychotherapeutic, cognitive, and social approaches to treatment. The final section, focuses on such special issues as transcultural problems, SAD, and suicide. Chapters also examine the relationship of depression to childbirth, childhood and adolescent turmoil, and treatment in primary care and medical settings. Distinctive in its unexcelled coverage of the most common psychiatric disorders, Dr. Paykel's HANDBOOK OF AFFECTIVE DISORDERS: SECOND EDITION is a timely and necessary resource for clinicians, researchers, and students in psychiatry, psychology, nursing, social work, and related mental health and medical disciplines.

Psychology Themes and Variations

Author : Wayne Weiten
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Handbook of child and adolescent psychiatry

Author : Joseph D. Noshpitz
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Handbook of Personal Relationships

Author : Steve Duck
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As the field of social relationships has grown enormously, this edition has been revised to include a new section on family relationships, focusing on the central truth that the dynamics of personal relationships are a key basis of social life.

Psychiatry 2 Volume Set

Author : Allan Tasman
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Now in a new Fourth Edition, Psychiatry remains the leading reference on all aspects of the current practice and latest developments in psychiatry. From an international team of recognised expert editors and contributors, Psychiatry provides a truly comprehensive overview of the entire field of psychiatry in 132 chapters across two volumes. It includes two new sections, on psychosomatic medicine and collaborative care, and on emergency psychiatry, and compares Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5) and International Classification of Diseases (ICD10) classifications for every psychiatric disorder. Psychiatry, Fourth Edition is an essential reference for psychiatrists in clinical practice and clinical research, residents in training, and for all those involved in the treatment psychiatric disorders. Includes a a companion website at featuring PDFs of each chapter and downloadable images

Bulletin of the Medical Library Association

Author : Medical Library Association
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Seminars in Clinical Psychopharmacology

Author : David J. King
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This text is part of a series which aims to help psychiatric trainees through their clinical and academic training. It provides an overview of the field and makes use of boxes, tables and figures to set out important points and key information.

Evidence based Practice in Suicidology

Author : Maurizio Pompili
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The US Suicide Prevention Action Network (SPAN) concluded that, "The single greatest obstacle to the effective prevention of suicide is the lack of evaluation research." This substantive and authoritative volume shows for the first time how to use evidence-based approaches in suicide prevention-as well as where evidence is lacking and how we might obtain it. Leading researchers and practitioners describe what really works, the evidence for and against particular approaches, both in general terms (such as by means of hotlines, restriction of means, psychopharmocology) and for specific disorders (such as schizophrenia, personality disorder), and make recommendations about where we go from here.

Handbook of Adolescent Psychology Volume 1

Author : Richard M. Lerner
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The study of and interest in adolescence in the field of psychology and related fields continues to grow, necessitating an expanded revision of this seminal work. This multidisciplinary handbook, edited by the premier scholars in the field, Richard Lerner and Laurence Steinberg, and with contributions from the leading researchers, reflects the latest empirical work and growth in the field.

Whitaker s Cumulative Book List

Author :
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Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry The Grade School Child

Author : Joseph D. Noshpitz
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This four-volume text features contributions from over 300 researchers and clinicians. Volumes 1, 2 and 3 explore the developmental stages and syndromes of infancy and preschool, grade school and adolescence. Each volume addresses the normal development during each period, the theoretical and clinical perspectives and the clinical syndromes most commonly associated with it. Volume 4 explores the varieties of development and the impact of psychosocial, medical, and foreign cultural factors on development of all three age groups.

Psychotherapy for Depression in Older Adults

Author : Sara Honn Qualls
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The first book in the new Wiley Series on Geropsychology, Psychotherapy for Depression in Older Adults is a practical resource created by a team of international luminaries in the field. Developed in conjunction with the Gerontology Center of the University of Colorado, this expert guide provides evidence-based treatment approaches for alleviating depression in older adults.

Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Infancy and Preschoolers

Author : Joseph D. Noshpitz
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Everything clinicians and health care workers need to known about child and adolescent psychiatry. This book provides the most up-to-date, comprehensive coverage of all we know about child and adolescent psychiatry. Volumes 1, 2 and 3 explore the developmental stages and syndromes of infancy and preschool, grade school, and adolescence. Each of these volumes addresses the normal development during each period, the theoretical and clinical perspectives of the period, and the clinical syndromes most commonly associated with it. Volume 4 explores the varieties of development and the impact of psychosocial, medical, and foreign cultural factors on development on all three stage groups.

Applied Psychology

Author : Graham C. Davey
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For a significant portion of psychology students, their reason for choosing an undergraduate degree in psychology is their interest in applied psychology and a desire to use psychological knowledge to help solve personal and social problems. With this in mind, this textbook has been designed to satisfy these needs for applied psychology teaching at all undergraduate levels. Applied Psychology is designed to introduce students to the main areas of applied psychology (Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, Educational Psychology, Occupational Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Sports & Exercise Psychology, Counselling Psychology and Teaching Psychology) from UK, European and international perspectives. It also introduces the core psychological knowledge that underpins these applied and professional areas. As a result, students learn core knowledge from the five main areas of psychology, as well as acquiring a thorough grounding in how this knowledge is applied, and the professional issues associated with that application. Highlights include a broad range of teaching and learning features designed to help the student learn and the teacher teach. These include: Focus Points, Colour Illustrations, Activity Boxes, Research Methods, Case Histories, Self-Test and Essay Questions, Learning Outcomes and Section Summaries, a Glossary as well as Links to Journal Articles and Further Reading. The chapters on Counselling Psychology and Teaching Psychology are available online via the Student Companion Site at: The text is written to be accessible to Level 1 Introductory Psychology students, and also to provide the core knowledge and professional information that students at Levels 2 and 3 would require.

Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Basic Psychiatric Science and Treatment

Author : Norman E. Alessi
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This volume of the Handbook introduces the basic science of child and adolescent psychiatry and presents a myriad of treatment options available to psychiatrists. These include clinical treatments, such as diet and drug therapy, hypnotherapy and biofeedback; residential or day treatment options; group and family therapy; aggressive interventions such as therapeutic foster placement or adoption; creative treatments, such as art and music therapy; and rehabilitative therapy, including vocational therapy, educational therapy and therapeutic camping.