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The Wine Lover s Vocabulary Bible

Author : Michael Aloysius O'reilly
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For beginner wine lovers (and a reference guide for wine waiters) whose knowledge of wine is limited to "Yuk!" or "Yum!" this is the book for you. Are you timid when the conversation turns to wine? Every wine term you need is here--from Acidulation to Zinfandel. Don't feel alone. THE WINE LOVER'S VOCABULARY BIBLE will make every neophyte imbiber comfortable at social or company events where colleagues are marveling (or complaining) about the wine being served. Here is the beginning point of what can be a lifetime of enjoying fine wine. Here you will learn the vocabulary of fine wine to serve as a basis for all further knowledge. The Wine Lover's Vocabulary Bible aims to convert a diffident emerging wine lover into an enlightened and passionate consumer. One who delights in talking about wine with words that can be shared. One who is able to talk about where the wine came from, comfortable enough to find words that describe the sensory experience and to be familiar with the "typicity" of those wines you love most. Don't' throw your hands up and say that knowing wine is beyond reach. Never say-heaven forfend!-that you don't have a palate (unless this condition has been medically diagnosed). You do have a palate! You just need to practice. Like the marathon runner, you need to get much mileage behind you. What an enjoyable task. There is much to be learned but the basics in this-irreverent and unapologetically opinionated 'Bible'-will make it possible to grow big time into a savvy relationship with the post-fermentation grape. Your friends may be astonished at your quick conversion to a nouveau aficionado with informed opinions of your very own. How does a white Burgundy differ from a Sonoma Chardonnay? How is a Cabernet Sauvignon-based wine from Bordeaux different from a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon? Why does a Marlborough (New Zealand) Sauvignon Blanc taste like it has a grapefruit blended in? (It does not!) And how can one understand Italy with its extraordinary plantings of two thousand different grape varieties and one million vineyards? Do the French have a lock on quality that no other growing region can challenge? What about the New World wines? Are they destined for the supermarket shelves only or are they challenging wine history? (They are.)

The Wines of the Bible

Author : A. M. Wilson
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Having been a teetotaler for more than thirty years, the author's personal habits, associations, and sympathies have all been in favor of the unfermented theory; but the facts encountered in the present investigation have constrained him, reluctantly, to conclude that, so far as the wines of the ancients are concerned, unfermented wine is a myth. - Preface.

The Wine Bible

Author : Karen MacNeil
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Announcing the completely revised and updated edition of The Wine Bible, the perennial bestselling wine book praised as “The most informative and entertaining book I’ve ever seen on the subject” (Danny Meyer), “A guide that has all the answers” (Bobby Flay), “Astounding” (Thomas Keller), and “A magnificent masterpiece of wine writing” (Kevin Zraly). Like a lively course from an expert teacher, The Wine Bible grounds the reader deeply in the fundamentals while layering on informative asides, tips, amusing anecdotes, definitions, glossaries, photos (all new for this edition), maps, labels, and recommended bottles. Karen MacNeil’s information comes directly through primary research; for this second edition she has tasted more than 10,000 wines and visited dozens of wine regions around the world. New to the book are wines of China, Japan, Mexico, and Slovenia. And through it all the reader becomes ever more informed—and, because of the author’s unique voice, always entertained: “In great years Pétrus is ravishing, elegant, and rich—Ingrid Bergman in red satin.” Or, describing a Riesling: “A laser beam. A sheet of ice. A great crackling bolt of lightning.”

The Holy Bible Etc Few Ms Notes

Author :
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Wine Bible

Author : Jason Soft
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Track your favourite wines so that you can jot down the characteristics and quality of each wine. Never make the mistake of buying the wine you hate again. Personalisation Page. Index Pages fir 100 Records. Future wines to taste list. 100 tasting log pages which include: Name of wine| Producer| Vintage| Region & country| Alcohol content| Price| Purchase date| Date tasted| Purchased from| Location tasted |Nose| Appearance| Clarity (Clear, Slight & Cloudy)| Taste Comment| Finish | Overall Rating | Overall Value | Recommended(Yes/No) Overall comments. Glossy Paperback. 6x9. Makes the perfect gift for wine lovers.

Wine in the Bible

Author : Jabier Marquinez
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Wine was an inseparable part of the ancient Israeli diet and its production was so important that farmers with active vineyards were exempt from military service. In the Bible, only water and bread are mentioned as often. In Wine in the Bible, Jabier Marquinez gives readers unique insight into wine's inextricable place in the lives of ancient Israelites with direct references form the Old and New Testaments, which relay such intricate details as specific vineyard practices from grafting and pruning to watering and fertilizing, ethical labor agreements with foreign vineyard workers, vineyard pests and proper abatement techniques, ancient winery technology, and the use of wine as medicine and dyes. This book is a fascinating examination of the daily lives, at work and leisure, of Biblical-era winemakers and wine drinkers.

The French Wine Lover s Bible

Author : Michael O'Reilly
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Diffident to express your wine tasting vocabulary other than 'Yuk!' or 'Yum!'? Read on. Beginning Wine Lovers need to know French wine because it is the quality standard against which all other wines are measured. In THE FRENCH WINE LOVER'S BIBLE, you will learn basic knowledge such as that White Burgundy can only be made with Chardonnay. And Red Burgundy is made 100% with Pinot Noir. By law!That the difference between Grand Cru Classé Bordeaux and the neighboring communes of Pomerol and St. Emilion is weather and the varietals planted in the vineyards. It's cooler in inland Pomerol/St. Emilion and warmer where Bordeaux reaches into the Atlantic and is warmed by the Gulf Stream and the North Atlantic Drift. You may forever remember that St. Emilion/Pomerol glory in early ripening varietals such as Cabernet Franc and Merlot while their warmer neighbors-Pauillac, Ste. Estephe, St.-Julien and Margaux--can ripen Cabernet Sauvignon of fantastic quality (when Bordeaux has a fantastic vintage which only happens 3 years out of 10).The reader will learn of the Sauvignon Blanc wines grown on both sides of the Loire River. And too learn of the fantastic Syrah grape grown in the northern reaches of the Rhone Valley south of Burgundy and expressed regally in the Côte-Rôtie, Hermitage, St. Joseph and Cornas. The new wine lover will learn too of the white wines of Macon just south of the Côte d'Or, that river of those Chardonnays known already too many newbies as St. Veran and Pouilly-Fuissé. And of Champagne, Chablis, Alsace and the Loire River valley with its Sauvignon Blancs and Muscadet. And the picnic wines of Beaujolais. And finally learn of Provence Rosé and Languedoc/Rousillon the great source of bulk wine destined to become cheap supermarket wine.The French were the first---and justifiably so-to proclaim their wines the greatest. The image took. And this quality image continues to shine brightly-and deservedly--outward from the legendary and historic vineyards of France. Competition from Italy, Spain and the New World is fierce when it comes to quality wines, but French wine remains the standard of comparison.Allons, mes amis!

The Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible

Author : Nathaniel West
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The Bible Rule of Temperance

Author : George Duffield
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The Bible Christian magazine a continuation of the Arminian magazine

Author : Bible Christians
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A Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible containing the whole of the Old and New Testaments collected and arranged systematically in thirty books based on the work of the learned Talbot together with an introduction setting forth the character of the work By the Rev Nathaniel West Fifth edition

Author :
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Bible temperance and present duty

Author : Duncan Macfarlan
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Bible Temperance and Present Duty addressed particularly to Office Bearers and Members of the Free Church

Author : Duncan MACFARLAN (D.D.)
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The Holy Bible According to the Authorized Version A D 1611 Ezekiel Daniel and the minor prophets

Author : Frederic Charles Cook
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The Concordance of Scripture and Science Illustrated with Reference to the Temperance Cause With a Prefatory Letter by Dr Lees on the Philosophy and Philology of the Question

Author : Peter Burne
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The Temperance Bible commentary

Author : Frederic Richard Lees
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The Temperance Bible Commentary giving at one view version criticism and exposition in regard to all passages of Holy Writ bearing on Wine and Strong Drink etc

Author : Frederic Richard LEES (and BURNS (Dawson))
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The Bible class magazine ed by C H Bateman Continued as Excelsior helps to progress in thought and action

Author : National Sunday school union
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Biblical Commentary on the Proverbs of Solomon

Author : Franz Delitzsch
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The Holy Bible According to the Authorized Version A D 1611 with an Explanatory and Critical Commentary and a Revision of the Translation by Bishops and Other Clergy of the Anglican Church

Author : Frederic Charles Cook
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