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The Wise Heart

Author : Jack Kornfield
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A renowned spiritual teacher examines the full scope of Buddhist psychology and its principles--the nobility and sacredness of the human spirit, analysis of emotion and thought, and the techniques for transforming the body and mind--and demonstrates their applications to the dilemmas and trials of modern-day life. Reprint.

The Wise Heart

Author : Jack Kornfield
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For over 2000 years, Buddhist psychology has offered invaluable insights into the nature of the heart and mind, and transformed the way many people around the world handle life's challenges. But the ancient texts on which these remarkable teachings are based can be difficult to penetrate for modern seekers. Now, drawing on his experience as a monk trained in Thailand, Burma and India, as well as his expert psychology practice, Jack Kornfield provides an accessible, definitive guide to Buddhism for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. This important new work is in the tradition of his classic works A Path with Heart and After the Ecstasy, the Laundry, offering practical tools to coping with modern life and dealing with emotions such as fear, anger and shame. Kornfield also shares the illuminating stories of his students and fellow practitioners, as well as his own journey towards enlightenment, including his recovery from a violence-filled childhood. Here is a rare treasure that will give readers greater access to the secret beauty within - and without.

The Wise Heart

Author : Michael Laitman
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Our inner work is to tune our hearts and our senses to perceive the spiritual world says Michael Laitman in the poem Spiritual Wave. This is a lovingly crafted anthology comprised of Kabbalistic tales and allegories passed through Dr Michael Laitman, and his mentors Rav Baruch Ashlag (Rabash), and Rabash's father Rav Yehuda Ashlag. The desire of the Kabbalah student is to reach higher levels of spiritual attainment, yet it is difficult to imagine the sensations of the spiritual world. The verse in this reflective and insightful compilation gives the reader a glimpse into the essence of this elevated state of being. The poems herein are excerpts from letters and lessons given by these three, spiritual leaders. They offer inspiring and often amusing depictions of human nature that resonate with reader regardless of his/her level of study. Indeed, this book is a tool for any student seeking to find higher levels of spiritual attainment.

The Wise Seek Jesus

Author : George Goodwyn Jr.
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Everyone wants to be wise and make wise choices. However, wisdom is not taught in schools or colleges. Yet people pretend to have worldly wisdom. People want to believe they know what is best for themselves and for others. So, how would you become wise? If you could be guaranteed that you could possess wisdom, would you do what it takes? What if gaining wisdom is easier than you think to obtain? The Bible is full of examples of those that were wise and had wisdom. In fact, most of those mentioned with having wisdom and being wise were the same individuals that spoke to God and prophesied about a Messiah. Those that seek Jesus can ask for and are given wisdom from God. It is that simple. But beyond having wisdom, you can find your purpose, leave a legacy that matters, and have an eternal destiny in Heaven. It’s a win, win, win!!!

The Answer Is Simple

Author : Sonia Choquette
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The 10 simple-yet-necessary steps outlined in this book guide the reader to make that connection to his or her authentic spirit in order to experience individual truth.

A Complete Concordance to the Bible of the Last Translation

Author : Clement Cotton
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A Spirituality of Ageing

Author : Mark G. Boyer
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Sometime around the age of fifty--or as early as forty and as late as sixty--most of us come to terms with our age. We recognize that we have lived out at least half of the time allotted to us, and that the second half may be shorter than the first! Coming to terms with our age is a process, one that usually involves denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. As we progresses through these stages, a spirituality of aging emerges. In this book, the reader is led on a quest to explore his or her own personal spirituality of aging. All the equipment--words of wisdom from the literature of the world's religions--has been gathered here. Each of the book's thirty-two exercises invites readers to reflect on a passage taken from the sacred literature of a world religion, then explore each passage for its meanings and applications through a meditative journaling question and a short prayer. While delving into the universal process of aging, the reader will be guided to discover his or her personal spirituality of aging.

Those Practical Proverbs

Author : David A. Balsley
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Those Practical Proverbs is a verse-by-verse commentary on the book of Proverbs from a pastor’s perspective. It begins with an exploration of the authorship of Proverbs—most of which was written by King Solomon, with brief sections by Agur, the son of Jakeh, and the words of King Lemuel (from an oracle, which his mother taught him). It proceeds to an explanation of the structure of Hebrew poetry, a list of some of the topics addressed in the book, and an outline of the book. The opening chapters of Proverbs (1–9) consist of longer “wisdom poems” on a variety of significant subjects. Most chapters of Proverbs consist of single-verse observations concerning many of life’s practical concerns (with occasional multiverse entries). The book concludes with the entries of Agur and King Lemuel and, finally, the classic alphabetic acrostic poem regarding the “excellent wife.” Because the book focuses largely on the wisdom and understanding, which find their origin in the fear of the Lord, it is among the most life-enriching books ever written. It is extremely important for anyone who longs for practical guidance in the many issues of life.

Heart Open Body Awake

Author : Susan Aposhyan
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The human heart forms the essential link between body and spirit. In Heart Open, Body Awake, master somatics teacher Susan Aposhyan presents a simple yet richly detailed four-part practice to experience this link in all its unfolding wonder: opening our hearts, feeling our bodies, allowing ourselves to move and be moved, and connecting with the world in its fullness. Aposhyan weaves together insights from a range of scientific, psychological, and spiritual traditions to present a practical path toward embodied spirituality. Beautiful anatomical illustrations help readers to visualize the body systems, processes, and movements described in the book. Through the practices offered in Heart Open, Body Awake, your sense of spiritual wellness can become as near and palpable as your sensitive, beating heart.

Get Through Going through Life

Author : Arnetha Thomas
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How can one imagine writing Get Through, Going through Life without going through? How can one passionately tell others about wearing the whole armor of God "to stand against the wiles of the devil" without some evidence? Oftentimes, it seems impossible to identify, understand, and/or endure trials occurring in our spiritual, professional, and/or personal lives. During these challenges, we may experience anger, depression, fear, pain, and/or sorrows. We are not merely