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The Woman as Slave in Nineteenth Century American Social Movements

Author : Ana Stevenson
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This book is the first to develop a history of the analogy between woman and slave, charting its changing meanings and enduring implications across the social movements of the long nineteenth century. Looking beyond its foundations in the antislavery and women’s rights movements, this book examines the influence of the woman-slave analogy in popular culture along with its use across the dress reform, labor, suffrage, free love, racial uplift, and anti-vice movements. At once provocative and commonplace, the woman-slave analogy was used to exceptionally varied ends in the era of chattel slavery and slave emancipation. Yet, as this book reveals, a more diverse assembly of reformers both accepted and embraced a woman-as-slave worldview than has previously been appreciated. One of the most significant yet controversial rhetorical strategies in the history of feminism, the legacy of the woman-slave analogy continues to underpin the debates that shape feminist theory today.

Suffrage at 100

Author : Stacie Taranto
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Rafshoon, Bianca Rowlett, Sarah B. Rowley, Ana Stevenson, Barbara Winslow, Judy Tzu-Chun Wu, Nancy Beck Young

Thoreau s Religion

Author : Alda Balthrop-Lewis
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Boldly reconfigures Walden for contemporary ethics and politics by recovering Thoreau's theological vision of environmental justice.

Encyclopedia of American Social Movements

Author : Immanuel Ness
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This four-volume set examines every social movement in American history - from the great struggles for abolition, civil rights, and women's equality to the more specific quests for prohibition, consumer safety, unemployment insurance, and global justice.

Nineteenth Century American Activist Rhetorics

Author : Patricia Bizzell
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In the nineteenth century the United States was ablaze with activism and reform: people of all races, creeds, classes, and genders engaged with diverse intellectual, social, and civic issues. This cutting-edge, revelatory book focuses on rhetoric that is overtly political and oriented to social reform. It not only contributes to our historical understanding of the period by covering a wide array of contexts--from letters, preaching, and speeches to labor organizing, protests, journalism, and theater by white and Black women, Indigenous people, and Chinese immigrants--but also relates conflicts over imperialism, colonialism, women's rights, temperance, and slavery to today's struggles over racial justice, sexual freedom, access to multimodal knowledge, and the unjust effects of sociopolitical hierarchies. The editors' introduction traces recent scholarship on activist rhetorics and the turn in rhetorical theory toward the work of marginalized voices calling for radical social change.

Ideas Ideologies and Social Movements

Author : Peter A. Coclanis
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This volume uncovers the role of ideas and ideologies in some of the most important social movements in US history. The book examines attempts to bring about or to thwart social or institutional change - from political democratization and feminism to animal rights and civil rights.

Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing

Author : Kelly Boyd
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The Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing covers all the major historical writers from classical times to the present day. As well as essays on influential historians, it also incorporates topics such as political and military history.

The Routledge History of Nineteenth Century America

Author : Jonathan Daniel Wells
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The Routledge History of Nineteenth-Century America provides an important overview of the main themes within the study of the long nineteenth century. The book explores major currents of research over the past few decades to give an up-to-date synthesis of nineteenth-century history. It shows how the century defined much of our modern world, focusing on themes including: immigration, slavery and racism, women's rights, literature and culture, and urbanization. This collection reflects the state of the field and will be essential reading for all those interested in the development of the modern United States.

Beginnings of Sisterhood

Author : Keith E. Melder
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Outlines prevailing attitudes toward women in early-nineteenth-century America, surveys women's activities and discovery of feminist needs in various areas, and portrays important and lesser-known women of the time

Social Stratification and Power in America

Author : Lynda Ann Ewen
File Size : 23.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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