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The Woman Outside My Door

Author : Rachel Ryan
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From an unforgettable new voice in suspense fiction, The Woman Outside My Door is a thrilling page-turner about a young mother who can’t shake the feeling that her son’s “imaginary” friend is putting him in very real danger, and she will stop at nothing to keep him safe—perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell and Mary Kubica. All children have imaginary friends, Georgina tells herself. It’s perfectly normal, and they all grow out of it in the end. But when her seven-year-old son, Cody, tells her about New Granny, the new friend he’s met in the park, Georgina is instantly suspicious. Something—call it maternal instinct—tells her he isn’t making it up. But maybe Georgina is losing her mind. It wouldn’t be the first time, after all. And with her own mother’s recent death leaving her bereft and trying to cope with life as a busy working mom, it’s no wonder she’s feeling paranoid that Cody has invented a “New Granny” to replace his beloved grandmother. Her husband, Bren, becomes the voice of reason, assuring Georgina that it’s just a game, the product of their son’s overactive imagination. But what if Cody’s imaginary friend is not so imaginary after all?

Illuminated Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion

Author : Mary C. Findley
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Hope rebels against arranged marriage in medieval England, tempted by an Earl's son. Colchester Manor is attacked. Hope's family is missing. Two men: a memory-keeper for a thousand missing Crusaders, and a nameless champion, know Hope isn't mad when she says she names the attacker. Only one of them wants her alive to get justice. Illustrated in the style of an illuminated manuscript.

Bad Angels

Author : Rebecca Chance
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Wharf where celebrities who have had 'work' done can hole up until they have healed and which is about to see its most glamorous and scandalous Christmas yet. Staying there over the festive period is Melody Down, an actress whose career is in tatters after too much plastic surgery and who has fled LA to get her body and her boyfriend back. But is a 'well-meaning' friend about to sabotage all of Melody's Christmas wishes? Meanwhile, Aniela Fatyga, the nurse in residence, finds herself falling for the unlikely Jon Jordan, an assassin for hire who is also convalescing there. Will her feelings be reciprocated or will their sizzling relationship remain purely physical? And who is he on the run from? And then there's oligarch Grigor Khalofsky, the owner of Kensington football team, whose legendary Christmas party is about to get a whole lot more exciting when murder, blackmail and scandalous revelations decide to pay a visit along with Santa.

The Ace Of Clubs

Author : Patricia Loofbourrow
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After financial ruin and zeppelin disaster in the city of Bridges, private eye and mobster's moll Jacqueline Spadros investigates the death of her family friend while planning to escape the city with her lover. But she's called to stand as a witness in the disaster inquest. Will the secrets she's kept - from her husband, her family, her friends, and her city - ruin everything she hoped to achieve?

Talking to Strangers

Author : Michael Harding
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'Harding writes like an angel' Sunday Times Talking to Strangers, from the No.1 bestselling author of Staring at Lakes, Hanging with the Elephant and On Tuesdays I'm a Buddhist is a book about love, about the stories we share with others, and the stories we leave behind us. Too much wine and a casual browse of an airline website - this is how Michael Harding found himself in a strange flat in Bucharest in early January, which set the tone for the rest of that year. After an intense stint in a high-profile production of The Field, Harding returned to the tranquil hills above Lough Allen and started to plan some dramatic changes to his little cottage. Surely an extension would give him a renewed sense of purpose in life as he approached old age. But as the walls of his home crumbled, so too did his mental health, and he fell, once again, into depression -- that great darkness where life feels like nothing more than a waste of time. And yet, it is in that great darkness that we discover what really makes us human. 'Michael Harding is no ordinary man or memoirist ... a book that champions the kindness (or at least company) of strangers as essential for that elusive state known as happiness' RTÉ Guide

Labor management Relations in the Southern Textile Manufacturing Industry

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Labor and Public Welfare
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Darkness Unbound

Author : Keri Arthur
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The fight against darkness rages on for the next generation—in New York Times bestselling author Keri Arthur’s exciting new series set in the world of the Guardians. Being half werewolf and half Aedh, Risa Jones can enter the twilight realms between life and death and see the reapers, supernatural beings that collect the souls of the dead. But she soon makes a terrifying discovery: Some sinister force is stealing souls, preventing the dead from ever knowing the afterlife. Reapers escort souls—not snatch them—but Risa is still unnerved when a reaper shadows her in search of someone Risa has never met: her own father, an Aedh priest, who is rumored to be tampering with the gates of hell for a dark purpose. With the help of her “aunt”—half-werewolf, half-vampire Riley Jenson—and an Aedh named Lucian who may have lost his wings but none of his sex appeal, Risa must pursue whatever shadowy practitioner of blood magic is seizing souls, and somehow stop her father . . . before all hell breaks loose.

Come Back to Me A Seal Island novel

Author : Daniela Sacerdoti
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From the bestselling author of The Italian Villa and Watch Over Me, a romantic, moving and uplifting story of three different lives, connected by a thread. Perfect for anyone who loves Fiona Valpy and Lily Graham. 'Atmospheric, romantic and compelling. Daniela writes with huge warmth and sincerity' Rosanna Ley Three separate lives. Three broken hearts. Haunted by his wife's death, Matt arrives on Seal Island determined to be alone and unable to escape his grief. In the island's hospital, a young woman named Rose lies in a coma, trapped by the memories of events leading up to her accident. Grace, the island's doctor, is at the heart of the community. Only she knows how much she regrets turning down the chance of love and a family years ago. For these three people hope seems gone. But life is about to offer an unexpected new beginning... Readers adore the captivating novels of Daniela Sacerdoti 'A love story that will satisfy even the most hopeless romantics' Daily Express 'Beautifully written and atmospheric' The Sun 'A great book' Lesley Pearse 'Emotional. I couldn't put it down' Daily Mail 'I fell in love with this book' Prima magazine

The Woman in White Marble

Author : Dale Rominger
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Drake Ramsey is a Californian news reporter who wants to write the great American science fiction novel. Dumped by his girlfriend, Drake finds himself with nothing to lose, and he searches online for a secluded place to work. Alone in a dreary English coastal town, consumed by boredom and loneliness, he is lured up the road to the Skinburness Hotel, where he finds inspiration in a beer and the atmosphere. Drake senses this is the place to harness his creative genius, without any idea of what awaits him in the near future. After a few visits, Drake is befriended by the hotel manager—just as a staff member is found mysteriously dead. Drake, ever the streetwise reporter, senses a story and begins to investigate. The last person to have seen the dead man alive is Zuri Manyika, a stunningly beautiful hotel guest. Now Drake must determine whether Zuri was involved, all the while wrestling with his undeniable attraction to her. Unfortunately, this is not the first death in the hotel—nor will it be the last—unless Drake finds a way to stop a killer on a quest for revenge. In this eerie tale, an American news reporter suddenly immersed in a suspicious death investigation in a remote corner of England is about to discover that every mystery comes with an unexpected twist.

Eddie Rotten s FrequenZ Alpha

Author : William Howser
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They came from the sky… Loud pulses of sound that changed the world in a fraction of a second. At first, no one, especially Eddie Rotten, knew what caused them, but everyone was there to witness the startling results. As the birds fell from the skies and the dead rose, Eddie and his family fought for survival against the unknown forces that had shifted the equilibrium of society. Had the government developed a radical new method of population control? Why did the news outlets remain dark on the issue? Conspiracy theories flourish as Eddie, along with his family and the newly formed Zombie Fight Clubs, fight to right the moral order and shed light on the most heinous cover-up in human history. Decide for yourself what is real and what isn’t…


Author : Kyle Carson
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A weeping ghost, decapitated children, hungry corpses, and much more. So grab a blanket, turn down the lights, and get set for a terrifying journey into the realms of horror and fear. And if you happen to hear a noise outside your bedroom window, don't worry. It's probably nothing

When a Woman s Fed Up

Author : Endia Andras
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Relationships are tested as these couples uncover information about their significant other. The decision to stay or leave must be made in order to move on with their lives. To what extreme will a woman go after she is fed up?

The Columbia Anthology of Chinese Folk and Popular Literature

Author : Victor H. Mair
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In The Columbia Anthology of Chinese Folk and Popular Literature, two of the world's leading sinologists, Victor H. Mair and Mark Bender, capture the breadth of China's oral-based literary heritage. This collection presents works drawn from the large body of oral literature of many of China's recognized ethnic groups including the Han, Yi, Miao, Tu, Daur, Tibetan, Uyghur, and Kazak and the selections include a variety of genres. Chapters cover folk stories, songs, rituals, and drama, as well as epic traditions and professional storytelling, and feature both familiar and little-known texts, from the story of the woman warrior Hua Mulan to the love stories of urban storytellers in the Yangtze delta, the shaman rituals of the Manchu, and a trickster tale of the Daur people from the forests of the northeast. The Cannibal Grandmother of the Yi and other strange creatures and characters unsettle accepted notions of Chinese fable and literary form. Readers are introduced to antiphonal songs of the Zhuang and the Dong, who live among the fantastic limestone hills of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region; work and matchmaking songs of the mountain-dwelling She of Fujian province; and saltwater songs of the Cantonese-speaking boat people of Hong Kong. The editors feature the Mongolian epic poems of Geser Khan and Jangar; the sad tale of the Qeo family girl, from the Tu people of Gansu and Qinghai provinces; and local plays known as "rice sprouts" from Hebei province. These fascinating juxtapositions invite comparisons among cultures, styles, and genres, and expert translations preserve the individual character of each thrillingly imaginative work.

The Truly Needy And Other Stories

Author : Lucy Honig
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These nine stories are teeming with people on the margins, where destitute New Yorkers and determined immigrants are as much at the mercy of social services, media attention, opportunistic politicians, and "quality-of-life" campaigns as they are prey to grinding poverty, dangerous streets, and their own haunting memories. Delving into Lucy Honig's fiction, one is willingly drawn into an intimacy with these resilient, but flawed characters—among them, a woman who cleans a beauty salon, a high school kid who’s lost a parent, a runaway Cambodian bride, an actress, and a homeless woman. Crossing paths, these difficult characters often misunderstand and sometimes demean each other, yet they also redeem and rescue one other in odd and unexpected ways. In The Truly Needy, Lucy Honig has created a heartbreaking, imaginative world that is the American urban landscape.

Love Sick One Woman s Journey through Sexual Addiction

Author : Sue William Silverman
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Now a Lifetime Television original movie airing April 2008 with Sally Pressman, star of Army Wives. In this powerful memoir, a woman learns to value herself—as a whole person rather than as a sexual object. Sue William Silverman tells of her roller-coaster life of sex and self-destructive behavior. Finally, addicted to danger itself, she seeks the help of a trusted therapist to discover what love really means.

The Woman

Author : Syyou'Ree
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The Woman is a story that takes you on a continued journey through the Life of Gina. As she has matured from a girl into a woman with flaws. In her decision making processes. Her life as a woman now takes on many twists and turns. Ups and downs, exciting times and can be downright funny as well as exhilarating! Gina is flawed by her past but continues to fight to become the woman she dreams of being. She experiences a few failed relationships as she's learning and being inspired to become the person she was born to be, not trained to be! As she follows her own mind and carves out her very own path. This story ends in Romantic Triumph and Dreams come true! She uses the good the bad and the ugly as her life's teacher to learn how to"Walk On Top Of It All! And make her dreams come true.....

A Rose in Amber

Author : Roberta C.M. DeCaprio
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True love, like a rose in amber, lasts forever...Sunny Eagle is sent to Brighton, England to live with her great aunt. After growing up on a reservation with her White mother and Apache father, Sunny must adhere to Britain's protocol and rules while coping with an overbearing aunt and a missing sibling. Captain Rafe Cavendish vowed never to fall in love, again. Yet twice, when Sunny finds herself in danger, he comes to her rescue and saves her life. Can he keep his distance from this beautiful, caring woman, or will he lose his heart and have it broken a second time'

Algernon Blackwood s The Willows and Other Tales of Terror

Author : M. Grant Kellermeyer
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The Woman Downstairs

Author : Elisabeth Carpenter
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'Carpenter emerges as an addictive new talent' Helen Fields Can you ever really know your neighbours? When human remains are found in a ground floor flat, the residents of Nelson Heights are shocked to learn that there was a dead body in their building for over three years. Sarah lives at the flat above and after the remains are found, she feels threatened by a stranger hanging around the building. Laura has lived in the building for as long as she can remember, caring for her elderly father, though there is more to her story than she is letting on. As the investigation starts to heat up, and the two women become more involved, it's clear that someone isn't telling the truth about what went on all those years ago...

Loss of Innocents

Author : J.C. Hardy
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This is a story about the hunt for a serial killer. It explores the thoughts that drive this killer. It also explores the psychologically damaging effects that the investigation has on the detectives who are hunting for the killer.