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The Working Parent s Guide to Homeschooling

Author : Robyn Dolan
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Yes you CAN homeschool your children while working! The Working Parent's Guide to Homeschooling will inform and empower working parents with tools and resources to homeschool. Explore time management, childcare arrangements while working, how to teach and more, with real-life working parents' solutions to each of these issues. Written specifically for working parents, the author's own experience peppers every chapter and she also draws upon several other families' experiences to illustrate solutions to succeed when combining working and homeschooling.Updated 2nd Edition includes new chapters on How to Begin, and High School to College, more links, and new resources.

A Parent s Guide to Home Schooling

Author : Tamra Orr
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Provides answers and resources for questions about topics including legal requirements, use of public school facilities, and providing both a social and academic education while home schooling.


Author : Samuel L. Blumenfeld
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Explains the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling, and provides advice on setting up a curriculum, getting the child involved with the community, and dealing with the special learning needs of some children

The Everything Parent s Guide to Children with Asperger s Syndrome

Author : William Stillman
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The clinical diagnosis of Asperger's can be intimidating for parents. Often the focus is on their child's "disabilities" rather than his "abilities," and parents may be left wondering what they should expect as their child journeys through life. This guide helps you take the first steps toward understanding how this developmental disorder may impact your child. This uncomplicated handbook introduces you to Asperger's and helps you to: Get a diagnosis and understand the results Identify triggers that can lead to sensory overload Recognize symptoms of meltdowns and work to prevent them Educate family and friends about Asperger's Discover support groups for themselves and their child Now revised and updated, this new edition includes information on educational concerns and social interactions. This is the only resource you need to help your child overcome the obstacles of Asperger's and find success--and happiness.

The Homeschooling Handbook

Author : Mary Griffith
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Don't Even Think About Teaching Your Child at Home—Until You Read This Book Discover why millions of parents are homeschooling their children. In this revised edition of her groundbreaking book, Mary Griffith tells you everything you need to know about the fastest-growing educational movement in the country, including: ·When, why, and how to homeschool ·Detailed learning ideas for the primary, middle, and teen years ·How to navigate the local regulations ·Strategies to avoid burnout and strengthen family relationships ·Resources in the communitty and the homeschooling network ·And more! Whether you're one of the nearly one million families in the country already homeschooling, planning to take the plunge, or just testing the water, this hands-on book will help! "The Homeschooling Handbook is a valuable resource for anyone intersted in nurturing their child. Whether you homeschool or not, you will find many fresh ideas for working with children in these pages."—Patrick Farenga, publisher, Growing Without Schooling "If you're looking for practical, commonsense advice about homeschooling, if you're looking for answers to the really tough questions from someone with real insights to the movement, if you're looking for sensible commentary backed up by experience and saavy, Mary Griffith's The Homeschooling Handbook is just what you're looking for!"—Helen Hegener, editor, Home Education Magazine

The Conscious Parent s Guide To Asperger s Syndrome

Author : William Stillman
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A positive, mindful plan for the whole family! If your child has been given a diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome, you may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. With The Conscious Parent's Guide to Asperger's Syndrome, you will learn how to take a relationship-centered approach to parenting that engages your child and ensures that he succeeds behaviorally, socially, and cognitively. Conscious parenting is about being present with your child and taking the time to understand how to help him flourish. By practicing this mindful method, you can support your child emotionally and help nurture his development. This easy-to-use guide helps you to: Honor your child's unique perspective and cognitive strengths Adapt a conscious parenting philosophy that works for everyone Identify triggers that can lead to sensory overload Lower stress levels for the entire family, including other siblings Keep open communication with your child and help him foster good relationships Embrace your child's passions and help him grow in practical ways Educate your family and friends about Asperger's Advocate for your child at school With The Conscious Parent's Guide to Asperger's Syndrome, you'll learn to create a calm and mindful atmosphere for the whole family, while helping your child succeed and thrive.

The Military Family s Parent Guide for Supporting Your Child in School

Author : Ron Avi Astor
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While it is true that children from military families live unique and interesting lives, it is also true that they face many challenges and special circumstances that civilian children and families dont experience. These can include gaps in school attendance and learning due to frequent moves, being separated from a parent who has been deployed, and a sense of isolation in the midst of a civilian community. This unique guide provides parents with the information they need to choose a welcoming school or daycare program and suggests steps they can take to advocate for their children. It also highlights the types of questions parents should ask about how their children are faring socially, emotionally, and academically, such as: What can I do to help my child make a smooth transition to a new school? How can I support my child academically? What resources or staff does my school have to meet the needs of military children?

The Ordinary Parent s Guide to Teaching Reading

Author : Jessie Wise
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An accessible primer on phonics-based teaching filters out the obscure, political, and gimmicky practices of typical programs to provide parents with simple steps on teaching children how to read, providing a wealth of tools, instructional advice, and easy-to-follow guidelines. Original. 10,000 first printing.

A Parent s Guide to Money

Author : Alan Feigenbaum
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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"How to teach children the basics of spending, saving, earning, investing"--Cover.

Homeschooling Tips for Parents Guide to Understanding the Homeschool Curriculum

Author : Dana Tebow
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When a family commits to homeschooling the key thing to remember is that the parent is now the students' role model. This applies to attitude, behavior and organizational habits. It can be very frustrating for all involved when a five-room manhunt must be mounted first thing in the morning in order to locate a textbook or writing implement, therefore organization is key. Make sure teacher's manuals, textbooks, paper, pens and pencils all have their own place in order to avoid starting the day with a scavenger hunt. Remember, the more time spent organizing before the school year, the less time that will be taken away from schooling during the year. Dana Tebow's book helps to bring your homeschooling plan into perspective.

The Unofficial Guide to Homeschooling

Author : Kathy Ishizuka
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The most comprehensive volume of its kind, The Unofficial Guide to Homeschooling provides balanced information and invaluable guidance on one of today's fastest growing education alternatives. As many as 1.5 million children are now being homeschooled in a burgeoning movement that is seeing more and more parents taking a primary role in providing their children with quality education. If you seek guidance on homeschooling, or are considering this education option for your child, you'll need clear, thorough and practical information. This book will tell you: how to determine if homeschooling is right for your family; what's involved in complying with state regulations; how to choose a curriculum or create your own; how to motivate your child; and much more. Homeschoolers of every stage will find pertinent information, from insight on preschool issues to the college admissions process and beyond.

A Parent s Guide to Public Education in the 21st Century

Author : Russ Walsh
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A Parent's Guide to Public Education in the 21st Century is written to answer questions and help today's parents sort through the weeds of educational reform to make informed decisions designed to get the best possible education for their children.

A Parent s Guide to the Internet

Author : Natalie Walker Whitlock
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A resource for parents offers educational projects to do with children on the Internet, as well as information on web sites, email, instant messaging, and chat rooms.

The Self Propelled Advantage

Author : Joanne Calderwood
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A home education expert and mother of eight shares her experiences and insights into harnessing a child’s natural desire to learn. Joanne Calderwood has been a popular magazine columnist for several years and has become a popular speaker at home-education conferences across the country. Her self-propelled philosophy of education has transformed lives across the nation and around the world. In The Self-Propelled Advantage, Calderwood shares her wisdom, experience, and philosophy of education and parenting, as borne out in the lives of her own exceptional children. Informative and inspiring, The Self-Propelled Advantage is for any parent who places a high value on their children’s education. Detailing her methods for raising inquisitive, diligent, self-motivated children, Calderwood also shares valuable information on preparing for college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT. Having taught one SAT perfect scorer, one near-perfect scorer, and four students who have gone to college on full academic scholarships, Calderwood has proven how successful her methods can be.

The Public School Parent s Guide to Success

Author : Bonnie Kerrigan Snyder
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YOU control your child's destiny! Public school isn't perfect, but for most of us, it's our only realistic option. If you're ready to make the most of your child's academic opportunities and get serious about raising an outstanding top student, then this is the book you've been looking for. Filled with advice from Ivy League-educated public school graduates, this book will explain how to create a public school educational experience that is as good as or better than what is available through private school, home schooling, or online education. Aside from discovering the secrets known by the parents of top public school students, you will also learn how to: Structure your family life to ensure academic success Show your child how to get better grades in less time Avoid de-motivating your child Gain confidence in managing your child's education and much more! Nothing is more important than your child's education, and parents hold the key to unlock academic success. Everything you need to know to enable your child to excel in public school is covered in The Public School Parent's Guide to Success.

Critical Perspectives on World War I

Author : Tamra B. Orr
File Size : 23.16 MB
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Presents a collection of primary source documents and articles written from the time of the war to the present.

Resources in Education

Author :
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Every Parent s Guide to the Law

Author : Deborah L. Forman
File Size : 27.59 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A comprehensive guide to every aspect of the law affecting parents and children encompasses such topics as parental rights in the workplace, child abuse, custody and visitation, child support, and juvenile crime

A Parent s Guide to School Projects

Author : Kathie Weir
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Shows parents how to help their children with a wide variety of school projects ranging from the simple to the complex.

Homeschooling for College Credit

Author : Cindy LaJoy
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"The U.S. Department of Education reports that about half of the students who start college will never finish and 75% will graduate with student loan debt. Homeschooling for College Credit teens graduate high school with about 1 year of college under their belts, but motivated teens can finish their degree. Homeschooling for College Credit brings the goal post closer and teaches you how to pay cash as you go. Homeschooling for College Credit will challenge you to reconsider the wisdom of popular college propaganda, and how to make better choices for your family. Even if you've never been to college, this book will turn you into a well-informed homeschool guidance counselor ready to proceed with confidence."